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This is one of my first fanfictions I have ever written. Feedback would be much appreciated. It's a general Bulma and Vegeta fic but I wanted to do something simple for my first love story. In the brackets is the song Contagious by Boys Like Girls. I think it matches up to the story pretty well. Tell me what you think!

{I'm flying down the fast lane doin' 95; 90 things on my brain…}

Bulma was standing in the kitchen speaking to her mother when they felt something hit the ground.

"Oh darling what was that?" Mrs. Briefs had toppled over and her tray of cookies was all over the floor.

"I'll go ask daddy!" Bulma ran to the lab her father was supposed to be working in but he was nowhere in sight. "Daddy! Daddy!" she yelled.

"Out here sweetheart!" Dr. Briefs was out in the ruined garden. "Looks as if we have a visitor!"

Bulma stood next to her father with a shocked look on her pretty face.

"Ve—Vegeta," she whispered, "So soon?"

She wasn't expecting Vegeta to even take up her offer of a place to stay. Whenever she talked to him on Namek, he stared at her as if she were a horrible alien.

The fallen Saiyan Prince was trying, very unsuccessfully, to get off of the ground.

"Bulma, help the poor man get up!" Dr. Briefs was surprised at Bulma's lack of response to his request.


"No buts dear," he smiled.

Bulma bent over and offered Vegeta a hand.

"I don't need your help, woman!" Vegeta growled out and jumped up not thinking of the pain that would shock his back. "Ahh," Vegeta bent over with a grimace on his face.

Bulma smirked, "Looks like you might actually need help from a 'weak Earthling' after all."

Vegeta forced himself to look up and glare at the blue beauty standing in front of him.

"Oo scary!" she mocked.

Dr. Briefs left the two to figure things out.

"Come on Vegeta. I'll let you take a shower and then I'll have a look at your injuries!" she giggled at the huge look of disgust gracing his handsome features.

"Nothing is funny," Vegeta stated then walked forward realizing the woman was walking away.

While Vegeta was taking a shower Bulma called Yamcha –her boyfriend- to tell him what was going on.

"So yeah! Busy day here at CC!" Bulma giggled flirtatiously into the phone. "Want to go to a movie later?"

"Yeah sure babe! Sounds like fun. Pick you up at seven?"


"Okay see you!"


"Woman!" Vegeta was mad about something else again.

Bulma rolled her eyes and put the phone into her pocket.

"Bring me a drying cloth at once!"

"Vegeta! They are in the closet right next to your—"

"Too slow, woman," Vegeta was growling like a wild animal.

"My name isn't woman. It's—"

Vegeta walked out of the bathroom in spandex shorts that left little to the imagination.

Vegeta noticed the blush that crept across the woman's face and he smirked, "Like what you see?" Vegeta raised his ki which made his skin steam off the excess water. He lifted one of his dark eyebrows at her face that kept getting deeper and deeper red.

"I… I…," Bulma couldn't speak at the sight of his perfectly chiseled body.

"You really shouldn't stare when you have a mate," Vegeta recalled her obnoxious giggles and crossed his arms with a frown.

"Mate?" Bulma didn't catch on at first, "Oh, Yamcha! He's my boy—"

"I don't care about your useless feelings!" Vegeta snapped and his scowl deepened.

"Well for your information, your highness, we love each other and there's nothing you can do or say to stop what we have!" Bulma yelled and immediately regained her composure. "Vegeta? Vegeta, where are you going?" Bulma watched as his perfect backside walked away.

"Woman!" Vegeta tensed up at her caterwauling, "I am a Saiyan! I can hear you perfectly well without your horrible screeching!" he showed his teeth and calmly added, "and for your information, I am going to train."

"Vegeta!" Bulma yelled, "I mean… Vegeta," she stopped yelling, "please just let me have a look at your injuries."

Bulma walked forward and put a hand on his back.

"Ahh," Vegeta pulled his eyes closed and his back tensed up.

