I used to be the golden child. I had short, blonde hair, green eyes, dressed preppy, and got good grades. I was a parent's wet dream. Growing up, my looks changed drastically as I found myself. I threw away my parents version of the perfect son and became my own individual.

I started wearing all things black. My dress style could be described as grudge/ I don't give a fuck. I grew my hair out a couple inches pass my ears and even died my hair dark brown to the point it almost looked black. My new choice in colors made my green eyes pop and my skin look pale as a ghost. I grow some stubble on my chin and had side burns. As well as picked up the nasty habit of smoking and drinking.

I only drank when I was at parties to be social, if you could call me that. I smoked when I was annoyed or in stress which was constant considering I was still in high school coexisting with a bunch of assholes and sluts with no real thoughts of their own.

Edward Cullen was the biggest asshole of them all. He was the head jock at my school and thought he was god's gift. It didn't help matters that the entire female student body found him attractive nor did it help that most of the guys looked up to him, furthering his ego boost.

My gang of freaks as Edward and his clan liked to call us, were the only ones who didn't bow down to the prick. I despised him, and he despised me. I stayed out of his way and he stayed out of mine. That was the only way we could coexist, pretending the other wasn't there.

"Yo, Tim, you got a light?" I asked one of my friends.

I stuck a cig in my mouth as he handed me a blue lighter. I made quick work lighting my cigarette as he started to talk.

"Assward's arrived."

I took a swig, looking in the direction he was viewing as I blew out some smoke. There Edward was dressed preppy as always with his crew, chatting away with a girl on either side of him, trying to win his affections. Our eyes met briefly as he passed by. I rolled my eyes, taking another hit of my cig before the bell rang.

"Time for the fun to begin." I announced.

Tim snickered giving me a hand nudge before he went off to his class and I went off to mine.

"Okay class settled down. And turn to page 56." The teacher instructed.

I sighed bored; my book lay on my desk unopened. I started sketching in my notebook, which I often did to waste time. I could hear snickers across the room. I reluctantly turned around to find Edward's hushed snickers with his gang. His eyes landed on mine and his snickers died.

"What are you looking at freak?" One of his friends's voiced.

I gave him the, I don't give a fuck about you look, before turning back around in my chair.

"Nice picture." I heard next to me.

I looked over to find Shelly, a known slut eyeing my artwork. I heard she was the first girl to jump on Edward's dick.

"Not interested." I stated bitterly, going back to working on my drawling.

"Excuse me?" She questioned rudely.

"I don't want you, or your diseased pussy. So save your breath for someone who gives a fuck." I lectured.

Her face was priceless. She was frozen in her spot with her mouth agape. The teacher's lesson brought me back to reality.

"Mr. Whitlock…"

"Freak!" someone shouted.

The class snickered after that.

"That's enough class, now Mr. Whitlock, what is the answer to my question?"

"Why don't you ask Cullen? He is the smart ass in this class." I snapped.

Another group of snickers could be heard with a couple of gasp in surprise. I wasted no time getting up and grabbing my stuff before heading out the door.

"Where do you think you're going Mr. Whit…?" My teacher's words were cut off with the door closing behind me.

"Party, party party!" Someone shouted, running across the lawn obviously drunk or high on something.

I huff annoyed taking another sip of my drink in the dark of the night as the party raged on inside the tight quarters of Jessica Stanley's house. A known wanna be. She was annoying as hell, like chalk on the blackboard but I had to admit she did throw some bomb ass parties. I found a bench hidden in the yard surrounded by greenery. I took a seat, setting my cup of alcohol down as I brought a cig to my lips, patting my pockets in search of my lighter. Suddenly a hand came to my mouth holding the device I desired. I leaned forward letting the unknown hand light my cigarette. I took a puff about to thank the stranger when my eyes met his, Edward Cullen's blue ones. He was the last person I was expecting. I'm sure my expression showed my surprised. Edward smirked amused.

"Not who you were expecting huh?"

I took another inhale of my cigarette, annoyed.

"What do you want Cullen?" I asked bitterly, looking out into the darkness.

"You're gonna kill yourself if you keep smoking like this." He said taking a spot on the bench next to me without asking.

"What's the matter, friend's found out what a fake you are? No good sluts to fuck?" I asked bitterly.

"Good one." He stated dryly.

I shrugged.

"I have my moments." I voiced, taking the last swig of my cig before throwing it down on the ground and putting it out with my boot.

