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Kurosaki Naruto: Soul of a Warrior

Chapter 1: Meet the Kurosakis




"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" a blonde boy we knows as Naruto screams as he jumps 10 feet in the air. Dazed and confused Naruto starts to rub his eyes in order to rid of the exhaustion that plague his body. Soon his vision starts to clear and everything goes into focus. He looks up with weary eyes wanting to see who would dare wake him up at this ungodly hour. The first thing to appear in his vision is a mop of orange that looks very familiar to him for some reason. Then it clicked, "Ichigo, what the hell is your problem. It's too early in the morning to be waking people up!"

"T-TO EARLY IT 8:00!" Ichigo yelled.

Naruto deadpanned, "Your point being."

Ichigo sighed, "I'm tired of this." Ichigo gives Naruto an impassive look, "Just get dress before we're late to school." Ichigo said before exiting the room.

A frown appears on Naruto's face, "Geez what's his problem?" Naruto shrugs, "Oh well, time to get dress" Naruto jumps to his feet and rushes to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Naruto looking straight into the mirror is greeted by the image of a teenage boy with two longs bangs framing both sides of his face. Other smaller bangs are draped across his forehead barely touching the top of his eyes. Spikes of unruly hair can be seen on the top of his head ending at the base of his neck. Eyes the color of the ocean that seem to have an unnatural glow to them and three whisker-like marks are shown on each cheek. Further down his body is showing the beginning development of rock hard muscle if his six pack is anything to show. "Man I look good." Naruto says as a fox-like grin breaks across his face. Palming his fist into his hand, "Well enough admiring the view it's time to get dressed. With that Naruto rushes to complete his morning rituals.


(15 minutes later)

"YYYUUU-CHHAAANNN! What's for breakfast." Naruto Shouted as he race to the kitchen.

"Morning Naruto-Oniichan, we're having pancakes." said an adolescent brown-headed girl whose hair fell on the right side of her face with a red clip on the left side of her head, she possess soft brown eyes filled with innocence. She was wearing a short-sleeved pink shirt with a white skirt ending to just above her knees and was wearing a pair of all white converses. She also had an apron draped over her form, a ladle present in her hand and a warm smile on her face.

"Could you not shout so early in the morning Naruto." said a black headed girl whom seem the same age as the other girl, her hair fell to the base of her shoulder and around her eyes. She possess cold chocolate brown orbs that seemed to be sending a murderous gaze towards Naruto. She was wearing black tanktop with a picture of a golden cat on the front. Underneath her shirt was a plain-white tee and her feet were a pair of black sneakers.

Said blond sweatdropped, "Oh, sorry Karin I didn't mean to be so loud I was just hungry. Y'know?" said Naruto scratching the back of his head. "Speaking of being loud. Where's Otou-sa-?" Naruto speech was interrupted by a sudden shout.

"YOUR GUARD'S DOWN ICHIGO" a figure shoots through the air and nails Naruto in the chest with devastating force, rocketing him face first into the wall. "HAHA! I've got you now Ichi-. Eh?" said Kurosaki Isshin, father to Naruto, Ichigo, Yuzu, and Karin, a man with short spiky black hair and a short and stubby beard. Isshin gave naruto a oblivious look, "Naruto, what'cha doing laying on the floor?" Isshin asked innocently.

Naruto struggling to get back to his feet shoots his father a menacing glare, " Are you fucking serious?" Naruto looks at his as if he's insane, "You just came out of nowhere and pulverize me for no reason!" Naruto roared as fire seemed to dance in his eyes.

Isshin gulped "Hehe, my bad I thought you were Ichigo. By the way where is he?" Yuzu replied " He went to school already saying something about not wanting to be late again." Sudden realization strikes Naruto "Oh Crap! I'm going to be late again. I'm already in hot water with Okabe-sensei" Naruto begins scarf down his food at an inhuman pace, jumps up and grabs his bag and races out the door.


Karakura High

"Ok class, open up your textbooks and turn it to page 132 and begi-." Okabe-sensei stated before getting interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Glancing at the door to see who had caused the disturbance. Recognizing the person a smirk grace her lips. " Well well well, look who finally decides to show up. "Kurosaki-kun, didn't I tell you last time that if you are late again that I will give you cleaning duty for a month?" She says smirk still in place.

Sending a glare in the the direction of his brother who just rolled his eyes " Give me one more chance. I promise not to be late again" Naruto says while using his patented "puppy dog eyes."

