"You know it's mating season again right Diego?" Sid said wiggling his eyebrows. "I know when mating season is Sid I'm not stupid" I snapped. "So are we gonna see any baby Diego's soon?" Sid asked. "Only if she's ready" I said. "Besides Sid Rose is too weak to mate right now" Manny said. "I guess you're right" Sid said. "Let's not worry about that right now Rose will get better soon let's just get some sleep" Ellie said. Peaches cuddled up in between Manny and Ellie. I looked at the two happy parents and their calf and wondered what it was gonna be like to be a parent.

A few months later after Rosalie and Diego mated

Rosalie's POV: "So when do you think the baby will come?" Ellie asked. "I don't know it's been a few months so it should be coming soon" I replied. "Like how soon?" Crash asked. "She doesn't know Crash" Manny said. Soon I felt a pain in my stomach. "Ahh" I cried as I fell to the ground. "ROSALIE!" Diego said. "Diego we have to find somewhere to rest so Rose can have the baby" Ellie said. Lucky for us there was a cave not too far ahead. Manny and Ellie went to collect some leaves to make a bed so I wouldn't have to lay on the cold hard ground. When they finally made up the bed Diego helped me lay down and laid down next to me. "Just breath Rose you can do this" Diego said. After a lot of pushing I heard a small cry. "It's a girl" Ellie cried out in joy. Ellie gently placed my daughter closer to me and I began to clean her off. Once she was all clean Diego came over and nuzzled me. "She's beautiful Rose what's her name?" Ellie asked. "Well Diego and I thought that maybe you guys could help us out with the name" I said.