A new story, hum, even for YJ… A thousand people probably hate me for not up updating Freezer Burn, I just have MAJOR writers block… Also, the genre I'm doing is probably not well loved either. This is a Fem!Robin and makes me sad there is only one other out there, not to say that one is bad, I love it, and is waiting for a new chapter, I just wanted to write my own!

Robin: why do you insist on making me a girl? I thought that was your friend's job.

Me: no, that's when it comes to Naruto, that's completely different.

Robin: sure…

Me: don't use that tone on me, smart-ass

Robin: … (sweat drop)

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Is when the perspectives switch to another person, always third person.

Chapter one: All the reasons.

Have you ever-wondered why know one knows Robin's real name? Shut up people who say they know it is Dick Grayson, in this story, it's not. The reason why is maybe Robin is her real name. Yes, I said her. Let me start from the top. Robin is a girl pretending to be a boy. But only in her super hero life, or around the other YJ or Justice league members, in school, she is Robin Grayson, the intelligent 13-year-old girl, who goes to Gotham City Academy. Why do all this you ask? Simple, when she started crime fighting, Batman wanted her to start on even ground, not being judged for being a girl, then when she joined YJ, Batman didn't want her to be a girl among teen age guys. Sure there was Megan, but like you would ever get that close, and try anything on Artemis, and you'll be skewered by her arrow. But the need for a normal life was present, so Batman let her be a she at Gotham City Academy. And this was going along peachy till Kid Flash, AKA: Wally, had to attend a gymnastics recital his cousin was putting on, and Robin happened to be performing there to, she had to get her flexibility somewhere. This is a good place to start. Wally walked glumly down the hot paved cement, sun beating relentlessly on the back of his neck, beads of sweat collecting at the base.

"Why do I have to come? I'm not her brother!" Wally complained to his aunt and uncle, not Berry (Flash) and Iris, but on the other side, hence why there was a niece involved.

"Because, you might as well be, she looks up to you!" his Aunt Belinda snapped, with his Uncle Philip nodding along. He let out a huff of frustrated air out, knowing that it was bullshit, he never visits her, and she lives in freaking Gotham City.

"Still not fair that I had to come all the way out to Gotham City" he sulked, wishing he had Robin with him; at least he could talk to him during the torture. Entering the cool dark hallway of the school was a refreshing relief from all that sweltering heat out side. The gymnasium was cool as well. The room was large, rows of bleachers circling along the perimeter, and a spot light hanging from the high ceiling. Crystal lights shimmied up where the walls met to make a corner, from the waxed floor to the birdie-less holed ceiling, in each corner, then going around the perimeter of the ceiling to meet together, Wally had to admit, it was pretty epic of epic proportions. A large, grey bearded man walked to the center of the gymnasium, a large black jacket with the Gotham City Academy insignia on it.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Gotham City Academy's 50th Gymnastics competition" the assumed principle went on, his voice bored "first up is Robin Grayson." Wally looked up at the mention of the name, thinking of his flexible little friend, but instead, he looked at someone completely different, well, kind of. He looked at a girl who was standing beside the principle with short black hair that was pulled away from her face with headband, styled into a bob. It stood in contrast to her ice blue eyes that gave off electricity shocks, and ghostly pale skin. She was short, with slight curves, but it worked for her. Her suit was a leotard, which had one tank-top sleeve, the other one to her wrist. The colour was a navy blue, with red flecks that was barely visible; it fit to her like a second skin. It went with a pair of black ballet shoes, laced to her knees.

"Wow" Wally breathed, entranced by those eyes, oh god, those eyes, they where so clear, like pools of blue crystal. The floor was cleared, and the lights dimed save the crystal lighting and the spotlight, which followed Robin Grayson, just likes Wally's eyes. Smiling, she started. She slid easily in the splits, leaning back on her behind leg, her arms reaching back to grab her ankle. Then, she pulled her ankle up until she was she standing on her front leg, the other high in the air. It was amazing, she was unbelievably flexible, and Wally couldn't tear his eyes away as her body moved across the floor. The routine lasted ten minutes, tops, and he was sad to see it end.

"Give it up for Robin Grayson" The principle noted, walking back to the middle of the floor. Robin took a deep bow, and walked from the room, her face alive and shinning. The other contestants passed by without any real interest, they seemed to fail to the expectation that Robin Grayson held.

"Lets hope Jesse wins," his Aunt Belinda whispered hopefully, crossing her fingers.

"In third place is Diana Grace" the principle announced. A small blonde girl walked to the middle in the room, bowing her head to let a medal drop around her neck. "Second place is Jesse West" Wally watched his cousin walk in, with the West trade mark red hair, and plucked the medal from the principle's hands, bunching it up in her hand. "Give it up for first place winner, Robin Grayson" In walked Robin Grayson, her face lit with a wild smile. A gold medal was placed around her neck, and she was given a trophy to hold.

"Congratulations" Wally shouted among the cheering crowd, receiving a blow to the ribs from his Aunt's elbow.

"What?" Wally looked at his Aunt indignantly.

