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Kurosaki Naruto: Soul of a Warrior

Chapter 4: Battle Royale!


Ichigo's eyebrow rose in annoyance, "What kind of shit are you spoutin' Ishida?"

Uryuu adjusted his glasses at what seemed to be the hundredth time for that day, "Not of the sort, I just want to have a challenge of sorts..."

Naruto decided to hop in to the conservation at that moment, "What kind of challenge?"

Uryuu glanced at Naruto in mild interest before addressing his question, "To see who're stronger Shinigami or Quincy..."

Naruto gave him a blank stare, " You're challenging me and Ichigo, who have had are powers for less than a month, while you have had yours for Kami knows long and actually expect this to be an accurate depiction of the strength of Shinigami compared to Quincy? Not to mention that while you've probably been training with your free time, me and my brother have just been killing hollows with no room for training(Well maybe not me, but he doesn't need to know that. Shishishishi!), and then you challenge us to a competition of YOUR choice and expect us to have a winning shot?"

The roof became silent at Naruto's proclamation, before Naruto's next words shattered it, "Where do I sign up?" A foxy grin broke off across his face

Everyone but Naruto fell back anime style into to the ground, prompting Naruto to rub the back of his head sheepishly, "What I say?"

Ichigo got back up and sighed, "Only you, Naruto...Only you."

Uryuu just re-fix the position of his glasses, trying to shake off Naruto's clairvoyant statement, "So Kurosaki Ichigo, do you also accept?"

Ichigo sighed as he put his forehead into his palm, "Someone has to keep this baka out of trouble...Meh, I won't like it, but I'll do it."

"Absolutely not!" Rukia reprimanded them.

"I'll will not stand idly by as you two put your lives on the line for something so childish!"

Ichigo's eye twitched as he pointed accusingly at Rukia, "Cut it with the Bull shit \! You're only saying that because Naruto's part of it, if it was just me you would be encouraging to go along with it!"

A tinge of red stained Rukia's cheeks as she turned her head out of their vision, "I have know idea what you're talking about!"

As Ichigo and Rukia began their bickering, Naruto turned to Uryuu, "So? Uryuu..." a slight cringe is seen in Uryuu's eye at Naruto's informality, "When does this competition star and what is it anyway?'

"After school and Hollow killing..."

"Well, see you then, I have to stop them before it gets out of hand. May the best man win!...Ruki-chan1 Don't beat him to badly! I don't won't my dad to start beating on me just because Ichigo's in the hospital!"

"Well fuck you Naruto!" Ichigo manage to get out through the beating and screams of pain.

Ahh, another school day in the life and times of Kurosaki Naruto.

After School- Roof

Naruto, Rukia, and Ichigo are seen standing on the roof, staring at the boy across it. The boy, who happened to be Uryuu, reached in his coat pocket and pulled out a dark ball looking object no bigger than a jawbreaker.

Rukia eyes widen, "Is that-"

Naruto gave a glance in Rukia's direction, "What is that thing Ruki-chan?

A slight blush appeared on Rukia face before she answered Naruto's question, " I don't how he got his hands on it, but that is hollow bait, use to attract hollows during training session at the Shinigami Academy."

Ichigo became flabbergasted at that and stared at Uryuu's as if he was insane, "Are you FUCKING out of your mind? There's already enough of these fuckers running around as is, but you want to increase that number just for a silly competition?"

Naruto began hoping from one foot to the other as he swiftly punch the air in front of him, a huge grin on his face, "More than usual you say? Yahoo! I'm getting excited! I've been itching for a challenge for awhile now as these small fry hollows are not cutting it! Hurry up and what you got to do Uryuu! Dattebayo!"

Ichigo stared at Naruto wide-eyed before turning to Rukia with a glare, "I've been meaning to say this, but what the fuck did your powers do to my brother, not saying he wasn't always hyperactive, but this is getting ridiculous!"

Rukia just ignored him in favor of admiring Naruto, Ichigo's eye twitched before he sighed, "Tis' the life of a side character... To be ignored... Fuck that! You can't take over my story Naruto, you already have your own!"

Naruto turned to Ichigo giving him a blank stare, "So? I got bored with mine, to much shit about the cycle of hatred, fuck that! This isn't your story, if I remember this is called Kurosaki Naruto, not Kurosaki Ichigo, so shut up and buckle your seat-belt in the back of the bus while I stay in the driver's seat!"

Rukia let out a cough, " Guys, I think its time to stop breaking the Fourth Wall and get on with the story, there are people dying to know what's happening."

"Finally, I thought this drama would go on forever..." Every stared at Uryuu as if he just arrived.

"Now, then the rules are simple, the person who kills the most hollows are pronounce the champion.."

Naruto gave a chuckle, " So we're basically playing 'King of the Hill'?"

"If that's the way you like to think of it. Sure." With that said, Uryuu crushed the dark pellet in his hand, releasing a miasma towards the sky before it suddenly disperse in the atmosphere.

