"Welcome to Xavier's School for the Gifted." Storm said kindly.

"Yup, welcome to Mutant High, Bub." Logan said as he puffed on a cigarette.

"Who gave it that name?" Kurt asked as Storm glared as Logan while landing the Blackbird.

"Cub." Logan said with a chuckle. "Word of warning, when you meet Cub, watch out. Kitten has claws and isn't scared to use them." Logan laughed at the look on Kurt's face.

"Logan leave Kurt alone. And you are in charge of keeping Lion away from the poor guy at least for the night."

"Do I look like I have a death wish, Storm?" Logan actually shuddered. Storm just glared at them before gently setting the jet down in the hanger and they all got out. They brought him to see the Professor and after talking to him for awhile decided that he was nice enough here and that he would stay. For now at least, so now he was making his way to the dinning room for a meal. Suddenly he heard a few screams and a large lion came running down the hallway. Just as he was about to teleport the lion did the most amazing thing and turned into a smallish boy who hid behind him giggling as Storm came racing down the hall. He had to blink a few time but the vision was still there. Storm was sporting lime green hair with orange streaks.

Hadrian Black!" The small boy behind his squeaked and tried to burrow under Kurt's trench coat. "What have I told you about changing my hair?"

"Um… not to?" Hadrian squeaked.

"And what did you do?"

"Changed your hair. But auntie Storm it looks soooo much better this way."

"Hadrian James Potter Snape Malfoy Slytherin Gryfindor Ravenclaw Hufferpuff Lupin Black!" Hadrian squeaked and waved his hand and Storm's hair turned back to normal.

"Good. Now Kurt this is Lion. Or Hadrian. Or Cub. Or Kitten. Hadrian just pick a name and stick with it!"

"But Auntie Storm I did! Everyone has their own name for me." Storm threw her hands up and walked away in a huff. Hadrian snickered and came out to stand in front of Kurt.

"Hello Kurt. Chuck told me all about you."

"But I just saw him and he said he would only tell my trainer."

"Yup, that would be me! I'm the youngest X-Man but I also have some of the same talents as you." Hadrian said excitedly. "I mean who do you think gives Logan the best work out?" Just as Hadrian was saying this Kurt saw Logan sneaking up behind him then suddenly Hadrian was gone. Kurt heart Logan scream like a girl and turned to see Hadrian on top of him holding on and Logan kept changing colors while trying to get rid of him.

"Get off of me, Cub. You're too heavy!"

"Logan, I know you did not just call me fat." Hadrian snarled. Kurt saw Logan shudder.

"No not at all." Logan said a little panicky.

"Good." Hadrian got off of Logan and threw a smile at Kurt. "Welcome to Mutant High, Kurt." Hadrian said with a wink then walked away.

"If he doesn't prank you tonight he likes you." Logan said with a grimace. "It took him ages to get used to me but I get this feeling he likes you."

"I couldn't tell." Kurt said softly.

"Look in your pocket later. If there is a red card he likes you and your safe from pranks unless you piss him off. If it's black.. good luck." Logan snorted as he walked away. Kurt went to dinner and met some of the other students. Later on that night he was taking his coat off and he felt something in his pocket. He remembered what Logan had told him. He carefully pulled the card out with his eyes closed. He took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes. He sighed and smiled. The card was red.

"I like you to, little one." He whispered to no one then quietly got ready for bed. He couldn't wait until morning to see his little Lion.