For months now, Yugi and Ryou had been going out. In school they had to act indifferent to each other however, due to the enemy natures of the groups they hung out with. Ryou's group was so violent and hateful while Yugi's group was kind and friendly. Their friends would never approve. But whenever they saw each other in the hall they'd bump shoulders and shove notes into each other's hands. This kept their affection for each other unknown to the public but ongoing with each other.

Unfortunately one day, Bakura happened to notice the small pink note crumpled in Ryou's hand and snatched it away from him, "What do we have here? In trouble with the school, Ryou? 'Bout bloody time." He spoke while uncrumpling it to read. Ryou panicked and dove at him to try and steal the note back.

"I-It's nothing, I found it in my locker, I was just about to throw it out!"

Bakura kept Ryou pushed away as he read the little stolen note. His smirk and laughter faded as he read on and soon, Ryou had quieted down as well. A minute or so later, after Bakura looked up from the note he glanced at Ryou and ruffled his hair, "Don't worry. We'll keep that faggot away from you."

There was no way Ryou could admit that he had been writing notes like that in return. He'd get himself beat up for it. So he only watched helplessly as Bakura threw the note away and trudged off to find his group.

Some time during the lunch period, Ryou tugged Yugi into a stall in the boy's bathroom to kiss him passionately. He was afraid to tell Yugi his painful fate but he figured the tears streaming down his face were hint enough. Not a single word was exchanged after Yugi had calmed Ryou down and as he left the bathroom to eat lunch with his group.

After school came and the only person to join Ryou on his walk home was his worry. He prayed to himself that Yugi wasn't so stupid that he would to try and walk home alone. Ryou knew that even though TK, Malik and Bakura were the toughest kids in school, Joey, Tristan and Duke could try distract them long enough for him to escape. 'Ah, who am I kidding? Yugi's a fool! He wouldn't let his friends get hurt over him…' Ryou was starting to regret not speaking up. He didn't want to lose Yugi…he meant so much to him. Why couldn't his friends accept that being gay was just…normal? And that if he loved Yugi then maybe they'd have a bigger group and more friends to stick up for. Strength in numbers, right?

Ryou couldn't help tearing up a bit and hugging himself as he slipped into the shadows to take the long way home.

What meant more to him? Being accepted and having friends? Or being hated and having a lover?

Ryou shook his head. He knew it was already too late to pick his answer.