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Chapter 4: Boys

Robin sighed, slinging her bag over one shoulder, and propping a crutch under the other. This was getting hard, crutches where not fun, not that she needed them, she was fine in that aspect, she just needed an excuse why she could not do gym. That's where having an all-powerful Daddy can be good, or bad. It depends if you wanted your Dad to get you a fake cast and doctors note so no one knows you where attacked by poison gas. Walking with one crutch was the real battle, since the other arm was usually occupied with books and folders, term papers, the norm.

"Aw crap" Robin cursed to herself as her paper and notebook toppled out of her hands, splaying on to the floor. Do you know how hard it is to pick up things off the floor with a leg in a cast, crutches, and a bag? Very. As Robin struggled to pick up her stuff someone gathered it for her.

"Here" a calm and cool voice grabbed her attention, and a red flush spread across her face. Looking up, she blushed harder.

'Crap, he's cute' she thought to herself, her face reddening even more. The guy who helped Robin with her books was really tall, with a dark mocha tan, stunning chocolate eyes, and charcoal black hair.

"Why thank-you" he smiled, flashing a set of brilliant teeth. Robin widens her eyes in shock, and let out a tiny gasp.

'Did I really say that out loud?' she thought to her self, or so she thought.

"Yes, yes you did" he laughed, handing her the papers and her notebook.

"Thanks" she muttered, looking away, tucking them under her arms, hopping off to her next class. The stranger continued to walk very slowly with her, as if to make sure she wouldn't drop her stuff again.

"My name is Blake, Blake Stone, what's yours?" the alleged Blake Stone smiled, sticking his hand out, to shake hers, but pulled back remembering her hands where full.

"Grayson, Robin Grayson" she smiled, saying her announcement in that James Bond tone that we have all used.

"Nice to meet you, Robin" Blake Stone smiled, letting out a small laugh at the introduction. They turned down the hallway, greeted by other people, who where chatting, getting books from lockers, stalling for class.

"So how'd you get the crutches?" Blake inquired, stopping by his own locker, quickly turning the lock, and the cold metal door swung open, creaking as it went along.

"Uh, gymnastics accident" Robin shrugged, well attempted to; it is not an easy task with book, bag, and crutches. Yes, it is not the best excuse in the world, but it is the one that makes the most sense, kind of.

"Oh you're the girl who won the gymnastics competition, then got into a accident and missed the last two weeks of school" Blake smiled to him self, proud he got some information right.

"Yep, that's right, is this your first year here?" Robin asked, racking her brain to see if she saw him here before.

"Yeah, pretty silly to come in grade nine, I know" he said this as if people had been repeatedly telling him that, which was probably true.

"If you have a good reason, no" Robin said reassuringly. They continued to walk down the hallway, till the reached a door with a sign that read: 9D.

"Well, this is my stop" Robin smiled, splitting away from Blake, who just waved.

"It was nice talking to you" he called, walking away. Robin let out a happy sigh, finally something normal in her crazy, mixed up spinning world that she usually calls hell. She hopped into her classroom, setting her crutch by a desk, lowering herself onto the seat.

"Welcome to your first day of grade nine, I hope we can get through this year without any casualties" a short and plump man walked into the room, with a tangled grey beard and matching hair, announcing rather loudly, throwing his hands into the air. He had a loose grey dress shirt, and long black pants, no tie, rather unprofessional for a teacher of private elite school. A snicker rippled through the crowd of students, apparently pleased with this teachers sense of humor. He pulled out a sheet of laminated paper from the drawer of his desk, calling names, and when the corresponding student responded, her ticked off their name.

"Robin Grayson" he called, and Robin squeaked out a "here" quietly, not liking how everyone looks back at her, gathering attention to her.

"Robin, Robin Grayson is in this class?"

'Oh crap, I know that voice anywhere, what is Wally doing here?' Robin thought in a panicked tone, not daring to look up from her desk.

"And, who are you, young man?" the teacher asked, sounding rather skeptical.

"I am Kid Flash!" Wally, or Kid Flash, announced with a flourish.

"And you are here, why?" the teacher probed.

"To protect someone" looking up, Robin buried her head back into her arms; Wally was in costume, hands on his hips, and having a large stupid goofy grin, striking the superhero pose. Why is life so cruel?

"So all this gives you an excuse to dress up as condiments?" the teacher quirked an eyebrow, and let out a small chortle.

"What?" Kid Flash said in an insulted tone mixed with confusion.

"Your costume look like mustard and ketchup" the teacher smiled, shaking his head. Before Kid Flash could defend him self, the teacher waved a hand, dismissing him. "Well, don't be a bother, ether leave us to our peace which you have rudely interrupted, or join us and shut up" the teacher snapped, in his fancy British accent.

"Uh, where can I sit?" Kid Flash smiled a sheepish grin, shrugging his shoulders.

"God, you bumbling fool, go sit beside Robin, and SHUT UP!" the teacher was getting very annoyed, you could practically see the anime pulsing vein. Kid Flash's face lit up like a Christmas tree, and using his super sonic speed, he sat beside the poor Robin Grayson, who was hitting her head against her desk, groaning.

"Hey there, pretty lady" he grinned sitting down into his desk, with one elbow one the desk, his head leaning on it, the other hand on his hip, striking a pose.

"Oh no" Robin groaned, but Kid Flash did not seem to hear her. Robin stretched out her arms a little and accidently knocked over her crutches, which fell on onto Kid Flash's desk.

"Oh, you dropped this" Wally looked thoughtful, leaning it against her desk "how did you get the cast" he indicated her leg.

