A Hundred of His Darkest Hours
" consider yourself on probation "

His introduction to this world was as a being of the purest darkness.

The world would never see him as anything else, and with that, gave Vanitas a pat on the back and doomed him to a life of darkness.

Vanitas was told he had to listen and obey his master, and most importantly: forge the x-blade with that loser Ventus.

That was his purpose and Vanitas planned to do as he was told.

But this was just the beginning, and things don't always end the way the start.

What could possibly go so wrong?

Hi, I decided to take up Wishing-Fire's 100 theme challenge and chose Vanitas as my character. Excuse the cheesy title, haha. I couldn't think of anything else. This is going to be extremely hard, just because it's Vanitas. But, well, I accept the challenge? :) Feel free to request anything.

This first chapter isn't even a hundred words, ha! I tried so hard.