"Oh Vegeta I'm so—" Bulma was cut off when he pretended not to be hurt.

"It's nothing woman! Leave me to my training," Vegeta stormed off.

After almost a week, Vegeta was still ignoring his injuries; Bulma was almost finished with the special Gravity Room she designed for Vegeta's training; and Yamcha was being a complete flake to his relationship with Bulma.

"I swear if Yamcha cancels our date again it's over!" Bulma thought to herself while remembering their last canceled date.


"Yamcha!" Bulma ran to her boyfriend and jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist. "What are you doing here?"

"I was hoping you could escort me to a dinner for two at the Cosmos tonight at 8pm."

The Cosmos was a brand new exclusive restaurant/night-club in the city where only the best of the best could get in.

"Oh yes please!" Bulma kissed him deeply. "Oh! I need to go get ready!"

"Okay babe!" Yamcha smirked at Vegeta who was glaring at their embrace with a scowl. "See you around 8!"

When Yamcha departed Bulma started squealing with a genuine smile on her face. She jumped around the kitchen in a manner that, to Vegeta, mirrored the one Mrs. Briefs used when she was excited about something.

"Quiet your pointless screeching! I hear enough of it as is!" Vegeta loved to argue with Bulma and he didn't see why he shouldn't rain on her parade.

"You're just jealous that I have a date and you don't!" Bulma bounced up the stairs in a drunk-happy daze.

A couple hours later, Bulma was completely ready in a crimson gown that perfected everything on her body including her exotic blue hair.

She took one last look and ran downstairs in her sexy stiletto heels.

"Vegeta how do I look?" she twirled in front of him.

"Hn," he grunted in response.

"Buzzkill!" She giggled anyway.

A few minutes later, Bulma was bored with Vegeta's silence and started to get impatient.

"Where is he?" she looked at the clock.

"Maybe the idiot forgot his plans," Vegeta liked the flash in her eyes at his statement.

"Shut up jerk! He'll get here!"

Bulma stood up and paced around while Vegeta's onyx eyes followed her. She knew Vegeta was staring at her but she enjoyed the attention from such an attractive man, a prince nonetheless.

At least someone is paying attention to me, she thought.

Vegeta noticed Bulma's frown. "Woman?" He looked to her while she rested her pretty face in her hands. Something wasn't right and his best guess was that the idiot, weakling Yamcha had to be the source of her random sadness. He decided he liked her mad instead.

Curiously he ran his finger across her arm.

Bulma jerked up her head. "Ve-Vegeta?"

{…Don't know where the hell I'm going…}

He was nowhere to be seen.

"What was that?" she stood up and noticed the goosebumps on her arms. Before she could ponder as to why, she saw Yamcha's car pull up near the front gates.

"Yay, Vegeta, guess who is here!"

"No one cares about that pathetic excuse, woman," Vegeta yelled back from somewhere else in the house.

Bulma was so excited that she ran to the front door to meet him. She threw open the door.


He wasn't dressed to go to the Cosmos! He looked like he had been in a coma for a week with a wild animal for a roommate.

"Bulma, honey, I…"

"EW! You smell like a bar!" she shoved him away.

"I'm going to have to cancel tonight, babe," he looked nervous.

"Yamcha, what the hell? Have I been getting ready for disappointment? You jerk!" Bulma was furious and slammed the door in his dirty face.

As soon as his car pulled away Bulma slid down the door and silently cried.

End of flashback

Bulma was getting ready for the beach because that's where Yamcha was supposedly bringing her. She stared in the mirror at her cutoff shorts and red, string bikini top that was barely visible through her white tank top.

Bulma knew she was beautiful. She wished Yamcha could see it, though.

"Well let's see how this goes."

Vegeta, as usual, was sitting at the table eating after a long day of training; waiting for the fireworks that came with the woman and the weaklings crumbling relationship.

