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When Kurt woke up the next day he wasn't sure where he was at first. He looked around and caught sight of a red card sitting beside his bed. The day before suddenly came back to him and he couldn't help the smile that came across his face.

"Well it seems the Kitten wants to play." He whispered to himself with a smirk. He got up and got ready for the day. He made his way down to the kitchen. He started to enter when he found one of the other newer students talking with his Kitten. He glared before he realized that the kid was holding a black card. He walked in with a big grin on his face.

"So what did you do to piss of my little kitten?" Kurt asked the kid while Kitten gave him a weird look before going back to cooking breakfast.

"So when did I become your Kitten?" Harry asked when he brought a plate of food over to him.

"Last night when I got the card." Harry sighed and shook his head.

"That doesn't make me yours but if you would like to actually ask then I might think about it." Harry said with a smirk. Kurt just smiled and dug into his food.

"Kurt make sure you don't eat to much, we train right after breakfast." Harry said while Logan walked into to the room looking half asleep.

"Logan even volunteered to help us." Kitten said with a smirk and only got a grunt out of Logan as an answer. Harry giggled and handed Logan a rather large cup of coffee and went to sit and eat his own breakfast. Kurt reached out and snagged his waist and pulled him into his lap.

"So how bout it kitten? Wanna be mine?" Kurt nearly purred in Harry's ear. Harry gave a small meow and snuggled closer.

"I'll take that as a yes." Kurt smiled before gently nipping at his kitten's neck.

"You realize I won't go easy on you just because I agreed to date you right?" Harry said a little breathlessly.

"I didn't think you would. How about we make it a little interesting though?"

"How so?" Harry asked and finely started to eat.

"The one who wins gets to ask five questions of the loser."

"You realize that would be me right?"

"Maybe." Kurt smiled and winked at Logan who was finely awake. Logan nodded and hid his smile in his coffee.

"Alright guys lets get to the danger room before Scott does." Harry smiled and leapt off of Kurt's lap and raced toward the room.

Four hours of grueling training later Kurt heaved a heavy sigh when he and Logan managed to tackle Harry.

"Questions after we rest." Kurt huffed in his kitten's ear.

"Won't be able to answer if you don't get the hell off of me." Harry huffed while trying to wiggle away.

"Stop moving." Kurt said, smacking his kitten's ass. Harry huffed and went still.

"First question: what's with the long name?"

"Long story."

"We have time."

"It will cost you."


"The rest of your questions."


"Because it's such a long story." Kurt thought for a moment then nodded.

"Fine." Harry smiled.

"My story begins many years ago. Nearly a century to be exact. I'm what you would term an immortal of sort. When I was younger my parents were murdered. I was sent to live with my mother's relatives. I didn't know my name until I started elementary school. I thought it was freak or boy. Later when I turned eleven I got a letter from the school that my parents went to. So I went to the school for the next seven years. My first year I made a few friends and I killed one of the teachers in self defense. That year I was adopted by my mum's best friend Severus Snape. So my name turned into Harry Potter-Snape. My second year I fought a 60 foot poisonous snake and won. That year I had met one of the founder's ghosts, Salazar Slytherin, and he adopted me so I added Slytherin to the list of names."

"What about your family? Didn't they care that you were changing you name?"

"You can ask that another time. Now may I continue?" Kurt nodded.

"Thank you. Third year I met my escaped convict god father and his husband Sirius and Ramus Lupin-Black and they adopted me. Fourth I was entered into a dangerous contest and watched a class mate get murdered for no reason. I was also adopted by another founder Rowena Ravenclaw. Fifth I watched my god father die and made a new friend named Draco Malfoy. I was adopted by the last two founders Godric Gryfindor and Helga Huffelpuff. Sixth I watched my headmaster being murdered by my best friend. That year I learned that my best friend Draco and his father were spies and Draco's father adopted me."

"So you have a brother?"

"Yes. And several other adopted sibling. I adopted them into my family when theirs disowned them. Now seventh year is where it gets interesting. I came into a mixed magical inheritance. I can't really explain what I am but as far as we have found I'm immortal." Kurt thought it over then smiled at the boy still underneath him.

"Doesn't change a thing. Just makes you a little more interesting." Kurt leaned down and softly pressed their lips together in a soft and gentle kiss.

I plan on keeping you for as long as I can." Kurt whispered softly as he trailed gentle kisses down Harry's neck.

"I guess you can always try." Harry smiled up at him.

"Oh I plan to do more then try little kitty." Kurt chuckled when Harry wrinkled his nose at the nickname. "My own little kitty to play with."

"Watch it buddy or you might go from blue to pink." Kurt chuckled and suddenly teleported off and on the other side of the room.

"I like myself blue thank you very much." Kurt gave him a wink and then walked out the door while Harry laid on the floor shacking his head with a smile.

"Well I think things just got interesting." He said to himself as he got up and left the danger room.