A.N: I'm sorry for the long wait but things have just been really crazy and I havent had much time to write. That should change for a few days then im busy for an unknown amount of time so I will try to update as many stories as I can./\/\/\/\/

At seven that night Kurt was waiting for his lion at the front doors. When he saw Harrison coming he smirked when he saw the small, barely there, blush. He knew his kitten would look good but his jaw nearly dislocated with how fast it dropped when he saw what his kitten was wearing. Black low slung tight leather pants and a tight, nearly see through, blood red silk shirt with a leather collar around his neck. Hadrian came up to him and lightly pushed his jaw back up.

"Stop drooling on the floor, it was just washed this afternoon." Hadrian smirked. Kurt quickly closed his mouth, wrapped an arm around his kitten and disappeared only to reappear at a circus. He smiled down at the slightly disorientated male beside him and held him close for a few minutes before dragging him over to some of the games. He smiled when Hadrian glared at one of the workers for trying to flirt with him. He couldn't help the shudder that passed down his spine when the worker winked and blew him a kiss. Hadrian turned his head and bared his teeth at her before grabbing his hand and pulling him away and to a different booth. Hadrian turned to him with a small smirk.

"Win me a prize like a good date." Kurt couldn't help the laugh that bubbled up in his chest as he obediently handed over some money to the board looking worker who handed him some darts to throw at the balloons. He managed to pop enough to win one of the big prizes and he knew just the one to pick. He smiled and handed over a large stuffed kitten with a wink to a blushing Hadrian who rolled his eyes.

"Still doesn't mean I'm yours completely. However the kitten is cute." Hadrian smiled and leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek before walking away and heading toward some of the rides. They spent the rest of the night riding the rides and playing games. When they heard that the fair would be closing soon they went on one last ride. The Farris wheel was mostly deserted except for some couples. Kurt couldn't help his smile when he realized it was a couple's ride. He got real close to his kitten and put an arm around his shoulders, pulling him close. Hadrian smiled and snuggled close and laied his head on Kurt's shoulder.

"Are you having fun kitten?" Kurt asked softly. Hadrian smiled and nodded while snuggling even closer.

"I can't believe it but yes I am actually having fun. I don't normally have a lot of fun on a date and my partners don't usually last this long." Hadrian said with a smirk.

"Why don't they last this long?"

"They normally run off after an hour or so because we don't have anything in common. You and me, however, even if we differ we don't clash." The ride came to a stop when they made it to the top and they sat there for a few minuets just admiring the view and kept their arms wrapped around each other. When they finally made t back to the bottom and got off they walked to a small ally and Kurt took his kitten in his arms. They stood there for a few moments before Kurt slowly lowered his head down and lightly pressed his lips to Hadrian's much softer ones. They kissed for a few minuets before Kurt pulled him closer and they left in a puff of blue smoke. They landed in the entrance hall of the school and stayed lip locked for a few minuets more before Hadrian pulled away with a smile.

"Good night Kurt." Hadrian gave him one last kiss on the cheek before turning and walking away. Kurt smiled and couldn't help the small chuckle that escaped his throat.

"A good night indeed little kitten." he whispered to Hadrians back and walked to his own room, his head filled with thoughts of the next date.