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Chapter One: Death of a Shinobi

"Perimeter secure," she said into the small receiver at her throat.

"Copy that, Jaguar," said her teammate. There was horrible reception and the radio kept cutting in and out."I'm going in," she heard from the other end.

"Hai," she replied.

"God, I hate working in the mountains," the female ANBU thought to herself. All of a sudden a huge explosion went off in the area where her teammate was positioned.

"Fox, are you all right?" she said into the mic. Silence. "Fox?" she called again, as panic started to take hold of her."Fox!" still silent. "Damn it Naruto, answer me!" she all but screamed. Static came through her earpiece, "Get…here…NOW…!" she heard her partner yell in pain as there was a large crash in the background.

"I'll be right there!" she said and set off at a run.

Naruto P.o.V

"Get out of here!" he called over the roar of the flames that were quickly eating away at the building he was trapped in. "There's nothing you can do, NOW GO!" the connection cut off.

He'd been careless. The enemy laid a tripwire that triggered an explosion. "Rookie mistake!" he chastised himself. He was now trapped under a huge piece of concrete wall.

"Fox!" he heard," Where are you!"

'Damn it! I thought I told her to go" he thought once he recognized the voice.

"I'm over here!" he called.

"Hang on! I'll be right there!" she called back to him. Naruto smirked beneath his ivory ANBU mask. 'Same old Sakura' he thought as he felt the pressure on his legs diminish as Sakura flipped over the wall fragment.

She had pushed her mask up so that is rested on the side of her head. Her emerald eyes were full of concern and her lips were thin with worry. She scanned him over for any obvious injuries. When there were none she looked relieved.

Naruto chuckled, "Whatever happened to 'Shinobi never show emotions'?" he asked chidingly. "Whatever happened to 'Watch where you're going'?" she countered. Naruto sweat dropped. She had a point.

"Did you get the information?" she asked

"Yep," he replied as he pulled up his mask, revealing the same happy, yet cocky face she knew and loved.

"Good," she said as she wrapped her arm around his waist to help him walk. They had nearly made it to the exit when Sakura felt something thin press up against her ankle.

'SHIT! ,'she thought as she threw Naruto out the opening in the wall that the first blast had created just before a second barrage of explosions was triggered right behind her. She was blown out of the opening, but managed to land on top of Naruto to shield him from the brunt of the blast. A blinding pain exploded in her back as she rolled over to let him up.

"Sakura, are you all right?" Naruto asked as he sat up. There were kunai strewn all around him,' Damn the blast must've been hiding those,' he thought to himself. He looked over at Sakura. She was grimacing in pain and her breathing was short and ragged. She was deathly pale and there was a pool of red forming beneath her.

"SAKURA!" he yelled and grabbed her shoulder.

"I can't…breathe," she rasped, her eyes half closed.

Naruto lifted her up so she was lying in his lap. He ran his hand along her back and found the kunai embedded in her lung. He quickly pulled it out and wrapped her torso in the bandages she always kept in her medic pouch. She coughed blood and the bandages quickly soaked through.

'Damn if only I knew medic ninjutsu,' he thought bitterly to himself.

"It's not…. your…. fault….Naruto….I…I was careless," she gasped and coughed again, her vision going fuzzy. "Hey," she said, reaching up to wipe Naruto's tears, " just remember one thing."

"No, don't talk, you'll be fine," he lied," you can tell me when we get back home."

"Just remember," She said, a sad smile on her face," in life or in death, I'll always believe in you." And with that, a single tear slid down Sakura's cheek as she closed her eyes for the final time. Her hand fell from Naruto's cheek as she slid into death's bittersweet embrace.

Tears fell in rivers from Naruto's eyes. He pulled her close and clung to her for dear life as it started to rain. For a moment he thought her heard a chain rattle but then it thundered to he didn't pay it any mind. He picked up his best friend bridal style after pulling his mask back down over his grief-stricken face and made his way through the torrential downpour back to Konoha. After all, shinobi show no emotion.

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