Fred Weasley was sitting in his and his twin brothers room, staring out in the yard and brooding.

"Quit doing that, Freddie. Your gonna give yourself wrinkles." George, his twin said.

"I can't help it. Everyone has someone for them. You have Lee, Charlie has Andy, Bill has Flaur, hell even Percy has Oliver. I have no one. No one can even tell me from you. Lee still gets us confused. As does our parents. I just… I just want someone to see me." Fred whispered.

"You will someday, Freddie. Come on, Mum said that we get to meet Harry today." Fred smiled.

"Do you think we should warn him about Ginny?"

"Naw, let the poor guy figure it out himself. Then Ginny can't scream at us for ruining her precious Harry."

"Ok." They both went down just in time to see a small black haired boy getting smothered by their sister. They stood by the door as the poor boy tried to get away. When he finally did they got their first look at the small boy and Fred's heart skipped a few beats. He was beautiful. Small and delicate looking with smooth, pale porcelain skin. Bright green eyes that seemed to see into his soul.

"Hi Harry. I'm George and this is my twin brother Fred." George introduced. Harry smiled and held out a small hand to each of them. Ron soon came and took Harry away to talk. Later that day the twins were working with some of their more volatile potion ingredients. They had decided to work outside and had just put the last ingredient in when the potion started to bubble and boil. The twins didn't have enough time to get away and when the cauldron exploded they were covered in sharp pieces as well as goopy slimy potion. They had just enough time to hear a scream before blacking out.

Fred wok up to a soft humming sound and gentle hands running over his body taking away the pain.

"I see you are awake, Fred." A soft voice said. Fred opened his eyes to see the bright green eyes that had captivated him earlier, staring down at him.

"How… how did you know?"

"How did I know that you were Fred and not George? It wasn't that hard. I've heard all about the Weasley twins. I can see how people would get you mixed up. You two look so much alike. Very few differences, so very few in fact that I'm sure no one else notices."

"How? No one has ever told us apart before. Not even mum can." Harry laughed softly.

"I'm not Molly now am I? George is smaller, just slightly. You are border, built to protect while George is built to be protected. Your eyes are softer then his." Harry said softly while gently stroking his hair. "You are the softer spoken and the brains behind things while he gets things and does the manual labor." Fred could only look on in astonishment as this small, delicate boy told him everything that only he and George knew.

"How can you tell all this? Only George and I know all this." Fred said in surprise.

"I see what others don't. I see you." Harry said softly then got up and walked out the door.