All was crisp and quiet near a remote military station inside the Centra continent. The remote location allowed for it to remain unoticed, and not likely thought that it was there. There were several Galbadian troops set up around the perimeter, as if something terribly vital was being kept here.

One soldier who was patrolling one of the exterior buildings lit up a smoke. A regulation of the base was that smoking could only be done outside. He let loose a puff of smoke, coughing briefly. He saw one of his friends about a little while down the side of the building, and yelled out for him to join him for a smoke.

The blue-suited Galbadian soldier made his way towards his comrade. When he was about a good ten metres from there, something happened…

An explosion errupted right next to him, debris from the wall and pieces of the soldier flew back with recoil, smoke billowing out from the hole. The alarm sounded, just as a man darted out of the hole.

He stood about a rough six feet even, wearing a black Armani suit, topped off with a black shirt and a metalic red tie. His medium length Steve-Burnsideish brown hair was gelled into a decent do. One hand carried a steel briefcase, while the other carried a pistol, the Esthar Issue Combat P99. The person couldn't have been older than sixteen. He looked towards the smoking soldier, whose cigarette fell from his mouth, his mind a complete blank…

(Insert music "Slide Show Part Two")

The intruder raised his pistol to fire upon the soldier, but rather than going for an easy kill, lowered his aim to the man's leg. The 9mm round exited the pistol and found itself in the soldier's leg, as the target doubled over in pain.

The gunshot eruption was enough to tell the troops just where he was. The voice of a female over the PA repeated various phrases along the lines of "Intruder on the eastern complex!" As several SMG toting guards made their way to where they were ordered to be.

But the intruder was one step ahead of them. Dashing towards one of the large steel walls, he jammed his pistol into his left armpit, and slipped his hand into one of the jacket pockets. He produced a ball point pen, clicked it three times, and tossed it towards the wall. He turned his back to it, and covered his ears the best he could.

The second explosion rocked the complex, the affected section of the wall nothing but a jagged hole.

The intruder began a mad dash towards the opening, but he was greeted by a .50 round, only an inch from his head. There was a sniper in a guard tower firing upon him. The man was straffing left and right, in a successful attempt to avoid any fire. The shots all barely missed his feet, before managing to dive through the hole perfectly.

Getting to his feet quickly, he carried the briefcase with both hands pressed against his chest, making his way towards a parked hovercopter. The doors opened, as a familiar face took the man's hand, pulling him in. The officer turned to the cockpit…"He's in! Go!"

The suited-man sat up quickly, as the exterior door panel to the hovercopter closed shut. The chopper then took off quickly and objectivly, speeding towards the general direction of Balamb Garden. The teenager got to his feet quickly, and saluted, being saluted back by the officer. The officer took the briefcase, examined the contents, and placed it onto the ground. He then extended his hand to shake the teens'…

"Well Cadet, I think it's safe to say you're one of us now!"

The teen smiled, and nodded…"Thank you Instructor Leonhart!"

The teen and several other SeeD candidates were hanging around outside the classroom on 2F. The four of them had been on various exam missions, but the mood was still one of anticipation.

None were in uniform. The teen was still in his black suit, there was a female in a set of white cargo pants and a black tanktop, there was another male wearing an olive green cargo pants and a white t-shirt, and another girl in a tight black skirt and a tight red shirt. She was evidently the flirt of the group.

They all knew that the messenger for the Headmaster would arrive at exactly 1600 hours. The time read 3:55pm.

The duo in cargo pants, who apparently knew each other, began to converse. The two of them had been assigned to the same exam, as the two were old childhood friends. The flirt however, was given an easy recon job. She sauntered towards the suit, purposely swaying her hips as she went. She leaned against the wall with him, and looked to him, her eyelids covered in eye shadow…

She spoke to him in a soft and seductive voice…"Well there you sexy thing. You think you made it?"

The teen shrugged…"Likely. Heck, the instructor even thought I did"

She nodded, holding her hands behind her back, sticking out her rather large chest to try and impress the guy…"Well, you're about the cutest guy in this bunch. Care to be date if we both make it to the Gala?"

She seemed to be doing a rather impressive job, the teen barely getting caught into a trance…"Not 'If', 'When'. And that sounds like a good idea."

The messenger caught the four off guard, appearing in the hallway. He had a piece of paper in hand, which would no doubt, contain the names of the people who the Headmaster would want to see. All four looked to him…

"The Headmaster would like to see the following cadets…" He started. The four were silent, wondering whether or not their effort.

"December, Anna"

The female of the two friends got to her feet, and smiled brightly

"Sheridan, Gage"

Her friend stood up as well, about as pleased as she was…

"Brass, Terra"

The busty female nodded in acknowledgement

"And DeBleuchamp, Aaron"

The teenager grinned.

"Would you all kindly come with me?"

The messenger turned to head towards the elevator. The two friends hugged each other, happy with their accomplishments, while Terra gave a sly grin to Aaron. The four of them then proceeded towards the elevator with the messenger…

The Headmaster looked up from his paperwork to the four. He puffed on his pipe lightly, before setting it onto his desk. He picked up four pins with the Balamb Garden SeeD emblem, but remained at his desk. He looked up to the four…

"You no doubt know exactly why you've all been called here…"

They all nodded

"It is because for the first time in Garden history, that a set of SeeD candidates has entirely been considered and accepted for full SeeD status. You should all be very proud!"

Smile covered their faces as Cid got up from his desk, making his way towards Anna who was on the far left…

He placed the pin into her palm, and nodded to her…"You and your friend make quite a team. I'll make sure to try and have you two assigned to the same missions."

He then moved to the next one in line, Gage. He placed the pin in his hand…"The two of you were exceptional on your exams. You're the double team we've been looking for."

Next up was Terra. He placed the pin in her palm…"For the record, it was your skill, not your beauty that earned you this."

He turned towards Aaron, as thoughts of "I know you want me" ran through Terra's head.

He pinned the SeeD pin onto the brim of Aaron's suit, and nodded…"You were impressive at the espionage assignment you were given. I see great things in your future."

He then stood in front of his desk, and saluted. The four saluted back…"Congratulations, welcome to SeeD! The Gala is at 1900h in the Quad, be sure to attend!"