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Ciar was full of energy when his parents took him to get his things. He wished he could have his Fen with him even though he knew how dangerous it was for his larger mate.

"Papa I need to get something besides and owl cause snuffles hates owls and Fen can't stand cats."

"What would you like to get Ciar?" Remus asked as Snuffles walked along beside them.

"I'm not sure yet."

"Well we can look later. Come on let's get your books." Ciar smiled and happily followed his papa into the bookstore. He was looking at some of the Magical Creature books when he suddenly stiffened and his eyes clouded over. His dads knew the signs of a Vision by now and they rushed over to him to make sure he was ok. Several moments later Ciar came out of his vision with a small smile.

"Dads when we go to Madam Milken's please let me handle things. I think we can stop Voldemort from ever rising again but we have to be careful about it otherwise things will be worse than before. I know of a way to bring back Tom Riddle without the Voldemort persona." Remus and Sirius nodded trusting that Ciar knew what he was talking about. They finished their shopping at the bookstore before going to Madam Milkins. As Ciar walked in Sirius and Remus spotted Lucius Malfoy and what looked like a miniature of him, who was getting fitted for robes. Ciar walked in and sent a small smile at the Mini Malfoy. They both stood on a stool to get fitted and started talking while their parents stared in horrified fascination as the mini Malfoy started to laugh at something Ciar had said. When they where done mini Malfoy, who was introduced as Draco, asked if they could finish shopping together. Lucius looked like he was about to have a heart attack with how quick his son had attached himself to this boy while Remus and Sirius looked like they wanted to faint. With a small glare from Ciar they were reminded of what Ciar had said earlier and just nodded. Lucius could not deny his son anything and gave his consent. All three watched as the two boys raced off for the pet store.

"Your son seems to have charmed my son rather quickly." Lucius said, still slightly bemused at how quick the two boys had become friends.

"Ciar has that effect on people. You just can't help but love him." Remus stated with a smile and a shrug.

"It seems odd that such a… light orientated family would call their child something so dark." Lucius said with a sideways look at the couple.

"That's because there is no Light and Dark, just shades of Grey." Ciar said, popping up out of nowhere and smirking slightly when all three adults jumped.

"Ciar what have we told you about doing that?" Ramus said while trying to stop his heart from jumping out of his chest.

"Not to. But Papa I found a pet that I want." Ciar said with a small pout.

"An what pet would that be?" Remus asked with slight trepidation. Harry just smiled and held up a…..

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