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Chapter 28: Epilogue

Some time has passes since the defeat of Chaos. It was most likely waiting for someone powerful to infect. The world of the living has returned to its normal state; other than the occasional hollow causing problems. Keiti receives a note inviting her to Las Noches. The note itself is short but has a very lengthy introduction introducing Yasuhiro as the host of the event.

Keiti doesn't see why she can't go, so she cancels her meetings for the next few weeks and transformed into her princess form. She teleported herself to the front doors of Las Noches. She holds the note tightly in her hand, looking a bit nervous.

Suddenly she hears something lands with a crash in the distance, followed by voices yelling at one another. It was too far away for her to understand what was happening from where she was. The front gates of Las Noches open two hollows welcome her into the castle.

"Welcome to Las Noches his majesty Yasuhiro is expecting you." One of the hollows spoke before leading Keiti through the halls. They eventually lead to an open area full of light. The sun shined in a blue sky. "This day is artificial. The sky was created by Aizen Sosuke. It was damaged during the battles within the castle and his majesty was able to repair it." The hollow spoke again taking her to a smaller palace built within the dome. "They are expecting you inside." The hollow spoke leaving her in front of the palace.

Keiti took a few deep breaths. She calmed herself so she won't get too excited. She did like the dome. When she was outside of Las Noches, it was always dark with a crescent moon. She placed her hands on the doorknobs and opened the doors.

The inside of the palace was well lit with stained glass windows and an ornate crystal chandelier that seemed to shine light on its own. Everything about this place screamed high class. Olivia, Laura, Daisy, and Yasuhiro where here along with several hollows. Laura was being entertained by one of Yashuhiro's jesters. Olivia was playing with a small dog, well hollow dog, and Daisy was teaching some of the hollows how to play chess.

"Tiengo, that game is really easy to learn but nearly impossible to get good at. She's unstoppable I'm telling you from experience." Yashuhiro warned one of the hollows challenging Daisy to a game of chess.

He turned his attention to Keiti. "It's been a while, welcome to Palace 6. These palaces serve as locations for events I host. As of 1 hour ago this palace belongs to Daisy since she did win it from me in a bet. That girl is way to good at that game."

"Yeah, Daisy is from a planet where they play games using strategy. She visited earth once to play a game of chess with Mercury but that game only lasted for six hours," Katie said.
She looked over at the Pink Star Princess playing with the dog. On Olivia's planet they have many animals and they love animals.

Then Katie looked towards the Gold Star Princess. The people in her kingdom loved entertainment. They get entertainment during feasts and parties.

"Tell me something," Katie said looking at Yasuhiro, "why did you invite me?"

Yasuhiro sat down on a couch before replying, "Well about that. Apparently Olivia, Laura, Daisy, and myself must undergo some ceremony since we've been given these pendants. However that is not why I've summoned you here. It appears that hollows only appear in the Milky Way Galaxy and that had me thinking. This world should be able to be connected with other galaxies so with the help of Midori and Felicia I was able to connect Hueco Mundo with the Spindle and Comet Galaxies. When I tried the same thing with Laura and Olivia' galaxies it worked as well. The problem came when I tried to connect to the pinwheel that's where the problem started."

He motioned for Keiti to sit. She did.

"In connecting Hueco Mundo to other galaxies I accidently weakened a seal that is getting weaker by the second. There is a natural arrancar by the name of Arturo Plateado. He waged war single handedly against the soul society and nearly won. The soul reapers unable to purify him trapped him but he managed to escape. My predecessor Barragan was able to seal him when he tried to conquer Hueco Mundo. He seeks only destruction of all things and I fear that one day he might come in contact with Chaos. I have no ability that could strengthen the seal and he's easily more powerful than I. What I'm hoping is that you could do something about that for me. He's sealed within the Menos Forest. I'll have some of my guards show you the way."

Keiti gave a nod.

'I only heard that Chaos can only take control of the person who is weak. For Galaxia, that is different. Since I am the Star Goddess now, I can be able to strengthen the seal. If I can, I can seal him into the underworld for eternity,' Keiti thought.

