Set Stanford Area

It was a few weeks after they had moved in together when she found the picture. It was of two teenage boys one dark brunette hair the other had light brown/blonde hair. The dark hair boy was unmistakably Sam and obviously before he had hit his growth spurt. The other boy was a mystery to her turning the picture over. Dean and Sam Winchester Summer 1995, Sam has a brother?

"Jess?" calls Sam sticking his head in, "did you eat-

Jess turns to him.

"Something you want to tell me?" asks Jess, "or the fact that you've completely neglected to mention that you had a brother?"


"Sam come on," says Jess, "was your brother mean to you? Is that why you didn't mention him to me?"

"No he wasn't mean to me," says Sam taking the picture and sitting next to Jess, "he was the complete opposite to me,"

Jess stares in confusion.

"Why'd you tell me you didn't have any siblings?" asks Jess.

"Because I wanted to start completely new," says Sam, "so you wanna know about Dean?"

"I'd love to hear about this nice brother of yours," says Jess.

"He's four years older than I am, when we were young our mom died I was a baby and he was four. He's kinda been taking care of me since," says Sam, "he always gives me the line that "I'm your big brother it's my job"…..he's kinda of a bit cocky, women obsessed and loves classic rock Led Zepplin, Kansas anything classic rock you name it Dean loves it,"

"Like the AC/DC shirt you have?" asks Jess and Sam laughs, "what?"

"It's not my shirt," says Sam, "it's Dean's. It's kind of like taking a part of my big brother with me. I know it sounds lame but it smells like Dean just reminds me of him,"

Jess doesn't laugh instead she smiles.

"That's so sweet," she says, "does he know you took it?"

"Probably by now he does," says Sam, "he'd mock me if I told him I was taking it because it smelt like him,"

"I'd like to meet him one day," says Jess, "he seems to make you very happy…..he seems like a great big brother,"

"He is," says Sam, "the best big brother,"

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