Okabe-sensei resolve falter under that gaze and she gave a sigh. "Just don't let it happen again Kurosaki-kun. I'd swear you're going to be the death of me." she said face-palming.

A grin that looked like it would split his mouth into broke out across his whiskered face " Thanks sensei you're the best. There's a reason you're my favorite teacher." An image of chibi Naruto is seen dancing above his head. Not wanting to risk any more trouble Naruto Hurries to his seat which so happen to be right beside his brother, he takes his bag off and proceeds to get out the needed materials, he gives Ichigo a look that translates to "Will talk about this later"


Karakura High (Lunchtime-On the roof)

Our favorite blond is seen sprawled out on the ground, slurping up a cup of noodles. Finishing he sighs in contentment and discards the container into a wastebasket with the empty cups, Naruto begins to smack his lips to savor the flavor of God's gift to the world, "Mmm, No matter how many times I eat ramen it never gets old. What say you Ichigo?" Naruto explains looking at his brother.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow a disgusted look present on his face. "How is it physically possible for you to eat so much ramen and never seem to gain any weight?" Ichigo asked curiously.

Naruto gave full blown grin and winked, "trade secret." Naruto was about to continue but a voice stop him in his tracks.

"I knew I'd find you Kurosakis up here." said a boy with brown eyes and hair wearing the school uniform. "Why didn't you invite me up here with y'all. I thought we were friends" said the boy, anime tears streaming down his face.

"Calm down Keigo, stop acting over dramatic" said a new boy with short slicked-back black hair and dark brown eyes also wearing the school uniform.(A/N: As you can tell from this point I am getting tired of writing these description. If you are a real bleach fan you should know who I'm talking about, if not you're on a computer GOOGLE it.)

Keigo shoots him a glare, "Oh be quiet Mizuiro! Can't you see me and the Kurosaki twins are trying to have a moment here!" yelled the melodramatic boy known as Keigo.

Naruto facepalms, "How did they find us? Me and Ichigo made sure no one would follow us up here."Naruto's thoughts are suddenly interrupted by the sound of a new voice.

" Hey Ichigo! I knew I would find you up here with your brother. How's it hangin?" said a spiky black haired girl with black eyes and an athletic body wearing the school uniform. She possess a slightly above average bust with toned legs. Next to her, another girl who possess long orange hair with big beautiful brown eyes. She also wore the school uniform and her bust seemed to be straining to stay in her shirt.

The orange haired look up with a cheery smile, "Hi Naruto-kun! Kurosaki-kun!" Said the girl waving.

Naruto looks up to see who called him immediately bust out in a foxy grin, "Hi Hime-chan! Suki-chan! We were just talking to these two bakas what brings you up here?"asked Naruto lovingly.

Suddenly, too fast for Naruto to comprehend a fist impacts with the left side of his face, sending flying, "AAAAAAHHHH" Naruto screams as his back impacts with the cold hare surface of the door .

Tatsuki blushed furiously, "WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT CALLING ME THAT NARUTO!" shouted the infuriated girl named Tatsuki.

Keigo whispers to Mizuiro in a joking manner, "Someone is as violent as usually." Mizuiro snickered at his words.

Tatsuki turns and gives Keigo a death glare " You got something to say Asano?" an aura of fire dancing around her form is seen.

Keigo gulped " Um, N- I mean nothing we were just talking about how wonderful a person you are." Keigo replied nervously

"Yeah that's I thought." said dem- I mean Tatsuki.

Orihime shouted, "Naruto-kun! Are you alright?" She voiced in concern

Over by the wall with Naruto. Naruto struggles to stay conscience an is failing to as his vision starts to grow dark "Yep, She loves me." Naruto mumbles to himself before his world is encompass in darkness.


Somewhere in Karakura Town

School's ended and you see our blond hero (A/N:He just doesn't know yet) and his twin walking the trail that leads to their home.

" Ichigo, you see how much Tatsuki loves me. She even gave me a love tap." Naruto points to the bruise on his left cheek.

Ichigo looks at Naruto as if he's grown a second head, "Are you for real? If she does she sure has a weird way of showing it." Ichigo said sarcastically.

Naruto closes his eyes and smiles, "She does, she just doesn't know it yet." Naruto stated matter of factly.

Ichigo rolls his eyes, "Whatever helps you sleep at night"

Naruto and Ichigo continue the walk home. In the distance, they can make a memorial of some kind. On further inspection there's little girl no older than 6 crouched down beside it crying her eyes out. Moving to comfort her they are stopped by a couple of teen skaters rolling by an knocking over a vase of flowers. The skaters are too engrossed in their activity to pay attention to their surroundings.

