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"SIRIUS ORION BLACK! I'M GONNA GET YOU FOR THIS!" Remus screamed as he tore out of the bathroom. He found Sirius cowering in the corner of the kitchen.

"Remy I didn't do it honest!" Sirius whimpered.

"Then who might I ask changed my hair from brown to bright pink?" Remus growled.

"Papa Remy I did it." Came a soft voice. Both men turned around to see their cub standing in the door way with a small smile.

"And how did you manage that Ciar?" Remus could not help but be curious. Ciar shrugged slightly.

"I don't know papa. I remember wishing your hair was a different color." Ciar said softly. Remus sighed then motioned for Sirius to take the small boy out of the room. When they left He quickly got to work on making some food for Ciar's second birthday party. Soon everything was ready and he went to find the pair, praying that they hadn't gotten into to much trouble. He found them in the library talking with… Fenrir Greyback. Remus sighed.

"Of course he would be here. How could I forget he's Harry's mate? Wait not Harry Ciar. I wonder why he named him that?" Remus couldn't help the thoughts running through his head. He had often wondered why Fenrir chose the names he did.

Fen? Do you know what my name means?" Ciar asked. "Siri and I have been looking but we can't find it."

"I do little one. Ciar Aden. It means 'Dark Little Fire' I named you little one."


"You will find out someday, small one. Now I believe there was supposed to be a birthday party?"


Ciar was running around outside waiting for papa Remy to finish making the food for a birthday party. He was turning 3 and he was so excited! He was almost a big boy and could start helping his Uncles with… well whatever his Uncles did. He turned around when he heard a noise behind him. Before he was fully turned he knew who it was.

"FEN!" Ciar yelled then ran and jumped into the arms of his Fen. Fenrir caught him with a chuckle.

"Hello, little one. Miss me I see?"

"Of course, Fen. You only visit once a year!" Ciar pouted. Fenrir laughed and swung the small boy around in circles.

"I know little one. I'm sorry but you will understand when you are older." Fenrir sighed then put Ciar down and crouched in front of him. "I can't stay little one. I just came to give you a present." He reached into a pocket and pulled out a small box wrapped in gold and silver. He handed it to Ciar who took it with a happy smile. He ripped the paper off and opened the small box he found. In it he found a crescent moon pendent on a leather cord.

"Fen, it's so pretty!" Ciar smiled and held it out for Fen to put on him. Once it was around his neck he smiled and turned to give Fenrir a slightly wet kiss on his cheek.

"Good-bye, my little one. I will be watching. I will see you next year." Fenrir said softly then vanished.


Ciar sat outside on the back porch, waiting patiently. His Fen was late. He already knew why. He sighed softly

"I wonder when he was going to tell me he was a werewolf? Dad and papa were so worried when I had that vision." He was brought out of his thoughts by a large figure making its way toward the house. Ciar stood with a small smile.

"Hello Fen."

"Hello little one. I would have been here sooner but-"

"But you had a fight with a rival werewolf leader." Ciar cut him off. "I know. I Saw it." Fenrir let out a bark like laugh.

"How could I have forgotten that you were a Seer, little one?"

"No one truly forgets anything, Fen. Everything you have ever learned is all in your head. You just have to look deep enough." Ciar said then laughed at Fenrir's shocked face.

"How the hell did you come up with that?"

"Papa told dad one day." Fenrir nodded then smiled.

"So, my little one, don't I get a hug?" Fenrir opened his arms and Ciar flew into them.

"I'm glad your alright, Fen."

"I will always come back safe. For you, my little one."


Ciar was staring out the window at the full moon. His Fen was out there somewhere. Somewhere close by. He just knew it. His parentsvwere both out there as well. He smiled when he saw a large grew wolf come out of the woods and ran over to the house. He giggled when a large wet nose was pressed to the window. He knew he was safe with this wolf. He opened the window just enough for the wolf to stick its head it. He scratched the wolf's ears and tried to stifle a giggle when the wolf gave a doggy type sigh and tried to lick his arm and hands.

"Fen! That's gross. Stop slobbering all over me." Ciar groused, whipping the slobber off. The wolf gave a doggy chuckle and tried to push further into the house.

"You know Remy and Siri won't like this." Ciar sighed and let the wolf come all the way in. Fenrir jumped into the room and curled up on the floor. Ciar smiled and turned to leave when Fenrir leaped and tugged on his night shirt until he was snuggled up close to Fenrir's side.

"I'm blaming you if Remy and Siri find us in here." Ciar said with a yawn then snuggled close and fell asleep. Remus and Sirius found Ciar and a human Fenrir curled up together the next morning. Sirius smiled and, grabbing hid camera he snapped a few pictures.

"Wait until Fenrir sees these and realizes he looks like a tamed puppy." Sirius said softly with a low chuckle.


Ciar sat quietly on the couch staring at his parents. No, his god parents.

"So I'm adopted? My real parents think I'm dead and my siblings are the Children-Who-Lived?" Remus and Sirius nodded. "Well… this doesn't change anything right? You're my parents right?" Ciar asked in a small voice. Remus and Sirius jumped up and rushed over to him to engulf him in a hug.

"Of course we are still your parents, cub. One of us may not have given birth to you but we still love you." Remus said softly. Ciar just snuggled closer, sniffling slightly. Remus wondered briefly if they had done the right thing telling Ciar about his parents and why they had taken him.

"Papa? If I'm Fen's mate won't I have to be turned?"

"No, cub. Fenrir will give you the choice but no you don't have to be a wolf to be with him."

"That's why you took me? So I wouldn't be raised to hate werewolves?"

"That and because you are an alpha's mate. Not just any alpha but THE alpha. We had to take you to make sure you knew how to handle it." Ciar nodded then turned toward the doorway.

"You can come in Fen. I'm not going to hurt you or anything." Ciar giggled.

"With you I never know little one." Fenrir said as he slipped into the room.

"My temper isn't that bad." Ciar pouted. Fenrir raised an eyebrow and pointed to a corner of the room that was charred black. Ciar looked and blushed.

"That was once." He mumbled. Fenrir laughed and moved over to the couch, wrapping his arm around the smaller body and held Ciar close to his side.

"Of course, my little one. Whatever you say." Ciar grumbled but soon fell asleep curled as close as he could to Fenrir's side.


Ciar smiled as he saw the owl swooping down toward him. The owl soon landed on his shoulder and held out it's leg, which had an envelope tied to it. Ciar took it and brought it into the house where his papa, dad, and his Fen all were.

"So, Little Seer, did the Hogwarts owl come early like you said it would?" Remus asked.

"Yup! Siri owes Fen six galleons." Ciar said impishly as Sirius grumbled and took out six galleons. Fenrir laughed and took three galleons and gave three to Ciar.

"When you go shopping get something for yourself ok, little one?" Cair smiled and hugged Fenrir.

"Thanks Fen." Fenrir chuckled and hugged back.

"Of course, my little one. Anything for you" Fenrir held the small body close to his and gave as small sigh of contentment.

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