Title: 41 days
Summary: One particularly sexually frustrated Daddy.
Word Count: 497
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Other than the characters of Bella and Edward, the story belongs to me.

I almost flew ten feet in the air when an arm wrapped round my waist.

"Woa, it's just me," His rough-but-yet-melodic- voice calmed me down as I realized it was just him.

"Shit, you scared the life out of me,"

"Were you expecting someone else?"

"No, no, just…" I turned around and gasped. He was naked. Like, seriously, he had no clothes on.

"Uuuh, why are you naked?'

"What's wrong? Don't like what you see?"

"Uhm, no, it's fine, just wondering…"

"Good. Cuz frankly, I'm horny right now. And I want sex. Tonight."


"Edward… W-we can't,"

"Oh yes we can. Do think I could possibly forget what today is?" He looked at me knowingly.

Crap. I'd tried to keep it a secret from him for the past six weeks but of course he would find out. This man knows everything. And it was true; the doctor had given me the clear on the sex this morning.

"We still can't. What about the kids? And I'm still sore anyways. Seriously, my lady parts need to rest." I tried to walk away before any damage was done.

As soon as I turned around though he grabbed me again and pressed his body fully against my back.

Holy sweet mother… the damage has been done. And I felt right on my ass.

"Bella, don't you see what you do to me? I've been wanting to be inside you for forty-one days now." He whispered in my ear. "Don't you think you should at least put me out of my misery?"

Well looks like it won't take much for him to convince me.

"Edward… What about theBaby? Something might happen…"

He started rubbing himself against my ass cheek, "Ungh, Bellaaaa, she's asleep." He trailed sloppy kisses down my neck. "Please?"

Why was I denying him again?

I turned around completely and pounced at him before either of us could take a breath. I crashed our lips together with so much passion that hasn't been present for a couple of months now.

Suddenly we were in the bedroom and I was being crashed down to the mattress.

Somehow my underwear was discarded and Edward was placing himself on top of me.

"Shit, Bella, I love you so much!"

"Ungh, love you too,"

He teased us both with his head barely grazing my entrance.

Before he even made it an inch inside the baby monitor went off and I heard crying.


"Edward! Shh!"

I leapt up to go get my baby. She was crying in her crib. Call it my motherly instincts acting but I knew something was going to happen.

I spotted Edward emerging from the bathroom in only a pair of boxers.

We all settled in bed and he put our daughter on his bare chest. She seemed to be soothed most that way.

Poor Edward, he was still hard. I giggled.

I marveled at how they both looked so peaceful together. I loved them both.