Title: Instincts
Summary: Never is he more beautiful than when his instincts take over.
Disclaimer: Meyers owns all
Pairing: Jasper/Edward, Slash
Rating: M
Count: 306

Dropping the mountain lion to the ground, I use my tongue to lick a stray drop of blood from the corner of my mouth. I see a flash of blonde hair whip through the trees ahead of me.

Jasper runs toward a nearby clearing, senses set on his next prey. I watch in admiration. Never is he more beautiful than when his instincts take over.

Finally sated, I follow him. His body graceful, even as he jumps from tree to tree, landing on his current victim. I can't help the surge of lust that comes with seeing him this way.

His eyes look up and lock with mine when he feels my emotions, a knowing smile tugging on his lips as he continues to drink. I'm in front of him the instant his kill falls to the ground, a smirk already on his face.

A stream of blood flows from his lips and down his chin. Before he can wipe it away, I thread my hand through his long hair and pull his head back.

Dragging my tongue along his skin, I hum in pleasure as the taste of him mixes with the blood. He yanks his head out of my grasp and crashes his lips to mine, moaning when he tastes the sweet nectar on my tongue.

His arms wrap around my waist and pull me against him. Shifting his hips, I feel his hard on press into mine, causing a groan to come from both of us. "God, Jasper. I want you."

"Hmm, I want you too Edward." He leaves my lips and places open mouthed kisses along my chin to my ear and whispers, "But you've got to catch me first." And then he's gone.

"Fucking tease!" I shout right before I chase after him. It's a good thing I'm the faster runner.