A/N: This is something that's been sitting on a USB for a couple of months, figured I'd put it up. A little one-shot phone conversationg of one of my favorite pairings :D. Anyhow, hope you enjoy reading it! [I certainly enjoyed writing it! :) ]


"Oh, you're home."

"It's 2 a.m. Were you expecting me to be somewhere else?"

"I dunno. You could have been doing last minute shopping…or something…"



"Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me."

"You know you love it."

"What, your stupidity? Definitely not."

"Well, you love me."

"Yes, I suppose I do."

"No need to sound so enthused."


"So, anyway, I wanted to ask you something."

"I'm not springing you out of jail at 2 in the morning."

"Huh? Who said anything about jail?"

"Last time you called this early was because you got arrested for drunk driving."

"Oh, right, I forgot about that."

"You forgot about being arrested?"


"Remind me why I love you?"

"It's obviously my undeniable charm, my winning personality, and my dashing good looks."


"Perhaps just my winning personality?"

"You're lucky you're pretty, or I probably would have kicked you out by now."

"You wound me!"

"Good. Now then, I believe you had a question to ask?"

"…I forgot…"

"Okay, freak shows over, I'm going to bed!"



"…I love you…"

"…Love you, too."

(A couple of minutes later)

"All right, whoever the hell this is, you'd better have a damn good reason for calling at two in the fucking morning, or I'm going to hunt you down and murder you with a spoon!"



"…I remembered my question…"

"Oh, it's you."

"Yeah. Has anyone ever told you that you're scary at two in the morning?"

"Strangely enough, no, as no one else has deemed it necessary to call me at this fucking ungodly hour. Now about that question…"

"Ah, yes, I was just wondering, do we have any mayonnaise in the fridge?"



"I'm hanging up now, Yami."

"But I really want to know!"

"I don't know, and I'm definitely not getting out of bed to check."




"No! Now go to bed!"

"Fine, but know that I'll be pouting the rest of the night."

"Ooh, I'm quaking in my boots."

"You wear boots to bed?"

"…You never cease to amaze me."

"Thank you?"

"…You're welcome. Now go to sleep!"

"Fine. 'Night Bakura!"

"Good night. And if you ever call me this late again, I may actually murder you with a spoon. Love you!"

"…Love you, too."

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