"Oh Bulma you look gorgeous!" Mrs. Briefs was making more dinner for Vegeta, "Would you like to eat dinner with Vegeta?"

"No thanks mom! I'm going to the beach with Yamcha," Bulma smiled and looked over to Vegeta. "What is it this time?"

Vegeta was shaking his head at her.

Your mate is cheating on you, he thought to himself not wanting to get caught in their little circle of pointless drama.

Vegeta though back to last time Yamcha canceled and how he was covered in another woman's scent. He was disgusted with human behavior. Saiyans had more sense even though they were a feared warrior race.

After Mrs. Briefs put ten hamburgers in front of Vegeta, she went elsewhere in CC.

"I'm almost finished with my latest experiment, Vegeta," Bulma said, hoping to start a conversation now that there was no one else in the kitchen to talk to.

"Okay," Vegeta said between burgers.

"Not a 'that's cool'? Or an 'interesting'? Oh, forgive me your assness, I forgot you probably have no interest in anyone else's life besides your own!"

Yamcha rang the doorbell before Vegeta could answer.

"Hello!" Bulma placed a kiss on his lips, "ready to go?"

"Bulma, I-"

"What is it?" Bulma frowned and stepped back putting more space between her and Yamcha.

"Bulma. I can't bring you to the beach today. I'm busy," Yamcha glanced everywhere else in the room besides her upset stare and Vegeta's vicious glare.

"With what?" Bulma crossed her arms in a pissed off manner much like Vegeta's.

"Yamcha, honey?" another girl with fake, blonde hair, walked up the pathway towards Yamcha, "what's taking so long?"

"I told you to stay in the car!" Yamcha said it so fast the sentence sounded like one giant word.

Vegeta stopped eating and stared at Bulma expecting water works.

"You are a dumbass, two-timing, son-of-a-bitch! It's over!" Bulma kicked Yamcha where it counted and slammed the door. She turned around with glossy eyes. "Yamcha's cheating on me? Yamcha. Is cheating. On me?" Bulma fell to her knees, "Vegeta am I really that ugly?" she started letting the tears fall.

"I will kill him, woman," Vegeta was pissed off at Yamcha for letting someone as beautiful as her go. Yet, he was proud at her for being strong in front of Yamcha and oddly relieved.

Bulma jumped towards the cabinet that contained an assortment of alcoholic beverages hoping to get drunk off her mind so she could forget all of this. She grabbed the whiskey and put it to her lips.

Before she could tilt her head back and drink Vegeta leapt from the table and took the whiskey from her hands.

"No woman," Vegeta lifted her up and set her away from the bottle. Before he could let her go she wrapped her legs around his body and kept trying to kiss him; she eventually succeeded.

Vegeta savored her delicious lips for a moment until he realized it meant nothing to her. He pushed her away.

Bulma landed to the floor with a thud.

"Look world!" she raised her arms, "the Prince of Saiyans is also repulsed by the disgusting monster named Bulma Briefs!"

Vegeta growled at her pointless ramblings.

"Don't worry Vegeta, the rejection was clear enough by itself."

"Maybe if you could shut the hell up from time to time Yamcha wouldn't have felt the need to cheat!" Vegeta hated how quick his tongue was but too prideful to take it back.

"Wow Vegeta! Low blow for an asshole! I don't see you bringing home any woman!" Bulma kept at it, "You know what dickhead? You can forget about having to ever talk to me again because I AM OUT OF HERE! And don't try to stop me because I'll just hate you even more!"
Bulma let go of a sob and went out to her car.

Moments later, Bulma was parked in front of a dark park crying her eyes out. She lifted her head from the steering wheel.

"Oh Kami, why am I such an asshole magnet?"

She shook out her blue curls.

"I need some air."

Bulma decided to go on a walk.

"Brr! I should have worn a coat!" she regretted only wearing her beach clothes. The sun was setting and the wind was picking up.

Little did Bulma know, there were two sets of eyes watching her every move.

{…But I'm going after you…}