There was a silver half moon in the sky that night. Two figures were sneaking around the outside of a home.

"Moony, I can't believe that we are doing this. Prong's will never forgive us if he finds out."

"I'm sorry Padfoot, but I have to do this. If our cub goes into this unaware of what is going on things would be bad."

"When we are done you will tell me what is going on, My Dear Moony." Moony nodded and smiled before continuing to sneak into a small bedroom full of toys. In the corner was a crib, when they approached a small mop of black as night hair appeared over the top followed by a pair of piercing emerald green eyes. Small slender hands reached up toward them.

"He knows. Padfoot, I think our Cub is a Seer." Moony whispered as he grabbed the small boy. Two other bundles were slowly starting to move. "Hurry Pads, Rosie and Even are waking up." Moony whispered urgently. Padfoot was quickly grabbing the small clothes that they knew belonged to the small child holding tightly to Moony's neck. The child suddenly whimpered and pointed toward the front of the house. They heard a loud bang and then suddenly James and Lilly were screaming.

"Pads we have to go. NOW!" Moony said. Both of the men slipped out of the window but the child grabbed the window's edge just as a black robed figure stepped in. The figure pointed a wand at the two children in the crib and spoke the killing curse, but the spell never reached them. The small child in Moony's arms lifted a hand and a shield of white deflected the curse and sent it back at the figure. The body disintegrated and a small piece of the figures soul latched onto the small child. While this was happening the house started to shake and slowly collapse. A few pieces of wood broke off and hit the other two children, giving Even an "S" shape cut on his arm and Rose a "V" shape on her leg. Quickly the two men ran off and hid the child before sneaking back and helping their friends. They almost couldn't hold their tongues when Albus Dumboldore announced that Even and Rose were the Children-Who-lived and that Hadrian must have died when the house fell. When they got away they quickly went to the place they had hidden Hadrian and found him curled up in the lap of a large man.

"You took him just in time." Said a deep gravely voice

"You can not have him yet Fenrir. Let us take him and train him. You would end up mating with him before it was time." The man, Fenrir, just looked at the small bundle sleeping so trustingly in his arms.

"He is a Seer. When he says it is time send word, otherwise I will come for him on his 16th birthday. Teach him what it means to be a true Werewolf. Teach him to be a strong Mate. Teach him what he needs to be my Mate." Fenrir said before gently picking up the small bundle. "We must change his name. Ciar Aden. Dark Little Fire."

"We will take good care of him, Fenrir. You know he is our cub."

"Yes. Your cub. When he is safe adopt him. I don't want people ever figuring out that my precious one was ever a Potter. He is to become a Lupin-Black. Ciar Aden Lupin-Black."

"He will be in good hands, Fenrir."

"Thank you, both of you, Remus and you Sirius. Take good care of my little Mate." Fenrir gently kissed the head of Hadrian, now Ciar, and held the bundle out to Remus and Sirius. Fenrir took one more look at his Mate and melted into the shadows. Remus and Sirius stood there for a few minuets then Sirius turned to Remus.

"We have our work cut out for us."