Chapter 54:

"Where's Aiden?" Janet says trying to figure out what to say next.

"I just layed him down he fell asleep…can we please talk about this?" Eddie says somewhat annoyed.

"Yeah I think we should but lets at least go and sit on the patio I don't want Aiden to be in there alone." She said beginning to walk back.

Eddie just stands there a second some what stunned that she just turned to walk away. So many things are going through his mind…

They reach the patio and Janet looks in on Aiden and he is fast asleep. She grabs a blanket and wraps it around her shoulders before she returns to the patio. She sits down on the chair and waits for Eddie to sit as well.

Janet speaks first. "I think we do need to talk about I don't think you get me at all Eddie. When it comes to Rory you always assume it is insecurity that drives my decisions but that is not true." She says looking at Eddie. He looks at her briefly and says "maybe your right, I don't understand why you react the way you do." He says somewhat frustrated.

"When you kissed Rory you said to me later on when we talked about that incident that you wanted me to stop and confront you and "kick your ass" I believe you said so in this situation I did just that Eddie. I came into the shop after sitting and watching you hug her and let that hug linger. I asked you what was going on and you responded to me like I was the person who was in the wrong in that situation. You reacted with anger in your voice and it felt like you were so unhappy that I would even ask you what you were doing as if I should be ok with it just because I am your wife and I know you love me. It has nothing to do with those things Eddie. I am not as insecure as I once was but I feel like you think of me that way. I was angry Eddie and I felt like BECAUSE I am your wife and you love me that you would have enough RESPECT for me to treat Rory that way. I feel like every time Rory shows up you chose to 'defend' her when it comes to me as if I am in the wrong. I don't feel that you should have any type of relationship with her out of RESPECT for me. There I said it. I know that upsets you in some way but that is just it I don't know why it should?" Janet says if she finally released this weight on her showers and was now looking down on her hands at the wedding ring and ring that Eddie gave her the day Aiden was born as if to remember the happy times.

Eddie looked at her and didn't respond right away. Her words were swirling around his brain like a tornado. "out of RESPECT for me…BECAUSE I am your wife…." He thought to himself, "I am a jerk aren't I…I have been so focused on her past insecurities I didn't even see that she was looking to me to reaffirm our relationship when Rory came around I didn't do that…I pushed her aside and defended this literally non –relationship with Rory…I should never have said what I said to Janet…God I am an idiot."

Eddie looked up to say some thing to Janet but then she spoke again…

"Eddie I know that in the past I have had a lot of insecurities that I have had to face and deal with but when I was gone all those months in Hope I came to terms with a lot of things. I don't have those same insecurities now. When I said yes to marrying you and then "I do" there were no more insecurities Eddie there was me and you. I know that it has been very difficult with Aiden and his colick and all the struggles we have faced but the problem was not me being insecure about myself the problem was we stopped working together and talking to each other. What hurt the most for me Eddie was that when I walked into the shop that night you were willing to defend her being there and this hug you were obviously enjoying but you weren't willing to defend me and our relationship. You were willing to stay and talk to Rory about our relationship and what you were unhappy about but you weren't willing to stop me from leaving and talk to me about our relationship…that isn't my insecurity Eddie that is your choices and the fact that once again you put her first before me, your wife…that is why I was angry and that is why when I saw her number I got angry…when are you going to stop putting Rory before me? When is that going to happen Eddie? Is it ever going to happen?" she said more calmly than he had ever heard her say anything.

Eddie sat there as tears began to form in his eyes. She was right…in that moment he knew every word she said she was right. He didn't have an answer for her though because he didn't know why he did that or that he was doing that until right then. He thought, "what a fool you are Latekka!"

Eddie got up and he went to kneel in front of Janet. He placed his head in her lap and Janet was a little taken a back. There was something on his face that Janet had not seen before…a vulnerability or a feeling of remorse maybe that he was so overcome with that he was having a hard time speaking in that moment. She could feel a slight silent sob come from him and she knew that he heard her.

Eddie looked up at Janet with tears in his eyes and his face and spoke so softly, " Janet I get what you are trying to say and I am so very sorry for how you felt that night. You are right I did ask you to confront me if ever needed to and you did this time. You could have walked away not knowing the situation but you didn't and I just completely blew you off. I don't have a reason for why it is that I do this but I am going to tell you right now that it will NEVER happen again. You are right Janet you are my wife and my family is the most important thing to me…I should have had that conversation with you not Rory…I should have asked Rory to leave and talked with you…I am so sorry Janet for not seeing what was right in front of my face. Never again…." He drifted off and once again layed his head in her lap wrapping his arms around her waist so tightly as if he was hanging on for dear life.

Janet now had tears in her eyes because she knew he heard her and finally understood her feeling about Rory. He finally understood why she left and felt so hurt by his actions. It wasn't what he said to her it was what he didn't say. She knew that no matter what happened now that Eddie would be there for her and with her regardless of the circumstances because he finally got what it was to be a husband and a father but a partner and a friend. She felt this overwhelming sense of calm come over her. It had been a long road for these two but she finally felt like they were one and would now be able to make it work in their relationship and their family. She lifted his head and he had a somewhat terrified look on his face. She simply smiled slightly and opened her arms to wrap the blanket around them both. A small gesture but one that told Eddie with no words that she understood what he said and she was opening herself to him once again except this time it came with a whole different outlook of the future. He smiled slightly as well and once again placed his head in her lap but this time when he put his arms around her waist it was under the blanket and she wrapped her arms around him covering them both with the blanket and that is where they stayed once again reaffirming their bond that now that they truly understood one another would never be broken by anyone especially Rory.

The next day Eddie and Janet spent the day walking around the town and Janet was showing Eddie all the places that Aiden and her found the first day they were there. They spent the day together holding hands while they walked and took turns pushing the stroller that Aiden was clearly having a ball being in. He giggled and cooed the whole day and they took him from place to place. They decided to spend that night going out to dinner so they got as dressed up as they could with what they had. Janet wore an outfit that she had bought earlier that week that looked amazing on her. Eddie was just in awe of Janet when she emerged from the bathroom in this beautiful simple black shirt with a subtle scarf with a slight sparkle wrapped loosely around her neck. She had a tan pair of Capri pants on with the cutest black strappy wedges she had ever owned. She typically didn't wear these kinds of clothes but she had seen it on a mannekin at the little shop and decided to try it on. It looked so amazing with her free flowing curls and long dark hair that she had to splurge and buy it. Eddie immediately got up and walked over to her and said, "you look absolutely beautiful Janet" and he kissed her so passionately placing his hands on either side of her face.

Janet knew she looked good in the outfit but had no idea Eddie would react that way. They headed out for dinner and enjoyed the evening immensely. Aiden was an excellent baby and was so cute in his high chair. Many of the patrons at the little restaurant would stop and tell them what a beautiful little boy he was. Eddie and Janet spent most of the meal enjoying the conversation and tending to Aiden. Eddie grabbed Janet's hand frequently from across the table and there was so much love and affection between the two anyone in that restaurant could see it. They finished and headed back to the bed and breakfast for their last night. They got Aiden down for the night and spent some time on the patio just holding hands and staring out at the water. Eddie spoke, "I know that this trip was neither planned or always had great moments but it was needed…we need to remember this trip always because it forced us both to see things that we didn't see or maybe we didn't want to see…we should definitely make this a once a year or maybe twice a year trip…however maybe Hannah can watch Aiden next time" he said as he raised his eyebrows.

Janet looked over at him and smiled, "most definitely…I love you Eddie."

"I love you too Janet." With that they went back to watching the water.