A few hours after they had found Sean, Maggie and Kevin walked out of the waiting room and down the hall toward their older brother, Tommy, who was staring out the window at the street below. Kevin was eating the last of a ham sandwich Jenny Reilly had brought with her from her father's restaurant.

"It's rainin' again," Tommy commented absently. "Jimmy got pinched for the truck thing." He pointed out the window where they just saw a police car before it turned the corner and disappeared.

"But he just went down to get some beers," Kevin said, surprised.


"That sucks," Kevin replied.

"I talked to Frankie," Tommy said, still looking out the window. "He said he'd get him into rehab."

"You talked to Frankie?" Kevin asked, sounding suspicious.

"Yeah, I talked to Frankie."

"So, that's not a bad thing," Maggie spoke for the first time, relieved that her oldest brother would be safe, and get the help he needed. She understood, even if Kevin didn't seem to, that Jimmy was in danger from the Italians.

"No, it's not," Tommy replied, picking up his coat and walking toward the elevator. "I'm gonna step out for a minute."

"Sure," Kevin said, looking out the window, while Maggie watched her brother walk toward the elevator, soon to be followed by Kevin.

"Where you goin'?" Tommy asked, surprised to see Kevin standing next to him.

"Wherever you are," Kevin replied succinctly.

Maggie came over to stand in front of them as they entered the elevator. "Be careful," she said, looking each of them in the eye, then heading back to the waiting room. She had an idea where they were about to go, but was afraid to know for sure. She passed Jenny in the hall, and paused at the waiting room door, watching her stop the elevator doors.

"Hey, I'm making you a sandwich," Jenny said to Tommy.

"Well, save it for me," he replied quietly.

"Tommy. Listen to me. You are not your brother," Jenny said, looking angry. "Stay and eat your sandwich. Please." She said the "please" so quietly that Maggie almost missed it.

Maggie heard Tommy say, "I'll be back for it." Then the elevator doors closed. Maggie turned away, and heard Jenny bang her hand on the door as she walked into the waiting room and sat next to her mother.