A Hundred of His Darkest Hours

one hundred. End

He succeeded. All victory and glory was his.

At first, whenever the old coot would talk about this very day… it didn't feel real.

Sure, they spent years preparing for it. But it felt like a dream, a day they would never get to.

The coot got what he wanted, and so did Vanitas. He was complete and whole, in complete control of Ventus's form.

This was how it should have been… from the very beginning.

He was perfect. At last.

But in between a battle of the hearts, and the battle in reality, it all happened so fast.

And once again, Vanitas was thrown to the very back of Ventus's heart, to stay there until he would be unlocked again.

His form lurked in the Keyblade Graveyard, releasing off his negative emotions, ready to battle once given the chance and his mind was locked in the heart of a fifteen year old boy.

"Sora… it's all on you now." He muttered. It was only a matter of time until he exist once again.

The End

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