Ichigo taking notice to the action, "Oi! Bastard did you just see what you just did you just see what you just did?" Ichigo asked a scowl forming on his face.

Naruto equally angered shouted, "Yeah! What he said, hurry up an apologize then leave!" shooting them a piercing gaze.

Freaked out and afraid for their lives the skater boy rush off in hurry to rectify their blunder. They pick up the vase and get into a praying stance. They spoke in unison, "We're sorry! We want let it happen again!" They gave Naruto pleading look as if asking to spare their lives.

Naruto sighs, "Just get out of here"

Not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, the boys proceeded to run as if they lives depended on it disappearing around a corner blending with the populace. Turning back Naruto looks down to see the still crying little girl. His eyes soften, "What's wrong? Such a cute little girl shouldn't be crying." Naruto said kneeling over with a smile.

Said little girl looked up giving Naruto a chance to examine her facial features. She big brown tear-stained eyes and brown pigtails. She was wearing a white gown with no shoes and there seem to be a broken end of a chain connected to her chest. She wiped the tears from her eyes and said "I-...I 'm scared." New tears bursting out her eyes.

Naruto puts his hands on her shoulders and pulls in her into a hug, "There's no need to be afraid. I'm sure you'll go to heaven to be with your family again. You just have to have faith, remember that. Ok?" Naruto reassured.

The little girl dried her eyes and smiled, " Thank you, Onii-san, I-...I really needed that"

Naruto gives her a smile, "No problem kid. Now hurry up and get to heaven."

The little girl gained a determined look, "You got it, Onii-san. See you later." She said running off in the distance.

"You know. We've been seeing more and more ghost lately." Ichigo stated

Naruto gave Ichigo a look

Ichigo blinked, "What?"

"Nothing it's just...You've been quiet this whole time. I forgot you were there." Naruto stated sheepishly

Ichigo sighed, "If we weren't twins I'd swear we aren't related."


Kurosaki Clinic

Ichigo unlocks the door, "We're ho-" Ichigo was interrupted by a foot smashes into his face sending him flying.

Naruto stand back observing the display. Naruto whistled, "Hey Otou-san, I think you set a new record, that was like 40 feet. And I see you got the right one this time.

Ichigo jumps up and run back into the house. Ichigo hops in the air and deliver and aerial kick to his dad stomach sending him sailing to wall, hitting it with a loud "CRACK". "WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH YOU, WHO GREETS THEIR SON WITH A KICK TO THE FACE!" Ichigo yelled.

Isshin runs to giant poster on the wall with a picture of Naruto's mother on it, "Masaki-chan you see how our treats me with such disdain." Anime tears running down his eyes.

Ichigo scowled, "I don't feel like dealing with this. Oi, Naruto! Lets go upstairs. Ichigo said before walking up the stairs.

Naruto grinned, "Well sorry dad, Ichigo just frustrated because we've been seeing more ghosts on the way home. Catch you later."

Yuzu looked at Karin curiously, "What was that all about?" said Yuzu stirring Miso soup in a pot.

Karin flips a page of her manga, " I have no clue"


Kurosaki Clinic( Naruto and Ichigo's room)

Naruto walking towards his room hears a shout of "Burglar." Naruto quickens his pace and open his door seeing something completely unexpected. There right in front of him was his brother and a girl who was dressed as...a samurai? "Hey Ichigo, what's going on? Who is that girl?" Naruto exclaimed.

Ichigo frowned, "I don't know but I think she's a robber. Just look how weird she's dressed."

Examining the girl Naruto see that she has shoulder length black hair with a large coming over her face and dark black orbs. Her outfit consist of a black hakama pants and a black kimono tied together with an obi. All in all should looked like some girl cosplaying as a samurai.

The girl looked at them in shock, "You can see me?" she said in disbelief.

A tick mark appears on Ichigo's forehead, "Of course we can see! You're are right in front of us!" Ichigo all but yelled.

The girl turned her head in contemplation, "They're just normal humans it should be impossible for them to see Shinigami.