Edward gave me an uneasy look noticing I was on my way out.

"As scintillating as this was, I have better things to do than be near the likes of you." I snapped making my way across the lawn.

"Wait!" Edward called out.

I stopped in my tracks, why I don't know. I should have just told him to fuck himself and leave. However, I turned around despite my inner protest.

"Why do you hate me?" he asked.

His question threw me off, his insecurity threw me off.

Since when does he care what I think?

Since when is he so fragile?

"The same reason you hate me." I stated.

Edward face scrunched up in confusion.

"I don't hate you. I don't understand you, but I don't hate you."

"Right, so you're telling me you don't talk about me behind my back?" I challenged.

"Well, there's been gossip, but I didn't start it."

"Gossip about what?" I demanded, coming closer.

"Some guys think your…gay. You know because you never talk to any girls and turn them down left and right."

"Has it ever occurred to you and your friends that maybe I don't want an easy fuck, if I wanted that I could just go to you." I snapped.

Edward went from shocked and pissed in two seconds flat.

"I'm not a fag, fag."

"Wow, mind bottling, how long did it take you to come up with that remark? I hope you didn't hurt yourself."

Edward let out a growl before charging after me. I froze not expecting this. One second I was standing, the next, I was on the ground with Edward on top of me, panting heavily in my face. His eyes went from anger to shock to something I couldn't quite read. I just smirked, knowing he couldn't beat me up like he wanted. I knew he was all talk. I waited for him to meet defeat and get off me but that didn't happen. Instead, a weird look crossed his face, and his pants grew closer, I felt more of his breath on my face. It was then I realized he was leaning down, towards me. His face was an inch from mine when my eyes bugged.

Shit, he's trying to kiss me.

Freaking closet fag.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I snapped, backing away as much as I could in the small room I had. Edward's eyes widen at my remark, quickly moving off me.

He looked everywhere but at me. I knew his secret. I knew something about him, yet, he knew nothing about me. I had an advantage. I smirked at this. Edward noticed sending me a death glare.

"If you tell anyone about this, I swear to god I will make your life a living hell."

"Relaxed, Edward. As long as you continue banging sluts, I'm sure your secret will be safe."

He cringed at the thought, but didn't say anything back. I almost felt bad for him. He was living a façade day in and day out for appearances. Afraid his friends and possibility family wouldn't accept him for whom he really was.

"Cig?" I offered.

Edward eyed it strangely, looking back at me before taking it.


I light it for him and he took a puff, choking afterwards. I snickered at his virgin ways, as he handed it back to me.

"I don't know why you like those things." He expressed, shuddering at the aftertaste.

Without thinking I brought the used cig to my lips. Edward gasped surprised I wasn't afraid of cooties. I just shrugged taking a puff.

"No point in wasting."

"Edward, Edward are you out here?" A girl called out.

"You're being paged." I informed.

Edward sighed annoyed.

"I really don't feel like hanging with my people tonight."

"Not my problem, it's been real." I stated heading towards my car.

"Wait up Jasper!" He called out, running after me.

I sighed annoyed.

"Now what is it?" I demanded.

Edward looked out of place, looking back and forth between me and the party behind us.

"Can I come?"

"I'm not going anywhere exciting, in fact I'm going home."

"I don't mind, anywhere is better than here."

"Nice room." Edward said looking around amazed.

"It's alright I guess." I voiced taking a spot on my bed, resting my back.

It wasn't two seconds later I felt the bed sink beside me. I turned to find Edward lying back on the mattress, as if he was in his own bed. I gulped feeling nervous from some unknown reason. It was unnerving to see him so comfortable around me all of a sudden. Maybe it was because I knew his secret. Maybe because he knew he didn't have to act around me anymore.

"So umm…" I started not sure what to talk about.

I felt Edward turn to face me. Our arms brushed against each other. I got goose bumps, but didn't move away from his touch. Edward made no effort to remove his body either. Instead I felt the squeak of the bed and his arm flush against my own. I closed my eyes, ignoring the feelings that were clouding my brain. My breathing quickened.

"Jasper." He whispered against my face.

Suddenly I felt warm lips on mine. It felt good, real good. Against my better judgment, I kissed back. Edward eagerly moved his lips against mine, moaning in my mouth. I felt weight come down on my body. I gasped breaking the kiss as I felt something poking my thigh. Edward moved his mouth across my neck talking between his kisses.

"I wanted this for so long. You're so hot."