A sweatdropped appeared on the back of Naruto's head, "That's a let down, I expected something...I don't know..more explosive?"

"Regardless of presentation, it still does the job it was meant to do... The competition starts in 3...2...1...Go!" With that Uryuu blurred out if existence, leaving the Trio by themselves.

A frown marred Naruto's face, "No fair! He didn't even wait for me and Ichigo to transform! Hurry up, Ruki-chan before he gets to far away!" Rukia sighed and reached into her book-bag before pulling out her Soul Glove(I have no idea what's it called) and slam it into Ichigo's body harshly, rocketing his Soul over the roof almost causing him to fall over, she calmly walked towards Naruto, before using as little force as possible to eject Naruto from his body.

"Here I go! Later Ruki-chan!" Naruto cried as he ran full speed towards where he felt hollow Reiatsu amassing.

Ichigo just sent Rukia a glare as she kept an innocent look on her face, "You know, if you weren't a girl I'll hit you."

Rukia gave Ichigo a smirk, "Lucky I don't have such a restriction Ichi-baka."

A grin grew on Ichigo's face, "Maybe, but at least I have powers!" With that Ichigo also blurred away, not giving Rukia a chance to process what he said.


"Die you Temes! Dattebayo!" Naruto shouted as he engage a group of hollows, he blurred between their ranks like a bolt of lightning, taking out 5 hollow per slash of his sword.

A hollow appeared before Naruto, it roared before sending it sharp as knives claws towards Naruto's body, only for him to disappear in the last second, appearing above it, "Too slow!" Naruto yelled out before delivering a slash from head to waist, severing the hollow in half before it disappeared in a flash of light, " 22! Alright, I'm going to win this for sure!"

Naruto is snapped out his self praise, by what looked to be an army of hollows, all staring at him with a hungry gaze, Naruto pointed his right hand at them, "Oi! You temes want some too? Who am I to deny you? Time to take it up a notch! Kaoiken!" A brilliant red aura burst around Naruto's form, feeling him with power, before he blurred out of existence and reappeared behind the whole army of hollows, sword still outstretched.

The hollows let out a pained roar as over 1/3 of the army had been wiped out with that one attack, bursting into millions of little particles, Naruto turn towards them, a grin growing on his face, "Who's next?"


Ichigo use his humongous Zanpakutō as a batting ram as he tore through the hordes of hollows that didn't seemed to have a end in sight, "Last time I volunteer for a challenge!"

Out of nowhere a fist smashes into Ichigo sending him crashing through an Office building, smashing his body into a filing cabinet. Ichigo painfully extracted his body from the wrecked cabinet before exiting the giant hole that was smashed by his body.

Looking for the culprit of the sneak attack, Ichigo found what seemed to be a Hollow laughing its ass off at Ichigo's misery, Ichigo's Reiatsu appeared around in waves as he focus his anger onto the Hollow causing it to stop laughing, "Why you little teme! I KILL YOU!"

The Hollow seeing as it couldn't face such a strong opponent ran with its tail between its leg, Ichigo following in heavy pursuit, competition forgotten in sake of revenging, "Get back here and die like whatever the fuck you are!"


Rukia sighed form her perch on top of a tall building as she watch Ichigo comically chase after the Hollow who by some stroke of luck remain out of his grasps, sadly the Hollows in his way were destroyed before they could even blink, "Well at least he doing something productive... Time to see how the Quincy's doing."


"This is getting quite annoying..." Uryuu was an intelligent individual, that's why instead of huge amounts, he used the bare minimum of Hollow bait to attract fairly decent amount of Hollows, not this. That little should not have been able to something this many Hollows at once.

Uryuu turned his Kojaku to the left before letting a blue arrow that struck a Hollow from his blind-spot trying to sneak up behind him.

"No matter.. I will not lose to Shinigami...Especially not those imbecile Kurosakis." With renewed vigor, Uryuu began shooting arrows left and right, eliminating Hollows by the dozen.


Naruto was now up to Kaioken 2x trying to keep up with these Hollows, it was no that they were too strong, it was that there seemed to be an infinite amount of them, and it was slowly waring our hero down, but Naruto didn't seem to care in the least, to content at feeling the euphoria of battle, "Keep coming! Don't Stop! Dattebayo! Kaioken 2.5x(just made that up, it should be possible) The crimson torrent of power grew even stronger around his form and seemed to lash out at any stray Hollow he missed during his rampage, "Come on! Give me more!" Naruto screamed as his battle lust grew out of control causing his baser instincts to take control, "Show me my capacity!"

1 hour later

Naruto, Ichigo, and Uryuu fought their way to the center of the epidemic where wraith-like portals appeared in the sky.

Naruto glance towards his battle weary comrades, "Oi! I'm at 570! Where you at?"

Ichigo gave him a smug smirk, "I'm at 523, but I'm happy I'm manage to catch that slippery bastard."

Uryuu frowned as he heard there answers, "I'm at 480 myself..."

"Ha! We kicked your ass and more importantly I won! Dattebayo!" Naruto said as he did a victory dance.

