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Day 3 Evening

The Talk

The pitiful swinging door had been fixed. Left to her own inventions Blair could get just about anyone to do anything, she was just that good. Hey, everyone has a price. The little purple vial swung to and fro on her neck.

"Blair I think you should leave for a little while." Maka said taking in a deep breath, reviewing what exactly she was going to say to Soul. There was no doubt they would get in a fight, and Blair was never any help in those kinds of situations, if anything she'd make it worse.

Maka needed to get back on Soul's good side so she could break him once and for all. Blair would just screw all of that up.

"And just where do you expect I go?" She said slightly disappointed, there would be a fight tonight and she really didn't want to miss it.

"There's something I need you to investigate for me. It pertains to our little agreement."

"Oh? Alright, I'm interested."

Blair had bounded off, all giggles and snickers. Content with the job Maka had given to her. She loved spying on people!

When she was sure Blair was gone she cleaned the apartment up a bit. She grabbed a stack of Soul's assorted magazines and started to straighten them out, as she set them back on the table she heard something fall to the floor.

It was a letter addressed to Soul she couldn't see who sent it though, after hearing the distinct jingle of keys in the lock she shoved it in her pocket.

She scampered into the living room, composing herself on the sofa and picking up a random book.

Soul gave a soft grunt as Maka turned around pursing her lips and trying very hard not to laugh.

"Like I said at school, we need to talk." His eyes had softened considerably and he didn't sound as mean, his hair seemed to be losing some of its pink luster too. Maka wondered who had helped him with that.

"About what Soul?" It felt like she had said that before, oh well.

"You have been acting like a child lately, and I don't think- Well it's made me-" There was tension seeping from his every pore, his fists were clenched and he was trying so hard to say what needed to be said.

"Oh lord, get on with it," Maka groaned, she was waiting for a terribly long rant about how annoying she was being, about how he wasn't going to stand for this anymore, but what she wasn't expecting was what he ended up saying.

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