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Merlin was stood in the pub, cracking his knuckles whilst glaring at Cenred. Even though Cenred had proved and shown Merlin that he truly loved his sister Helen and would do anything for her, Merlin was still unsure.

Merlin felt someone press their chest against his back and arms slide round the front of him. "Will you stop cracking your knuckles whilst looking at Cenred. He has more than proved he is a good man. Stop being so over protective." Arthur whispered in his ear.

It was the night before Cenred and Helen's wedding and it was Cenred's stag do. Merlin didn't want to go, but only went because of Helen. Well. That and Arthur promising he wouldn't be sharing a bed with him if didn't. "She's my baby sister Arthur."

"Merlin. She's twenty three. I think she can look after herself."

"Doesn't stop me looking out for her."

Arthur kissed Merlin's neck. "I know. Lets get you a drink. Stop glaring at Cenred. And try and have a good time. Or I'll tell Helen on you." Merlin spun round in Arthur's arms. "You wouldn't. She's worse than mother when she's angry."

Arthur smiled. "Loosen up then." Merlin nodded reluctantly and let Arthur pull him towards where Cenred was.

Arthur left Merlin talking to Cenred and went outside for some fresh air. Across the road, he saw Morgana, Helen and Gwen laughing whilst stood outside the pub. Arthur crossed the road and hid in the shadows so he couldn't be seen. "How are you going to get home tonight Morgana?" Helen asked as she saw that Morgana was swaying. "Easy. I threatened Leon with no sex if he has more then two pints tonight. After your hen party is over, I will walk across the road, walk in the pub and tell Leon to drive me home. I have it all planned out."

"I like how you threatened him with no sex. Lancelot told me to drink and enjoy myself, and he will drive me home."

"Aw. My poor baby is having to go without a drink because he doesn't want to go without sex. Lancelot can drive me home can't he?"

Gwen nodded. "I'm going to tell Leon he can have a drink." Morgana walked away from Helen and Gwen and stumbled across the road and into the pub where Leon was with Cenred, getting drunk at his stag do. Gwen went back inside and Hunith walked out with a glass of wine and gave it to Helen. "Here you are."

"I don't want to drink anything tonight mum. I want a clear head for tomorrow."

"One glass won't hurt Helen." Helen smiled and took the glass from Hunith and took a drink. Hunith smiled and went back inside. Leaving Helen outside on her own.

From the shadows, Arthur watched Helen reluctantly take a drink of wine and was surprised that when Hunith went back inside, she spat it out. Curious as to why she spat it out, Arthur emerged from the shadows, making Helen jump. "Why did you spit it out?"

"Arthur. You made me jump."

"I'm sorry. Why did you spit it out?"

"Well. It's like I said to my mum. I want a clear head for tomorrow."

"Or is it because you are pregnant?"

"Can you tell Merlin?"

Arthur seeing Helen was scared of telling her over protective brother that she was pregnant, went over and hugged her. "I'll tell him tomorrow."

"No. Not tomorrow. He'll end up killing Cenred."

"No he won't. Believe me when I say that when I tell Merlin. He won't be able to move, let alone kill him. Don't worry Helen." Arthur kissed Helen's forehead before heading back to Merlin.

Arthur walked into the pub and was shocked to see Merlin laughing with Cenred, as he made his way over, he saw Leon sat on a stool in the with Morgana on his knee, attacking his mouth. He shook his head and wrapped his arm around Merlin who looked at him. "Where have you been?"

"Just getting some fresh air." When Merlin excused himself, saying he need the toilet, Arthur moved forward and shook Cenred's hand. "I've just seen Helen. Congratulations dad."

"Please don't-"

"Don't worry about Merlin. You leave him to me."

"Thank you Arthur."

A couple of hours later Merlin, Arthur and Cenred walked into Arthur and Merlin's flat. "Spare room is all made up Cenred." Merlin said.

"Thank you Merlin. And thank you for having me the night before."

"Your welcome." Cenred bid them both good night and went to bed.

Arthur and Merlin went to bed as well. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

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