"Don't cheer for her, she made your cousin loose!" his Aunt snapped, making Wally shrink into the hard plastic seat of the bleacher, god his aunt was a scary lady. As the crowd dispersed, and his Aunt and Uncle consoled their daughter, Wally went in search for a vending machine, it had been an hour since he ate, and he was starving! Lost in thought about what food he would get, maybe skittles, he didn't notice the person in front of him, you know Wally, not really observant.

"Oww" a small voice whimpered from bellow.

"Oh sorry" Wally said absent-mindedly looking down at the person he bumped into, "oh."



Robin looked at the person she just bumped into, and gasped, stepping back

"Um, hi" Wally looked at her, his face red.

"Hi, sorry" Robin smiled weakly, well thinking 'oh crap, crap, crap, why the hell is he here?'

"Oh don't worry, my name is Wally" he smiled, sticking his hand out for her to shake. She grasped it lightly, still freaking out in side. 'What if he finds out who I am? Play it cool girl, pretend like he is someone else'

"Hi, I'm Robin" she smiled, pulling her hand back to her side, her heart thundering in her chest, she was not going down this way.

"Ya, I know, I saw you performance" he smiled awkwardly, scratching the back of his head.

"Oh, so did you like it?" Robin asked, wanting just to disappear, no way is Wally going to find out that she is Robin, as in Batman's sidekick, which would be disastrous.

"Loved it, it was amazing" Wally's green eyes sparkled, as he stuck a couple of quarters in the machine, clicking random letters.

"Thank-you" Robin smiled, taking a sip from her water bottle clutched in her hand, her face speckling in red a little.

"So, how long have you been at it?" Wally tried to look casual, leaning up against the vending machine, and grabbing out his beef jerky he got, by accident, munching contently on it.

"Since I was five" she replied automatically, clenching and unclenching her fist that wasn't holding her water bottle, a nervous habit.

"Wow, and you're like what? 14 years old?"

"13 actually, but I'm turning 14 soon" she nodded, then clasped her hand over mouth, almost hitting her head against the wall, way to give out who she was.

"Really? I am 15, not going to be 16 soon though, my friend Rob-um-ert is turning 14 soon" Wally smiled, proud of his cover up, though sadly, it is not the best.

"Ya? So is Rob-ert," she giggled, adding in his pause "a good friend of yours?" Might as well get something from this.

"Yep, Rob is my closest friend, we are as close a two males can be, without being gay" he smiled, but then frowned, obviously troubled, "but he keeps secretes from me, I know he has his reasons, but it feels odd, knowing he knows all about me, but I know nothing of him, ya'know?' Wally looked up at her, for he had taken a spot on the bench, Robin standing in front of him. Letting out a sigh. Robin slide into the spot beside him, crossing one slim leg over another, catching Wally's eye.

'Crap, I feel like I am seducing him or something, I need to end this, now.'

"Ya, I know, but you got to trust him, I bet you he wants to tell you, but can't, because he has something holding him back, ya'know?" Okay, now she really wanted to bang her head against a wall, 'this is what I call ending a conversation?'

"How would you know all of this?" Wally looked at her, a single eyebrow raised.

'Think fast, Robin, think, ooh, got it' "Typical guy thing" 'ok, I don't got it.' Wally just nodded his head in agreement, like he under stood, guys, such idiots.

"Robin, we have to go" and in walked trouble.



In walked Bruce Wayne, who was talking to Robin like how one would talk to their child.

"Yes, Dad" she sighed, huffing out impatiently as she stood. Plucking the coat from Bruce Wayne's hands, she slid it over her leotard. When it was fully on, it swished around her ankles.

"Bruce Wayne is your Dad?" Wally burst out, standing up quickly, gaining Bruce's attention.

"Wally?" Bruce looked a little startled, which quickly faded, as he turned to glare at Robin.

"Ya, how do you know my name?" he felt so confused, how the hell does Bruce Wayne know Wally West's name?

"I know your Uncle Berry, I need to talk to Robin for a minute" and with that Bruce snatched her wrist, and pulled her to the doors. Wally could hear snippets of their conversation.

"Why is … know… secret?" was the deep voice of Bruce Wayne.

"… Clue… no!" Robin's delicate voice seemed to get agitated.

"What... talk... tell… you?"

"Who… think… I am? …Not… ditz."

"… Be carful… say… much." Robin walked back, rolling her eyes, and picking up her bag, slinging it over her shoulder.

"Toodles Wally" she smiled, waving to him.

"Bye" he watched her retreat, her 'Father' walking close beside her, and who looked back and glared at Wally, poor Wally.



"You can't let your guard down like that, Wally can't find out who you are," Bruce whispered sharply in Robin's ear, as he practically dragged her back to the manor.

"Don't worry, I have a couple of amnesia gasses just in case" she smiled, trying to crack a joke, apparently not working.

"This is serious, anyways, suit up, you going to Mount Justice, you have a mission" Bruce dismissed her with a wave of his hand, and she stomped off. The worst part of 'suiting up' was the bandaging. Take three yards of stretchy ban bandage, and rap tightly around your chest, and then you take a spandex compression tank top for guys and put it over top, andVoilà, you have a flat chest, flat as a board. This works best if you have small breasts, like an A-Cup. A major problem is heat. All those layers, plus the top, plus the cape, it gets pretty stuffy in there. Thank-fully Robin made a special device that keeps her cool.

