Ok October Road fan fiction fans – I am very new to this so please bare with me – I did not create any of these characters I just love them – I am dedicating this story to my friends, The Happy Donut and Hookedonfanfic's for encouraging me to write this story – I hope you like it. This is my take on how Janet and Eddie found their way back to each other.

(This story begins during the season finale of season 2 of October Road where Eddie and Janet are together in his hospital room and she has just confessed to her night with Rooster. Eddie has just screamed at Janet to find some place to rot and that he is rejecting her. She goes to Hannah's engagement party and tries to pretend that everything is ok but deep down she knows that it is not and never will be again. )

Janet finds herself at home after leaving Hannah's party and feeling as though she has made a complete mess of her life. She told Hannah that Eddie had forgiven her but that was not true. Instead he was so upset and enraged that he told her to rot and he was most definitely rejecting her. She could not believe what a mess her life had become. How do you go from so completely happy to so completely devastated in one night? She knew one thing was for sure that she could not remain in Knight's Ridge. She could not face Eddie being so angry and hurt by what she had done and she most definitely could not deal with Rooster and the ultimate betrayal of their friendship. How could he have taken advantage of her during such an emotional and drunken state, she thought?

Any way she tried to rationalize it there was just no way she could go back to the life she had before Eddie. As she started to pack her things, she thought of all the fun times she had with Eddie and how their relationship had grown. As she packed her suitcase and fumbled through her dresser drawers she came across that most favored football jersey that made Eddie infamous in Knight's Ridge. She knew that she should give it back but she just couldn't bring herself to do so. As if it was an involuntary action, she threw it in her bag and finished packing all the things she felt she needed. She decided she would not tell anyone that she was leaving except Sully. She packed her Jeep, covered her furniture and secured everything in the house as she knew she would be gone for a very long time.

As she looked back at her house she didn't quite know what the future held for her or when she would be able to return to her house but she knew deep down she was doing the right thing. She headed down the road and made the very familiar turns to the one place that had always brought her some happiness, Sully's. She knew that she had to have the most difficult conversation with Sully that she had ever had and she wasn't sure if he would understand but she had grown to love Sully and was very upset that she was going to be leaving him so out of the blue. There was hardly anyone in Sully's except a few regulars. Janet walked in and saw him right away. As usual he turned around and flashed her that famous smile.

"Hey Sully."

"Janet…good to see you…how that's boy of yours…is he getting better?"

"Yeah about that…Eddie and I are no longer together…"

"What? What happened? This doesn't have anything to do with Rory…"

"No, Sully it has to do with us…Eddie and me…but that is why I came in here tonight…I need to let you know that I am moving out of the Ridge…I won't be able to work here anymore…"

"When are you leaving? I just don't understand what is happening Janet…"

"I am leaving tonight Sully and I know that you are going to be upset with me and I am sure I am not making any sense right now but I just can't stay here…I can't explain it now but know I just need to get away from here and figure out what went wrong in my life and try to figure out what to do with the rest of it…I screwed up big time and right now I just feel…..lost"

"I just don't understand Janet. You and Eddie were so happy I just don't understand what could possibly have happened…you are my best bartender I don't know if this town can survive without you but if you are sure that this is what you have to do then you know I'll support you…I may not like it but you do what you need to do and remember that you will always have a place here at Sully's when you decide to come home."

"Thanks Sully…you have always been so good to me…I feel terrible leaving you like this but I just can't stay here…not now."

"Where will you go Janet?"

"I don't exactly know I haven't figured that out just yet but I will keep in touch Sully I promise."

With that, Janet gave Sully a hug and walked out the front door. She turned around in the parking lot and looked back at the bar, smiled to herself and got into her Jeep. She headed out of Knight's Ridge and as she looked in the rearview mirror tears began to stream down her face. The one place she knew would give her some clarity as to what to do next was the one place where there were people who loved her no matter what mistakes she's made…so she settled in for the long drive to Providence to visit her grandparents.