A perplexed look appears on Naruto's face, "Shinigami? As in a Deathgod?" Naruto asked the so called "burglar"

The girl closed her eyes to weigh her options. On one hand she could leave them in the dark, on the other hand she could explain what Shinigami was. Seeing as both of them can see her means that both of them are spiritually aware and it could be potentially dangerous to leave them unaware of the full situation at hand. The girl gained a serious look and took a deep breath, "My name is Rukia Kuchiki...and i'm what is known as Shinigami or Deathgod either one will do. A Shinigami's job is to fairy the souls of the living to the Sereitei or what you humans call heaven by performing a technique called konso. This perform by tapping the forehead with the butt of our sword. In the Sereitei there is a group known as the Gotei 13, they are leaded by thirteen different captains an are said to be incredibly powerful, but over them is the Soutaicho, said to be the strongest Shinigami in existence. This isn't all Shinigamis have a second job...the elimination of monsters called Hollows. Hollows are evil spirits who have been overcomed by negative emotions and feast on the souls of the innocents to substained their selves. That's why we Shinigami are sent to destroy them to pervent something like that from occurring." Rukia looked up into their face to gauge their response.

"Are you crazy? There's is no way me or Naruto would beli-" Ichigo was interrupted by the sound of Naruto's voice.

Stars appeared in Naruto's eyes as he went up closer to Rukia to get a better look, "Wow, are you like some kind of superhero or something? Can you fly? Can you shoot lasers out of your eyes?" A lightbulb appears above Naruto's head, "I know! You can use can use ninjustu just like Oturan can!" Naruto exclaims.

Ichigo sighs, "Only you, Naruto. Only you." Ichigo sends a glare at the girl, "I call bullshit! I don't believe you for a second!" Ichigo said pointing to her.

Door opens, "Ichigo can you and Naruto stop making such a ruckus."

Ichigo stared at his father, "Only me and Naruto? Otou-san you're telling me you don't see anyone else in the room?" Ichigo question his father.

Isshin gave his son a blank look, "Am I suppose too? Anyway, just keep the noise down!" Isshin said before slamming the door.

Ichigo looked back at Rukia, "Ok. I believe you, but why are you here?" Ichigo asked the Shinigami.

Rukia pulls out a cellphone, "That's the thing. I was following the presence of a hollow around this area but it suddenly disappeared." Rukia was about to continue but a piercing scream interrupted the conservation.ō

"Ichigo! Naruto! Help! Som-...Something just attacked Otou-san!" Karin screamed

Rukia looked down at her cellphone, "Its's the Hollow, you guys stay up here. It's to dangerous for mere humans" Rukia stated

Ignoring Rukia, Naruto runs out the door, Ichigo following him turns back and screamed, "You think we're just going to sit around and let some monster attack our family with out fighting!"

Naruto shook his head in agreement, "I with Ichigo all the way! If this thing thinks it can attack us without a fight, then it has another thing coming!" Both he and Ichigo grab a baseball bat respectively.

Rukia sighed, "I can't let you both do this." Pointing a finger at them Rukia shouts, "Bakudō Sho: Sai( Way of binding One: Restrain)!"

Immediately Naruto and Ichigo's locked up and they couldn't move, "Let us go can't you see we have to help our family!" Ichigo yelled.

As the twin tried in vain to regain control over their body Rukia scoffed, "It's impossible for you to break your bindings. Just give u-" Rukia eyes widen in shock as Naruto started to rise to his feet, Ichigo not far behind. "They're just normal humans how can they be fighting a Kidō spell, even if it's the weakest it should be impossible." Rukia thought to herself.

"Ahhhh, that's better. Ichigo, lets go!" Naruto shouts as he and Ichigo get back to their feets and run out of the house.

"Wait! Don't go out there." Rukia shouted following them outside.

Naruto and Ichigo's eyes darted around around trying to locate the crearure that attacking them. When there eyes actually find it the wished they hadn't. It was at least 20 ft tall and had a long muscled grotesque body with a skull-like mask on its face. The hollow's eyes locks on them and lets out a piercing roar, "RWAAAAAAARRRRRRRR"

Naruto and Ichigo take a step back, fear overcoming them, "I...I knew she said they were monster but...but I didn't expect them to be like this." Naruto said fearfully.

Ichigo nodded his head in agreement, "This is unreal." Naruto examines the monster and sees a figure in its hand. Close examination of the figure identifies it as being Yuzu. Naruto screamed at his his brother, "Ichigo! Its got Yuzu! Look at its hand."

Ichigo looks at the monster holding his sister lets out a battle cry and begins running straight for it. His anger blinded him from the claw coming straight for him. Naruto and Rukia catches the action and begins to running after him. Just as it was about to hit him, Naruto and Rukia push him out the way. Naruto screams in agony as his body receives the brunt of the attack and rukia right arm is broken in multiple places. Naruto's body suddenly slumps and he falls over. Rukia checks his plse with her good doesn't find none.