"I'm ready" Robin announced to no one in particular, as she got from her room. Once she got to the bat cave, she went through the portal thingy, entering Mount Justice.

"Recognized Robin, F 079" the automated voice announced.

"Yo, Rob" Wally greeted; stuffing his face with some of Megan's burnt brownies.

"Hello Robin" Megan smiled, floating around the kitchen, grabbing items as she went.

"Hello" Kaldur smiled, looking up from his book. Superboy just nodded, watching the static on the screen again.

"Dude, where have you been?" Artemis asked, cleaning her arrows.

"Hi to you too, I was at a school advent" Robin nodded slowly, still trying to process it all, was Wally really there?

"Oh, that reminds me, dude, do you know Robin?" Wally asked, swallowing the last of his charcoal brownie. Okay, so Wally was actually there.

"Did you just ask if I knew myself?" Robin forced a confused face, and then realizing what she said was stupid.

"No, she just shares the same name as you, her full name is Robin Grayson" Wally said after some thought, no doubt having difficulties with remembering the name.

"Oh the girl who won the gymnastics competition? Ya, I know her" Robin sighed; of course Wally wouldn't let her go, stubborn bastard.

"You where there?" Wally shook his head in disbelief, but his hair staying in place, how much hair gel does he use?


"Really dude? I didn't see you" Wally looked at him skeptically, leaning on the counter.

"Cause I wasn't in disguise."

"You could of said something, instead of leaving me hanging and bored." Wally complained throwing his hands in the air.

"Really? Cause you seemed pretty cozy with Robin Grayson. Don't you think she is a little to pretty for you?" so she was building her self up a bit, big whoop.

"Hey! She's not to pretty for me. Well I mean, she is beyond beautiful, but it is a good thing my good looks match up with hers. One problem though, her Dad is scary" the memory caused the poor redhead to shudder.

"K.F. Did you piss of Bruce Wayne?" Robin could not help but smile at her self, who said she couldn't have some fun with this?

"Not on purpose I-" Wally was cut short because Batman just made an entrance.

"Recognized Batman, M 004."

"I have your new mission, good you are all here and in uniform" Batman walked from the shadows. "Your mission; R-6k shipments have been made out to a small island in the harbor of Gotham City, R-6K in a liquid state s highly corrosive and reactive, and used correctly can be very lethal, you job is to investigate, and isolate the R-6k from them, until the league can send a professor to put it under control, and then someone from the league to take it back to the lab, and if the R-6K is released as a gas around you in a 25 perimeter, then get out, or you will be gassed and possibly killed" Batman explained, pointing to a geological map of the harbor and the island.

"Got it" Robin transferred the map to her handy watch; pressing a couple of other buttons well she was at it.

"Good, I'll leave you to it" and as Batman walked to the portal thingy, he turned to glare at Wally, poor guy. "Off you go" and with that, they walked out, you can almost hear the theme song.



Kid Flash looked at Robin, the guy was really out of it; he kept picking at his nails, looking at his watch, and just being fidgety.

"Dude, calm it, your making me fidgety" Kid Flash placed a hand on Robin's shoulder, making him jump, and let out a very high pitched scream. The effect was kind of like a chain reaction, because after that, the scream startled Miss Martian into pulling the bio ship to a sharp right, making everyone fall off the chairs.

"What the hell?" Artemis groaned, pulling her self back up, her hands gripping the blue seat tightly.

"Don't EVER do that again," Superboy warned, regaining his balance on the seat, it just wouldn't be very Superboy if he fell off.

"Is everyone okay?" Miss Martian called to everyone, her eyes scanning.

"I am fine" Aqualad reassured, settling back into his seat.

"I can't hear out of my left ear, thanks to someone screaming in it" Kid Flash turned to glare at Robin who just glared back.

"It's not my fault you startled the crap out of me" he glared through his mask.

"You are a super hero, who shouldn't be so jumpy," Kid Flash countered. And the fight began. The noisy bickering lasted for a while until Artemis got frustrated, and smacked them both upside the head, causing them both to groan in pain.

"SHUT UP! You guys bicker way to much" Artemis huffed, returning to her seat.

"Okay, so more then one person is tightly wound tonight" Kid Flash noted, returning to his seat, just before Robin could hit him.

"Lets just get this hell over with" Robin muttered darkly under his breath, unbelievably grumpy today. Megan pulled the bio ship into a dark cave set into a mountain on the edge of a small island, mostly jungle.

"We here!" she announced happily, as everyone went in stealth mode. What fresh hell would come next?


Robin: now, get to your other story; you're pissing a lot of people off.

Wally: why is Robin a girl? That makes no sense, there is plenty of women super hero's, and there is no reason to be dressed up as a guy.

Me: I'll go with Bruce wanted her to, because he is an over protective daddy~! Sorry, but updates won't come all that quick, I live in Aussie, yet I am going to university next year in USA, so I am pretty damn busy!