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Ch 20 The End

A couple of weeks past and soon it was time for Sarafina to give birth. As was custom the creamy lioness went off to a secluded place and one week later she returned with a craemy bundle in her mouth. Approaching Mufasa and Sarabi who was holding a sleeping Simba in her paws Sarafina gently placed her cub on the ground. "Mufasa Sarabi I'd like to introduce you to my daughter, Nala," Sarafina said giving her cub a lick.

"Oh 'Fina she's perfect," Sarabi declared going in for a closer look. As if on cue Simba woke up and began to fuss. "Shh there there my darling," Sarabi soothed. "Go back to sleep. It's ok." With a yawn the tiny Prince streatched and snuggled into his mother's fur going back to sleep.

"Little Nala is perfect," Mufasa declared. Sarafina was beaming with pride from ear to ear as she gently picked up her daughter and went to join the other lionesses.


A week later Sarafina got a surprise visit from Scar. "So I hear that you have a daughter," Scar said looking at the sleeping cub.

"Yes her name is Nala," Sarafina said, a little uneasy.

"Well you should be thankful she looks nothing like her rouge father," Scar declared a hint of acid to his voice. "Otherwise you may get some questions from her that you may not want to ansewer."

"Like what?" Sarafina asked glaring at Scar.

"Like who her daddy is," Scar explained roughly. "Wouldn't want your darling daughter to know what a slut her mother is now would we?"

"Scar if you came here to be cruel then I'll thank you to leave," Sarafina spat out. "And if I were you I'd keep my distance from me and from my daughter. Or else"

"Oh I wouldn't dream of going anywhere near your brat," Scar hissed his eyes like two green daggers. "And just so we're clear Sarafina I don't want you around me either."

"Oh dont't worry Scar I won't be coming anywhere near you," Sarafina hissed. "Ever." With that Scar turned and exited leaving Sarafina to wonder how she could have ever loved someone like him.


As the weeks past it was very obvious that Simba and Nala were becoming best friends. Sarabi and Sarafina watched in amazement as their children played together.

"They are so cute together aren't they 'Fina," Sarabi asked with a smile as she watched her six week old son attempt to pin down Sarafina's four week old daughter.

"They sure are Sara'," Sarafina agreed with a smile. "Nala honey play nice don't hurt the Prince." She couldn't help but laugh as Nala reluctenly relaesed Simba only to have him try yet again to pin her.

"You know 'Fina Mufasa and I have been talking," Sarabi began looking at her firend. "And if it's alright with you we would very much like it if Simba and Nala were to be betrothed."

"Of course I'm ok with that," Sarafina declared happily. "I mean why wouldn't I be?"

"I'm so glad," Sarabi smiled. Just then Simba approached his mother and said, "Mommy tell Nala she has to let me pin her."

"Now Simba we discussed this," Sarabi said gently. "If you want to pin Nala you're going to have to do it on your own."

"But Mooommy," the tiny Prince whined. "She should have to do what I say 'cause I'm the Prince."

"Nah uh," Nala said walking up beside Simba. "I don't have to let you beat just 'cause your a Prince. Right Mommy." The tiny cub looked up at her mother eagerly awaiting the ansewer.

"That's right my sweet," Sarafina said with a smile. Nala had a satisfied grin on her face which made Simba angry.

"Humph that's not fair," the golden Prince muttered.

"Young man if you keep that attitude up I'm sure Daddy will have something to say about when he returns," Sarabi said sternly. Just then Scar entered the cave. "Hi ya Unca Scar," Simba squeaked running over to his uncle and rubbing aganist his leg.

"Hello there my boy," Scar said rubbing his nephew's head roughly. The brown lion then look up at Sarafina who gave Nala a quick glance.

"Um Nala why don't we go down to the waterhole for a drink?" Sarafina asked, picking her daughter up and carring her out of the cave.

"Bye bye Nala," Simba called out.

"Bye bye Simba," Nala cried as her mother carried her.

"Scar what are you doing here?" Sarabi asked with a slight growl.

"Just wanted to spend some time with my nephew," Scar replied with a smerk. Really he was down there just because he knew it would annoy Sarafina and Sarabi to no end.

"Well this is the nursery cave," Sarabi replied. "So only cubs and their parents are allowed here. So if you wouldn't mind leaving I'd appreciate it."

"Ah man do ya have to go Unca Scar?" Simba asked dissappointed.

"It's what your Mommy wants," Scar replied shooting Sarabi glare. With that he turned and left leaving his dissappointed nephew with his mother. However Simba quickly was happy again when Mufasa entered the cave returning form his rounds.

"Daddy you're back," Simba cried excitedly rubbing aganist his father's leg.

"Glad to see you too son," the King chuckled. He then gave Sarabi a nuzzle and said, "And how was our boy today?"

"In need of a talk," came the reply. Sarabi then explained Simba's attitude towards Nala. Mufasa got a serious look on his face and said, "Simba come here at once son."

"Yes Daddy," Simba said waliking over to his father.

"Simba do you think you're better than Nala?" the King asked.

"Unca Scar said that Nala should do whatever I say 'cause she's a regular cub and I'm a Prince," Simba declared.

"Figures it was Scar that put the idea into his head," Mufasa thought with a shake of his head. Out loud he said, "Simba just because you're a Prince dosen't mean you're better than other lions. We are all equal. Understand?"

"Yes Daddy," Simba whispered. "I'm sorry. Am I a bad boy?"

"No son you're not," Mufasa said with a smile nuzzling his son. Then the King let out a yawn and said, "Boy what a day. I'm beat."

"Me too," Simba said yawning.

"Well I think it's about time for bed," Sarabi said just then Sarafina returned carrying a sleeping Nala in her mouth. "Come Simba bed time."

"Ok Mommy," Simba said. He gave his father a nuzzle. "Goodnight Daddy."

"Goodnight son," Mufasa replied smiling at his boy. Simba then layed down beside Nala and was promptly asleep. As they watched their son sleep Mufasa and Sarabi were both feeling happy and content. Sarabi decided to push aside her feelings about Scar for the sake of her son. Mufasa was felling hopeful for the future of his family. As he watched his son sleep the golden King thought to himself, "Nothing can possiably go wrong now. My brother has seemed to taken a liking to Simba. That is very good. Maybe it'll help him become a better lion." Thinking these happy thoughts Mufasa layed his head down and went to sleep. :Little did he know that his problems were just beginning.

The End

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