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Keeping Your Cool

Chapter 1: Terms


Her hand shook as she ran her fingers through her hair to steady her nerves. It had all come down to this, was she really afraid, or just out of her mind with excitement at the very notion of doing something so devious.

She didn't know.

"So Maka, are ya gonna do it?" The witch-cat gave her a seductively dark look that put her on edge. "I can always find someone else who wants this," the witch said simply, pulling a vile of purple liquid out of her cleavage. Maka looked at the vile unsure of herself, then at the floor."I don't know Blair does it really work?" Blair pushed the potion back into her ample cleavage, slightly insulted, and turned her nose up at the unsteady girl. "Of course it works, I had some of the best witches put charms on it." She exclaimed matter-of-factly, but Maka still looked unsure, she could never really bring herself to trust the cat-witch. Blair had enough of this game, she was growing impatient and bored. Just as she got up to leave Maka made sounds of protest. She turned her head enough to let Maka know she was still listening.

"I'll do it." Maka said tentatively as she exhaled, letting her nerves melt away she looked Blair in the eyes and said, "Lets talk about my terms." Blair rolled her eyes, this was the boring part where Maka would talk about not, 'Stooping to whoreish levels.' So she just nodded as Maka went on and on about how she was going to go about doing the deed.

After ten minutes of boredom Blair put a finger to Maka's lips, "I don't care how you do it, just do it." Maka turned her head to the side as Blair started to mumble something incoherent to her. "Why do you want me to do this as payment?" Maka innocently asked, hoping for an honest answer. "To mess with you guys!" Blair exclaimed with a loud laugh as she turned to leave again. Though this was quite an unsatisfactory answer Maka let her leave her bedroom without protest, she needed to think about this more. How do you break the cool of someone who, by far, keeps the coolest image of any one you have ever known?

This was going to be a challenge.

But Maka Albarn was never one to give up.

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