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"How do I look?" I asked as I fixed my crooked tie in the reflection.

"You look great, now stop stressing out. You are acting like you're the one who is going to be walking down the aisle." Bella teased, giving me a goofy smile in the mirror from behind.

"I am not, I'm just… ok, maybe I'm stressing a little bit but it's just because I want things to all work out well for mom. You know? I would hate to see her heartbroken again and then I would have to kick the shit out of Phil." I stressed as I tried to pin a rose bud to my suit with shaky hands.

Bella smiled amused coming up beside me; "Here let me." She offered taking the rose and pin from my hold.

"Are you sure this is about mom and not the fact Edward will be here with you, around our family and friends?"

I let out a sigh, I didn't realize I was holding as she pin the rose to my jacket.

"Maybe. I just want everything to go smoothly. Prior to my thoughts before, I want this marriage to work for mom and I want everyone to accept Edward and mine relationship but I know that's not going to happen with some of our older homophobic family members."

"First of all, since when do you care what others think of you? And second of all, you don't need everyone to accept your relationship, you just need them to respect it and keep their thoughts to themselves." Bella voiced, opening the door for us.

"Yeah, that's true but since when do people know how to keep their mouths shut?" I challenged.

"It will be fine and if anything you can always change the subject to something else, like the WEDDING that is about to take place without us if we don't hurry, now come on."

As is on cue, as soon as Bella and I made our way to the backyard with the rest of family and friends who were busy mingling, the music started, signaling it was time to sit down.

I found Edward in the back row smiling over at me, patting an empty seat next to him. My father was also in the same row.

"Are you coming?" I asked Bella who looked hesitant, as she eyed Emmett in the next row over.

"Umm, you go ahead. I think I'm going to sit over there. I still haven't thanked Emmett for what he did for me with the whole Jacob thing."

"Okay." I said with a knowing smile before heading on my way to Edward.

"You clean up nicely." Charlie said giving me a small hug.

"Thanks dad. You look decent too. I see mom was able to get you out of your old, funky clothes for a change." I teased with a chuckle.

"Yeah, well it is a wedding, even if it is in a backyard."

"So, are you okay with this? I mean being here with mom marrying Phil and all?"

"It's a little too late to ask that don't you think?" He said amused.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Besides, why do you think I decided to seat back here with my son? So we ignore the boring wedding vows and make fun of all what people are wearing and how they react to the ceremony."

I cracked a smile at this. It almost felt like old times.

My dad and I were quite similar in the way that we weren't into important/big events things like weddings or church. We weren't emotional like my mom and sister were at such things. We used to sit in the back row in church as my mom and sister sat upfront.

We would make fun of what people were wearing, guessing who was wearing a wig and snicker as a pastor did his sermon. That was our bonding experience back in the day. We got great laughs and evil looks as well.

I took my seat next to Edward as he whisper in my ear; "You look sexy. I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything else."

I gave him an amused smile and whispered back; "Only you would be turned on under such conditions."

"Boys, behave." My father lectured.

We of coursed just laughed to his words.

Turns out my mother told Charlie about me being gay a month ago and he took the news rather well. It took a weight off my shoulders to know both my parents accept me.

It was still a little unnerving though when a guest or family member would turn back and sneak a look over at Edward and me.

It wasn't long that the wedding song came on and my mom started to walk down the aisle. All eyes went to her as she glowed in her white dress. However, my eyes went to Phil curious as to what he thought of my mom.

His look was priceless. He went through a number of emotions, nervous to shocked and happy and confident. If his looks had anything to do with how he felt in the inside, I could tell Phil truly loved my mom.

The music soon stopped, my mother and Phil stood across from each other, just inches separating them as the pastor began to speak.

"Your mom looks really happy." Edward whispered to me, trying to ease my fears.

"Yeah." I replied back, zoned into what the pastor was saying.

"Welcome all to this joyous event. Before I start I would like to say, I had never seen a pair more fitted for each other than these two rights here. Philip has been coming to my mass since he was just a little thing. I have seen him in his highs and lows. Never has he shined as bright as he does today, where he will be declaring his love to the lovely Renee in front of all you.

When Philip asked me to conduct this ceremony I couldn't have been more thrilled than to see with my own eyes, Philip, someone who I thought of a part of my own family getting married to such a woman. I asked him once how he knew Renee was the one. He said because what you see is what you get and I love that."

I tensed up seeing my mom tear up at what the pastor had revealed. In fact, most of the guests were already emotional.

Edward squeezed my hand and let out a sigh.

"Now let's begin. Repeat after me, I, Renee, take you, Phil, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."

"I, Renee, take you, Phil, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." My mom said between happy sobs.

Then it was Phil's turn.

He gave my mom's hand a kiss before his speech.

Something struck me in that moment. I'm not sure what it was but before I knew it I found my chest tightening up, my forehead crinkling, my mouth taking extra breaths of air and my eyes filling up with water.

I, Jasper Whitlock, was crying, at a wedding.

I always thought weddings were silly, unnecessary displays of love but they were on the contrary, beautiful, pure insights into someone's soul. I realized that now.

Before I knew it, the vows were all said and my mother and newly stepfather walked down the aisle together.

Edward whispered against my ear; "You okay?"

I took a breath and then nodded my head afraid if I tried to say anything I would cry. I looked over at my father who too was wiping away some tears. It seemed the ceremony touched us all.

The after party was held, where else, but our family home. There were people scattered all over the house, in the kitchen, outback, and in the living room.

Luckily for me, no one came up to me on questions about my guest. People did comment on the ceremony though. We all agreed it was a very sweet, touching wedding.

I headed up to my old room, reminiscing all that took places in the last six months. It seemed like it all just flew by so quickly yet lasted a lifetime at the same time. Strange.

I couldn't have been happier the way things have come to a close. Alice had stopped by earlier to drop a gift off to my mom and stepdad and I had learned she was dating a nice guy named Seth from college.

And the way Emmett and my sister where acting throughout the party, I could tell it wouldn't be long before they started dating. They had something, a connection. I could tell. I couldn't have been happier for both of them to. Emmett was a great guy and my sister deserved a great guy.

My dad was still single but ready to get out and start dating again.

And as for Edward and I…

"Knock, knock." Edward said, peeking his head through my doorway.

"You found me."

"What are you doing up here all by yourself, escaping?" He asked amused.

"More like reminiscing." I replied giving my room a once over.

"Oh yeah, lots of memories up in here. Especially here." Edward said taking a seat next to me on my bed.

I let out a chuckle; "Yes, that too."

"Interested in making some more?" Edward asked suggestively.

"What did you have in mind?" I said leaning into him.

Edward didn't say anything. He smirked before leaning in and capturing my lips in a deep kiss.

"I've been dying to do that all day." He whispered against my mouth.

"Really? Well I have been dying to…" I paused, giving Edward's ass a squeeze, causing him to gasp.

"… Hear you moan all day." I finished.

"I want you, right now." He panted against my lips.

"I want you, always." I said, looking in his eyes.

Edward let out a sigh, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, my little freak." I replied playful before smacking my mouth to his and pulling him down on the bed.

Edward and I are good, very good at the moment. What the future holds only god knows but I wouldn't mind spending forever with him one bit. I was his freak and he was mine. We belonged. I was surer of that with every passing day.

The End!