Glancing at the sky, a ghost of a grin appeared on Uryuu's face, "I'm afraid it just begun.."

The portals in the sky suddenly opened up revealing 2 hulking beast that looked to be made of shadows, like Hollow they also possess a mask on their face, but had a pointy Pinocchio noise with it and a metal-spiked collar around their robe-like neck.

The creatures gave off an earth-shattering screech causing the whole area to shake as if a earthquake hit, Without warning Rukia appeared out of nowhere an ran beside their prone forms, "Naruto, Ichigo, and Quincy! You can't engage that Hollow! It's a Menos Grande and its way out of your league!"

Naruto, Ichigo, and Uryuu all shared a glance before Naruto said, "All for making that thing worth a 1000 points?"

Ichigo gave off a prideful smirk, " I feelin' good today, I'm up for it!"

Uryuu noded curtly, "So am I.."

Rukia's eye twitched in disbelief, "Did you not here what I said its impossible for you guys to beat the-"

A red haze overtakes everything as one of the Menos charges a red ball in front of its mouth, it shone down ominously on everything prepared to destroy anything that gets in its way.

Fear grasped Rukia's heart as she recognized the attack, "Oh no! That's a Cero! We're done for!"

Uryuu deciding to take action before the beast launched its ball of destruction, charged up all of his leftover Reiatsu into one arrow, "I only have one shot..." Uryuu released the Reiatsu-filled arrow towards the Menos charging the Cero, the arrow flew through the air at mach speeds before it connected and denoted upon hitting the sphere.

Uryuu smiled at the defeat of the Menos before turning back towards the twins and Rukia, "Well, I believe that's my victory..."

Suddenly the area is taking over by a brilliant red glow again and this time it seem fiercer did before, Uryuu eyes widen as he turn back and saw the Menos he thought he destroyed intact and look as pissed as ever.

"Well, it seems you made him mad." Ichigo stated blankly.

"Guess its my turn. Here goes!" Ichigo crouched down before he jumped as high as he can towards the Menos charging the Cero, soaring through the air like a missile.

"What's wrong with him? Is he crazy?" Rukia all but shouted.

Naruto gave her a grin, "Nah, he's just plain old Ichigo!"

Right before the Menos released it reign of destruction down , Ichigo sailed in front of the malevolent energy and use his Zanpakutō as a baseball bat and rammed the Reiatsu back into the Menos mouth causing it to implode on itself, with that done Ichigo felled back towards the Earth, only to be caught last minute by Naruto.

Rukia and Uryuu looked at Ichigo wide-eyed, "He mange to defeat the Menos, even when I could not...Just how strong are these two."

Seeing its comrade dye caused the one remaining Menos to screech in anger before it too began charging up is on Cero, this one looking more powerful than the other by 10-fold.

"I guess its my turn.."

"No are you crazy do you sense the amount of Reiatsu coming off that Menos? It's a suicide mission."

"Naruto, I agree with Rukia, that's stronger than the one I took on b a huge amount!"

"So what? Am I suppose to sit here and watch us be destroyed just because something is stronger than me? No! I'll never give up! That's my Shingami Nindo!"

Naruto crouched his body and cupped his hands, he also began chanting the Kido, he would become famous for, "KAAAAAaaaaa...MEEEEEEEeeeeee!"

A ball of azure Reiatsu began to grow in Naruto's hands. The Menos completed its Cero before it release its power sending it to the earth below, "HAAAAAAaaaaa...MEEEEEEEeeeee!"

The blue glow overtook half of Naruto's body and only seemed to grow in intensity.

Uryuu looked at Naruto in fascination, "What power... To think he possess this much Reiatsu..."

"Come on, Naruto! Don't let us down! I would be helping you, but I'm to wiped out."

"To think that a human could possess this much energy...He may actually be able to win.."

Right before the Cero seemed eminent, Naruto threw his cupped hands forward and let out a roar,"HAAAAAaaaaaa!" A huge blue beam rocketed forth, connecting with the Cero and began fighting for dominance.

The Cero was rapidly advancing due to the Menos packing more Reiatsu into its attack.

"Kaioken 3x!" Naruto screamed as the Blazing inferno once again made its presence around Naruto's form, boosting his already amazing power. The two beams seemed to stabilize at a sort of midpoint, with one struggling to hold back the other, seeing no other way to win, Naruto decided to give it his all, regardless of consequence, "I'm sorry Go-sensei. I know I said I wouldn't use it, but I have to."

"AAAAAAHHH! Kaioken 4x! The blazing red aura around Naruto grew to epic proportions, its new powered double the size of Naruto's already large attack, causing it burst through the Menos far to inefficient attack, colliding directly with the Menos obliterating it into nothingness as the whole world goes up in a flash of white light.

When the light dies down, thew weird portals that were once in the sky fade from existence and the sky reverts to its original color.

Naruto corked his head to the side staring at the shocked trio looking at him in amazement, "I guess that means I won. Ne?" these were Naruto's last words before his world goes black.


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