Did I hear correctly, Edward Cullen a known dick, lusted after me?

I let him continue on with his lips, feeling them travel towards the nape of my neck. I slid my hands down towards his perky little ass, giving it a light squeeze through his jeans. I was rewarded with a groan and jerk of his hips. Suddenly his kisses became harsh bites and sucks on my flesh. I gasped at the feeling.

Fuck, he's giving me a hickey.

The thought is sexy as hell, knowing I would have a physical reminder of our time together.

I slipped my hands in the little gap that lay between Edward and his jeans, grabbing his ass through his underpants, getting a better feel of what lay beneath.

"Jasper." He moaned into my neck.

I could hear the need in his voice, the desperation. His dick was hard as a rock from what I could feel along my now bruised hip. His lips stopped, but his face stayed put in the arch of my neck, panting away. He wiggled his hips dying for relief.

"Please." He begged.

What he was begging for I wasn't sure. I squeezed his ass again, harder this time. He grunted in my neck and started grinding his dick harder into my clothed body.

"Uh, more."

Who would have known Edward Cullen was a freak?

I granted his wish, digging my nails in his flesh this time, giving him his own physical reminder of our time together.

"Ah, fuck!" He groaned.

"You like that?" I teased against his ear.

He nodded his head frantically, silently begging for me to continue.

I removed my hands from his pants. He left out a groan in protest.

"Lift up." I demanded.

Shockingly Edward did as told raising his hips up. I make quick work on his jeans, unbutton them and pulling them down along with his boxers. I got a good look at his dick in the process. Edward had very nice equipment. I guess the rumors where true. I smirked knowing he was putty in my hands.


Edward obeyed putting his weight back down on me. I slowly moved my hands down his ass, soothingly, before teasingly running a finger across his hole. He whimpered under my touch, moaning against my neck.

"You ever had a finger in you Edward?" I asked huskily near his ear.

Edward didn't say anything. Instead he let his hips do the talking, moving them back in fourth, encouraging me to continue.

I gently spread his cheeks, pushing my finger through the opening of his tight ass.

Edward grunted against my neck, wiggling his hips wildly.

"Uhh, more."

I continued to move my finger, making sure to touch his sensitive spot inside.

"Oh, uh, yeah." Edward carried on, panting heavily.

In no time, Edward was spent against my body, trying to work on fixing his breathing and my clothes were covered in his cum. I tapped him to move. He got the hint moving to his side of the bed, giving me room to move. I got off the bed and began to undress.

I watched as Edward's form tense.

"Jasper, I'm not ready for, I mean, I never, with a guy, I mean…"

I smirked amused as he rambled on nervously.

"Relax Edward; I'm not going to fuck you. I just have to change my clothes. You got me all messy."

Edward blushed embarrassed.


I finished changing my clothes before returning my attention back to naked Edward on my bed. He looked at me expectantly as I slowly walked over. He licked his lips eagerly, his dick was semi hard.

Does this guy ever stop?

I picked his clothes off my floor tossing them to him.

"Get dress." I instructed.

Edward gave me a confused and almost disappointed look.

"I thought, I mean, what about you?"

"Look Edward, this was nice and all, but I think the thrill is gone and I'm a little tired. I think it's time to call it a day." I replied bitterly.

Edward looked like a deer in headlights. I watched silently as he let the words sink in his head, raising off the bed and making quick work on his clothes.

"I should have never come here; I'm so stupid, thinking this was… Fuck, I don't even know what this was." He rambled as he threw his clothes on.

I watched amused, admiring his ass as he dressed.

"How the fuck am I supposed to get home now, I left my car at the party?" He asked frustrated, running a hand through his wild hair.

I sighed annoyed.

"I'll drive you back."

Edward could see my aggravation on the subject.

"Forget it, I'll walk, Freak." He called out before shutting my bedroom door behind him.

I rolled my eyes getting into bed. Edward's aroma was strong in my bed, on my pillows. I brought one up to my face, taking a deep inhale.

I took a deep breath through closed eyes. Feeling the breeze touch my face, enjoying the quiet.

"Yo, dude, you got a light, I forgot mine?" Tim asked.

I slowly opened my eyes to face him.

"Nah, I quit."

His eyes grew big.

"Since when?"

"Since now." I stated, watching as Edward walked pass.

He stopped in his spot, looking in my direction, almost as if tempted to say something.

His friend's called out for him. I gave him a small nod, before he turned back to his friends and started moving on his way.

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