Through Another's Eyes

Chapter 1: Paul

"5!" The crowd screams the number, the first count in a series of unimaginable anxiety for new.

I stare at Sally wondering how I found her. She's perfect. That's it, you would think that as an English teacher I would have more superfluous adjectives that I could attach to my sentiment, but truly she needs none. She is loving, and caring and sweet. But at the same time opinionative, protective and perfect. Just plain and simple, perfect.

"4!" The chanting in unison continues downward with a maintained level of excitement.

And then I remember another aspect of Sally, an example of her perfect nature, her son Percy, the hero of Olympus, and the savior of Western civilization. Sally singlehandedly raised Percy into an amazing young man filled to the brim with love and respect for others. So much so, that personal loyalty is hs fatal flaw. Sally molded his young mind alone, after her parents were killed in a plane crash, and her uncle died on her. After she couldn't finish college due to her uncle, and Poseidon had to leave her, she persevered. So much pain inflicted in her life, and yet she carried onward. Raising Percy, managing to get by, and dealing with Gabe or Smelly Gabe as Percy likes to call him. Although I've never had to personally meet him, and by Percy suspicious smirk when they recount stories I don't think I ever will, I had to relive the stories with her, and if that only a fourth of the horror it really was, I fell grateful for her courage.

"3!" The flow of the stream of numbers remains steady and upbeat.

With Percy, there is his best friend Annabeth Chase. I've only had the pleasure of her acquaintance a number of times fewer then the number of fingers on both hands, but the way Sally describes her, I know she was also a part of the package deal. It was Sally and Percy in the nuclear family. But, Percy included a whole new world with him. A world full of magic and mythology including Thalia, his cousin who was a tree, I still don't understand that one, Nico, his other cousin who talks to dead people, don't ask, Grover, his best friend who is half goat half man, and Annabeth, who was apparently his mortal rival by godly parent. I don't get it personally. I mean I have read all the myths, taught and explained how the Greeks used these stories to explain the unexplainable, similar to the Biblical stories. However, even though they are best friends/mortal enemies, I know she is, or at least is going to be a part of the family someday soon. That mortal enemy act is crap at best, and the best friend act is a cover. They are in love, and I might not be Aphrodite, but I have been a teacher long enough to spot the makings of high school sweethearts. I swear, if they are not already together, they will be soon, and then Annabeth will be my step daughter-in law? I don't know the exact term, but she'll be joining the family anyway.

"2!" Almost at the end of the merciless counting towards a future.

I'm going to go find Sally now, I want to be the first to wish her a happy new year. The world is safe from Kronos and his evil army of Titans and monsters, something I'm still not a hundred percent comfortable with the idea of existence yet, but can accept the meaning of safety. Still looking for Sally though. There just seem to be so many people in here, all of our friends and family, on the human side, as well as colleagues from work. All to celebrate the beginning of a new year. A miracle of time itself, a man made concept that seems so important to us that we schedule a life around it. No one knows that the Lord of Time almost ruined this celebration in August. No one knows of the underlying fight between the supernatural forces that hold the world together. Just me and a few clear-sighted mortals. Those affected with the curse of seeing but being separated out by their full mortal blood. No ichor for them.

"1!" The crowd became rowdy and roared the last number, ready with open arms to welcome the New Year into their midst.

I haven't found Sally yet. But I got sidetracked. Apparently I was more on track with that whole, "Annabeth is a part of the family" comment then I thought. In the center of the room stood Annabeth and Percy making out, completely oblivious to the room around them. The whole roomed quieted down to stare at the rowdy teenagers in the center of the room. Until finally they came up for air. And Percy whispered, which we could all here because the room was silent, but they didn't realize that yet, "Happy New Year Wise Girl."

To which Annabeth replied with, "Happy New Year Seaweed Brain." Also as silent as a whisper, but loud enough that it echoed through the room.

And me, being Paul, and having to break the awkward silence, "Well Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks everyone for coming out, and Percy, stop making out with your girlfriend, I would say move it to the bedroom, but your Mom would kill me, so I'll stick with welcome to the family." I spouted off.

The whole room erupted in laughter, but the moment of pure love express between the two teenagers was not lost of anyone. The feeling expressed in that room would resonate within them, until they all finally found their other half.

Author's Note: (3.7.11) I've had this idea for a while, and this didn't turn out exactly like I liked, so I will probably re-edit and revise until I get it perfect. Anyway, Hoped you Like it, and PLEASE REVIEW!


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