A/n okey dokey here we go folks this story is pretty much the story of Mufasa and Scar and is basically my take on what made Scar so evil. That being said I give you chapter 1 of my story What Started Out Good. Enjoy.

Ch 1 New Life

Queen Uru was sitting on the edge of Priderock waiting for her mate King Ahadi to return from his patrol. The brown lioness had some very exciting news to share with her mate. Just then Uru's three-month-old son, Mufasa came bounding up to her his amber eyes sparkling. "Is he back yet Mom?" the little golden Prince asked climbing on his mother's front paws and laying between them.

"Not yet sweetheart," Uru replied, giving her son's head a lick. "But he should be back soon." Then as if on cue Ahadi came climbing up Priderock and was walking into the cave.

"Dad!" Mufasa cried running up to his father and rubbing aganist his front legs. "I'm glad you're back!"

"So I see," Ahadi said smiling down at his son. Uru approached her mate and gave him a loving nuzzle. "I'm glad you're back as well," she whispered. "I have something important to tell you."

"Then let's talk," Ahadi replied. Then the golden King looked at his son and said, "Hey Mufasa why don't you see if Sarabi wants to play?"

"Ok Dad," Mufasa said running off to find his friend.

Once they were alone Ahadi sat beside her mate and gave her his full attention. "So what did you want to tell me?"

"Ahadi how would you feel if I told you that there was going to be a new addition to the family?" Uru asked, her amber eyes shining.

"What do you mean?" Ahadi asked, narrowing his green eyes at his mate.

"I mean I'm pregnant," Uru said, rubbing her head against Ahadi's black mane. Ahadi roughly pulled away from Uru and looked at her his green eyes blazing with anger. Uru took a step back shocked at her mate's expression. "Ahadi what's wrong? I thought you'd be happy. Why do you look so angry with me?"

"I thought we agreed that Mufasa would be our only child," Ahadi said, his voice rough. "We agreed Uru. And now you're telling me that you're pregnant again! After we agreed Uru!"

"Well then you shouldn't have mated with me when I was in heat!" Uru growled. "I warned you of that Ahadi but you couldn't control yourself so don't you dare blame me for this! Besides that I for one am happy that we're going to have another cub. And you should be too. Cubs are a joyous thing. Look at Mufasa. I thank the Kings everyday that we have him."

"I do too Uru that's the point," Ahadi replied. "If this new cub truns out to be another male it's going to cause problems. I'm just afraid that the second son will try to take the throne from Mufasa."

"Honey you're assuming that this child will be a boy," Uru said, putting her head under Ahadi's chin. "Besides there's a chance that this child will be a girl you know."

"Let's hope for the sake of the child it is a girl," Ahadi growled roughly pulling away from Uru. "Because if it's another boy so help me Uru there will be hell to pay!" With that the golden King stromed away leaving Uru to wonder what exactly he meant by that last statement.


Later the next day Uru was sunning herself on a rock with her friends Salena and Fura. "So Uru I hear you and Ahadi are going to blessed with another little one," Salena said, her amber eyes shining.

"Boy word sprends fast around here," Uru muttered. "Yes it's true a new little Prince or Princess is on the way."

"Congratulations Uru," Fura said smiling at her friend. The creamy lioness then patted her bulding belly and said, "Isn't funny? I mean first you and Salena were pregnant at the same time and now you and I are pregnant at the same time. I just hope our cubs are as close as Sarabi and Mufasa are now."

"I have no doubt of that," Uru replied. Then the brown Queen let out a sigh. "I just wish Ahadi was happier about this. He was pretty angry when I told him yesterday."

"Oh Ahadi is always grumpy about something," Salena said with a grunt. "He'll come around Uru just give him sometime."

"Salena's right honey," Fura said. "I'm sure that..." Just then the lionesses were interupted by Zula, Ahadi's majordomo who was accompied by Mufasa and Sarabi who were both covered in mud. "I'm afraid that these two have been up to some trouble," Zula said. "Leave it up to children to always find the messiest places to go. My son Zazu is the same way. But with proper training I'm sure I'll brake him of that habit."

"Yes thank you Zula we'll handle it form here," Uru said. With that the blue hornbill gave a quick bow and flew away. "Mufasa come here at once!" Uru said frimly.

"Mom it's not my fault," Mufasa whined. "Zula scared me. I was playing near the mud when he snuck up on me."

"Yeah and he grabbed me and we both fell in," Sarabi chimed in.

"I don't care whose fault it is just come here so I can clean that mud off of you," Uru said, picking her son up by his scruff and Salena did the same with Sarabi. "Ugh how in the world am I going to handle two cubs?" Uru muttered as she cleaned her son.

"I'm going to be a big brother?" Mufasa asked looking at his mother. "Cool."

"Glad you think so," Uru said with a smile. "Now hold still." With that the Queen continued to clean her son who protessed the whole time.


Later that day Ahadi was returning from his patrol when he was greated by his son. "Hey Dad Mom just told me I'm going to have a new brother or sister in a few weeks. Isn't that cool?" Mufasa's amber eyes were shining with excitement as he said this last part.

"Yes quite exciting," Ahadi replied his voice monotone. He turned to Uru and said, "May I speak to you?"

"Of course," Uru replied, fallowing her mate outside the cave. When they had got outside Ahadi said in a low, but gruff voice, "Why did you tell Mufasa about the cub?"

"Because I thought he should know," Uru replied. "He's bound to notice Ahadi when my belly starts getting bigger."

"I thought we would wait to see if..." Ahadi began.

"If what?" Uru interrupted. "If I miscarry? Oh you would love that wouldn't you Ahadi? You would love for me to lose this child wouldn't you? Well guess what that's not going to happen. Rather you like it or not this child is going to be born. So you had better change you're attitude fast. Because I will not allow you to ruin on of the happies moments of my life. And if you can't be happy too then I'll thank you to keep your distance from me." With that Uru truned and stormed back into the cave leaving the golden King alone.

"She can't be right," Ahadi thought angerily. "This new cub will cause nothing but trouble. I can feel it deep inside of me. I just know it'll be a male. I never even wanted cubs to begin with. The only reason I had Mufasa was because we had to have a heir to the throne. But my stupid hormones got the better of me and now Uru's pregnant again. Damn it all. But Mufasa grew on me. Maybe this child will too. If I don't want to lose Uru I had better at least pretend to have a change in attitude or she'll leave me. I love her too much to let that happen. Ok here goes nothing." With that the King took a deep breath and entered the cave and walked over to Uru and whispered, "I'm sorry. I promise I'll try to change my attitude about the cub. Ok?"

Uru looked over at her mate with suspision in her amber eyes. "Why the sudden changer?" she whispered, being careful not to awaken Mufasa, who was sleeping soundly.

"Because I don't want to lose you," Ahadi said, truthfully. Then came the lie "And maybe you're right. This new cub may not be a bad thing after all. Even if it's a male it'll still be good."

"You mean that?" Uru asked.

"I do," Ahadi lied. Uru, however belived his lie and gave him a loving nuzzle. "Oh Ahadi you made me so happy. I'm so glad you changed your mind."

"All I want is for you to be happy," Ahadi declared. "Now let's go to be. After all expentant mothers need all the sleep they can get." Uru nodded and with that that King and Queen layed down beside their son and went to sleep

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