Ichigo in shock asked "Is...is going to be okay?" bile beginning to rise in his throat.

Rukia turn her head "Do you want to save your family?"

The question broke Ichigo out of his stupor, "What?"

"I said, do you want to save your?" Rukia repeated herself.

Ichigo looked at her in desperation, "Yes, I'll do anything to save them. Just tell me what I need to do." Ichigo pleaded.

Rukia holds up her sword, "Stab yourself through the heart with my Zanpakutō it will transform you into a Shinigami. There's a chance you might die. Are you still sure of this?" Rukia questioned

Ichigo nods his head and without hesitation thrust the blade through heart. A blinding overtakes everything, Rukia closes her eyes because the light was to blinding. Opening her eyes, she is shocked to see Ichigo in Shinigami uniform with a huge Zanpakutō hefted over his shoulders,"I've never seen a Zanpakutō that big before and his Reiatsu is off the charts." Rukia thought to herself. Unseen by both of them, some of the energy started to trailed being absorbed by Naruto's body.



Naruto opens eyes, "Where...where am I?" Naruto says as he looked around. Looking up there was not a cloud in the. He looked down he appeared to be standing on top of some kind of platform. Behind was a weird building that had an hours glass on it. Naruto runs to the edge and almost fell over it. Looking down all Naruto saw was the blue of the ocean.

"It seems you've finally arrived, me and "#$%&* have been waited forever for you to show up" a voice said

Naruto quickly turns around and is greeted by a man in his early 20s with black spiky hair that went in all directions. He was wearing and Orange Gi with a blue undershirt and blue and orange boots. He also wore blue wristbands and his body was really toned as ripping muscle was shown all over him. "Who...who are you?" Naruto asked the strange dressing man.

The man gave a cheery laugh, "My name's #! *&%^, and I'm your Zanpakutō spirit."

Naruto gave him a puzzled look, "I didn't catch your name, and my what?"

The spirit head leans to the side, "It seems you're not ready to hear our names yet. Just call me Gohan for the moment. As for your other question, I 'm a spirit that resides in your Zanpakutō turning you into a Shinigami like that girl."

Naruto's eyes sparkled, "So, I got super powers now?"

'Gohan' shrugged, "Pretty much." Suddenly his eyes became seriously, "Do you want to save your family?" 'Gohan asked as a screen appeared behind him showing Ichigo fighting the Hollow.

Naruto looked surprised, "Ichigo has powers too? But how?" Naruto questioned 'Gohan'

'Gohan' elaborated, "He receive them form that girl Shinigami after it attacked you. Now answer my question are you willing to do anything for your family?"

Resolve appeared in Naruto's eyes, "Yes! I willing to anything! Even fight the devil himself!" Naruto roared with conviction.

'Gohan' smiled, "Yep #$%^& going to like this kid I can tell." "Grab my hand, I will lend you my strength, just never give up on your beliefs."

Naruto nodded his head in determination and grabs his hand. Naruto body goes hot as inimaginable power courses through his veins, then everything goes white.


Ichigo is engaging the Hollow when a sudden spike of Reiatsu cause him to turn around. Ichigo eyes widen at what he's seeing. Following Ichigo's gaze, Rukia turns around and becomes as equally shocked as Ichigo. For standing behind them was Naruto, as he was a SHINIGAMI.

Naruto grabs the huge broadsword off his back and hold it up in front of his face, examining his blade.

Rukia stares at him in shock, "His Reiatsu levels are huge even more than his brothers." Rukia thought.

Taking attention away from his blade he looks up to see Ichigo and Rukia worse for wear staring at him, "Take a rest guys, I'll handle this." Naruto said as he begins walking towards the Hollow. Ichigo and Rukia could only shake their heads as Naruto stops right in front of the Hollow. "RRRRRWWWWAAARRR!" The Hollow roared, Naruto looked seemingly unaffected at the Hollow.

"Is that all?" Naruto said blankly.

The Hollow Growled and sent a claw at Naruto. Rukia seeing shouted , "Naruto, LOOK OUT!"

Naruto caught the claw easily in his left hand pushed it back, "It's my turn now, Lets see how do now that we're on an even playing field. Naruto suddenly blurred out of existence and appeared behind the Hollow with his sword still out stretched. The Hollow roared as its body burst into spirit particles.

Naruto turned around and send Ichigo and Rukia a foxy grin, "THAT'S GAME!"

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