Inner Strength
By: M14Mouse
Summary: Carol is getting bullied by the locals. Her big brother isn't going to stay by and do nothing.
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H/C Bingo prompt: Bullying

Carol hummed softly as she picked up the book from the shelf. Once they got into town, they have gone their separate ways. Some went to the inn to rest, some went to have their ARMs checked but her….she went to the bookstore. Her fingers run along the cover then she opened the book. She could smell the aged paper and ink.

Books made her so happy.

She could spend hours and hours among these pages.

She went over to the book store owner and paid for the book. They had a lot of money for supplies from all of the monsters that they had killed. Dean did say that she could get something for herself.

Her big brother was awesome like that.

She put her new book into her book bag and headed toward the inn where the others are staying.

That is when she ran right into someone.


She looked up at the boy. He was about her age. He looked a little angry. She had no clue why. She just ran into him.

"I….I am soo sorry," She said as she bowed.

"You better be! Do you know who I am?"

She blinked as she looked up.


"I am the major's son!"

She blinked. She wondered why that was so important.


"And since you hit me, you need to pay for damages. Your book bag will do," the boy said as he reached over and pulled her bag.

"That is mine!"

"No! Not anymore!"

The taller boy grinned as he held her bag over her head.

"I would put that down if I was you."

She turned around to see Dean behind the guy. The boy turned around and blinked at her big brother.

"What are you going to do about it?"

She watched Dean and the boy. She bit her lower lip. Dean didn't look too happy. He looked at the boy like he looked the bad guys. In blink of an eye, Dean's ARMs appeared in his hands. The boy's mouth dropped as he started at Dean.

"Well?" Dean said calmly.

"I….I was just playing," the boy said.

"Well give back the bag and say you are sorry."

The boy nodded his head and turned around. He handled back her bag. She took it and hugged it to her chest.

"I…I am sorry."


The boy glanced over his shoulder to look at Dean. He just nodded his head. The boy seemed relieved.

"I….I have to go. BYE!" The boy said as he took off.

"Are you okay, Carol?"

"I am okay…It just…why was the guy picking on me?"

"It was because you are shorter than him. He thought that he could get away with it."

"I hate being short."

Dean smiled slightly and touched her shoulders.

"You may get a little bigger but I know that you are smart enough to get out any situation. I know that your book bag packs quite a punch. You were watching out for the people in the town, right?"

She smiled as she picked up her book bag and put it over her shoulders.


"Now, how about some crushed ice? I heard the lady at the inn was making some."


He offered his hand and she took it.

She had one awesome big brother.


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