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"Good morning Fred." Harry said as he walked in the door to the twin's room. Fred was the only one awake.

"Good morning Harry."

"How are you feeling, Fred?"


"That's good." Harry said awkwardly. He turned to leave.

"Um Harry?" Harry turned back.

"Yes, Fred?"

"Um when… when we get to Hogwarts would you… would you go with me to a Hogsmead weekend?" Fred stuttered and almost smacked himself.

"Sure Fred. Of Course I will." Harry gave a soft smile and left the room. Fred sighed then jumped when he heard Georges voice.

"I told you that you would have someone." George smirked. "I didn't think however that it would be Harry Potter Savior-of-the-Wizarding world." Fred shrugged.

"How do I know he will stay if this does happen to developed? He is The-Boy-Who-lived. He would never want just me, Fredrick Gideon Weasley."

"I think you would be surprised, Fred. From what I hear he's not the kind to do things like that." Fred just shrugged and turned away from him. "Fred please just… trust yourself. Harry is different, you know this."

"How George? How do I know he would always stay with me no matter what and not somehow find his way to someone else's bed?"

"You could ask." Came an annoyed sounding voice. Both twins turned to find an annoyed looking Harry standing in the doorway with a tray heaped with food.

"I um… that is we…" Fred stammered. Harry sighed and set the tray down before walking over and sitting on the edge of Fred's bed.

"Fred, I can't not be faithful to whoever I chose to be with." Harry said softly. The twins gave him a puzzled look. Harry gave a sigh before waving his hand. The air shimmered around him before the Glamour fell off and revealed his true form. There, sitting right beside him, was the most beautiful creature Fred had ever seen. Flawless, pale as moonlight skin, with pouty red lips, silver/green eyes, long silky black as night hair and rather petite, maybe 5'4 at the most and then Fred saw the most tantalizing sight. There fluttering behind him was a pair of hazel/green/black/silver butterfly type wings.

"What are you?" Fred whispered in awe as he reached out to brush his fingers along the edges of the beautiful wings. Harry gave a small shudder and the wings fluttered slightly.

I'm a Moonlight Earth Fay." Harry laughed at the looks on the boys faces. "I have powers over the moon and earth. I'm the rarest of the Fey."

"So what can't you not be faithful?" George asked.

"There are roughly three people that can complete a Fey. Basically a Mate only the other person and I have a choice. I however have five." Harry explained.

"So you can only be with only one of these five people?" Fred asked softly.

"I can only date or sleep with the one that chooses me. There may be a slight problem with that." Harry blushed brightly.

"What would that be? I mean obviously Fred is one of your… um Mates?" George tried to reason.

"That's the thing once I start going with one the others realize that they are Matches as well and some will tried to get between us."

"So who would I have to beware of?" Fred asked with determination. Harry mumbled something too quiet to understand. Fred reached out and gently tilted Harry's head up.

"Come on Harry I won't be mad."

"Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, Cedric Diggory, and Lucias Malfoy."

"Well that's not so bad. Cedric and I are friends he may know he could be with you but I don't think he will try anything. Severus hates your guts so I doubt I have to worry about him it's the Malfoy's I'm worried about." Fred said while gently tracing the edges of Harry's wings.

"There's something else." Harry said quietly while his wings fluttered softly from the light touches. "I can't hide my appearance any more now that I have told you what I am."

"So I going to have crazy fan girls trying to take my boyfriend away from me and have to beat them off with a stick? I suppose it's a good thing I'm a beater then isn't it?" Fred said and watched Harry's face light up when he said the word "boyfriend"

"Just a small price to pay for dating the Boy-Who-Lived." Harry said ruefully.

"I'm not dating the Boy-Who-Lived. I'm dating Harry, my own little Moonlight Fay." Fred said before leaning in and pressing a chaste kiss to Harry's lips.

"Your Moonlight Fay huh?" Harry asked teasingly.

"Yup. My Moonlight. In fact I'm going to start calling you that. You're my Moonlight." Fred said with conviction.

"Your Moonlight." Harry said softly before leaning in and pressing a kiss to Fred's lips.

"Only ever mine." Fred said as held his Moonlight close to him, vowing silently to himself that no one would ever harm his little Moonlight.