"Accident" she muttered, glaring at some random spec in the distant, poor spec.

"Let me guess, gymnastics?" he grinned as if he knew all. Robin was about to nod, but then she remembered something, she wasn't supposed to know he knows.

"H-how do you know?" she said in fake shock, thinking the stutter was a nice touch.

"I have my sources" he replied in a way that he thought made him look cool, it just sounded stalkery to Robin.

"I told you to shut up!" the teacher shouted, chucking a piece of chalk at Kid Flash's head.

"Oww! Harsh!" Kid Flash whined, rubbing his forehead where the chalk hit him, smearing the flakey white powered substance on to his palm.

"No, what's harsh is being forced to listen to you flirt, well attempt anyways" the teacher chuckled at his own joke. Kid Flash's face turned a bright hue of red, as he sunk farther into his chair, as to avoid being seen. The teacher just chuckled, and returned to his lesson. After an agonizing hour of algebra, the bell rung, gaining a sigh of relief from bored students. Gathering her crutch, Robin tried to rise to her feet, but just fell back to her chair, landing with a light oomph.

"Need help" Kid Flash looked at her with kind eyes, sticking out a hand, which she reluctantly took. Soon she was back to her feet, and back to hobbling. Kid Flash stuck to her side, as she exited the class.

"So your protecting some one?" she said hesitantly, a little curious how Bats worked this all out.

"Ya, but he is kept a secret, so we are to the protect the public" he announced proudly.

"So the rest of Young Justice is here?' she said mildly, but then covered her mouth with a slender and, letting out eep, she wasn't supposed to know that!

"Ya, but how do you know about them?" he arched an eyebrow beneath his mask, and she couldn't blame him, Young Justice wasn't well known in Gotham, because they have Bats and Robin.

"Uh, well, um" she stuttered uselessly, whishing anybody, anyone, would save her.

"Hey Robin, I was looking for you, who is this?" Okay, not anyone. Blake had just walked up, giving Kid Flash an odd look.

"Uhhh" that was the intelligent noise coming from Robin's mouth.

"Hey, who are you?" Kid Flash said a tad possessively, glaring at Blake.

"Blake, and who are you?" he relied in a rather sassy tone for a guy.

"Kid Flash, Robin's protector" he justified, sizing up Blake.

"Well, I'm her boyfriend" Blake spat. And that's when all hell broke loose. The two started going at it like wild beasts, yelling at cursing, bringing a lot of attention in the hallway, which was exactly what Robin wanted to avoid. After awhile, she snapped.

"SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU!" she screamed at them, which stopped them both in their tracks, turned to look at her, and gulped. Damn, she looked pissed; you could practically see the flames in her eyes.

"Look, KF, your not my protector, your protecting someone else, so you can't give all your attention to me" she said smiling, it was hard to yell at him, he gave her puppy dog eyes, she was powerless. "And Blake" she said a little more sharply "I'm not your boy friend, I've known you for 5 minutes, you have no right, so both of you, stop bitching, and leave me alone!" she shout, and stormed off the best she could with a cast and crutches.

"That's odd" Kid Flash thought out loud, "only Rob calls me KF."


Robin splashed ice-cold water at her face, leaning against the hard metal sink.

"What is wrong with boys?" she shouted, partially at the friend beside her.

"They all are the same, they think with their dicks" came the blunt reply of her friend. That's what she likes about Jill, she never sugar coated things, and it was always straightforward.

"You got that right" she chuckled, pressing her palms against the sink, leaning towards the mirror. Jill just shook her head, her shaggy hair flying everywhere, laughing lightly.

"What is a super hero doing here anyways? Don't we have Batman for that?" Jill asked, tucking her wild hair into a more maintainable bun, pulled, and shook her head, brown hair flying in front of her face.

"Uh, their protecting a certain person, an assignment, I suppose" Robin shrugged, not comfortable with this subject.

"Well, I would love to converse about a dude who has proclaimed his love for you" she stated in monotone, "but I have to attend class." She gave Robin a small hug, and waltzed out the room. Sighing, Robin grabbed her crutch and wobbled off to class. Sadly, her trip there was not one of peace, since she had run into Supes.

"Uh, hi?" she asked, instead of greeting, nervous the clone was here.

"Hello, random person" he replied, not looking her directly in the eye, like he couldn't give less of a damn. Robin was about to say something, but gave up on it; if he wanted to be anti-social it was fine with her. She hobbled away, rolling her eyes, when she re-bumped into Blake.

"Oh, Robin, I was looking for you" he smiled kindly, as she was about to walk away, but her gripped her sweater, stopping her. "No, wait, I wanted to apologize, I shouldn't of said that, I was wrong" he rushed quickly, as if he where about to loose his nerve.

"What?" she was a little surprised, so not all guys are too proud to apologize. He blushed, and nodded, looking at the floor, which his foot scuffed.

"Ya, I'm sorry" he muffled, and Robin just smiled.

"Oh it's okay" she was never one for holding a grudge. It was a peaceful moment until Kid Flash came barreling in, tackling Blake to the ground.
"Stay away from here, you ass!" he shouted, and Robin let out a sigh, this day was not going to be good. The rest of the day dragged on, as she tried to say away from Kid Flash, or any other superhero's that might recognize her, happy K.F. is so dense. She would never understand boys, nor did she want to. When she finally got home, she tossed he jacket to the floor, along with her bag, and flopped on the couch, letting out a mournful groan.

"Bad day?" Alfred asked, collecting his young mistress's things that she left scattered. All Robin held for an answer was another groan. Alfred could not blame her; it is hard to be a teenager.

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