"I can help by sealing him into the underworld. Chaos will never reach him there. Chaos only takes control of those who are above ground and in space. How did I know? Cause the enemies I have fought all came from the Outer Space. Except for Beryl and the generals; they came from Earth. So Chaos rather chooses someone from outside of the Milky Way Galaxy to take over Earth. I'll see what I can do about this arrancar," Keiti told him.

"Thank you." Yasuhiro replied before summoning a guard. "Take her to the seal. Make sure she gets there without any problems."

Keiti followed the guard outside the palace and onto the sands within the dome. The sands around them parted allowing them to glide down into the Menos Forest. It was pitch black here; the only form of light coming from strange glowing stones at the bottom that did not produce much light. This place was the complete opposite of the palace above. It had an empty creepy feel to it. Keiti noticed that the trees that dotted Hueco Mundo's surface where only the tops of much larger trees. Once Keiti and the guard reached the ground. They traveled down a long path until reaching a large floating orb of what appeared to be water. "This is the seal." The guard said before leaning on one of the trees.

'So that is the seal. Luckily Chaos can't get this far,' Keiti thought, 'From the looks of it, I can only sense a little power coming from it. If this arrancar seeks only destruction, I have no choice but to seal him into the Underworld.'

Speaking of the underworld, she totally forgot to tell Shuren about the pendant she gave him. She never mentioned that the pendant does not have any power to it. It is just a plain pendant and a gift to show him her kindness and affection.

Keiti looked at the seal and then she looked at the guard.

"If it's alright with you I'm going to seal the arrancar to the underworld," Keiti said.

Before the hollow could reply it suddenly burst into particles of energy. Four large claw marks embedded into the tree are left where the guard had been. A hollow the same height and having the same aura as Yasuhiro emerges from the darkness. It was humanoid just like Yasuhiro but resembled more so a Viking than a knight.

"Why did you do that just now?" Keiti asked shocked by the hollow's actions.

"doesn't matter." It replied.

"I've come to aid Yasuhiro in sealing this arrancar." She explained hoping that this was some misunderstanding. But she received no answer. "Are you here to release Arturo? At least tell me who are you?"

"doesn't matter." It replied again before attacking Keiti with its claws at lightning speed.
The blow would have killed her if it wasn't for protective barrier that surrounds her as she is the Star Goddess. Regardless of the barrier the blow was enough to send her flying deep within the forest. Keiti picked up her microphone to sing as the hollow charged her. The hollow stopped feet away from her as Keiti began to sing. The hollow stuck out its forked tongue. CLICK. That was the last sound that was made. Keiti was singing but no sound was being made. She tossed a rock. It made no sound as it hit the floor. This hollow could mute all sound, Keiti couldn't defeat it with her songs. It attacked her again once again sending her deeper within the forest. The hollow began destroying the rocks that where glowing dimly sinking the area into complete and total darkness. Keite was in real trouble she was lost within a completely pitch black forest under attack by a lightning fast enemy who could mute all sounds. But then she remembered …

Her mother's smile, her friends, her comrades, and the previous star goddess. The symbol of the sun appears on her forehead blinding the hollow with its bright light. A yellow aura surrounds Keiti's body as she opened her eyes. Her eyes had turned into an icy blue color like she is not herself anymore. Using telepathy, Keiti spoke to the hollow before her.

"Tell me who you are. I can tell you mine. I am Keiti, the star goddess. Please tell me your objective and why are you trying to kill me?" Keiti asked him with telepathy.

'This is strange. Why does he have the same aura as Yasuhiro? He has the same height as him, but this one is not likely tamed,' Keiti thought. 'It can even mute everything and put everything into darkness. I can't defeat it with my songs because of its power. What is going on around here? I need to hurry in order to seal that arrancar completely.'

The hollow didn't respond just covered its eyes and fled. Keiti returned to normal, the sun symbol still shining upon her forehead giving her light. It goes without say she was puzzled still by that hollow but she didn't come here looking for a fight. She looked around and saw the reflection of the seal in the distance. She ran back to the seal. She was able to fix the seal without any difficulty. It only needed to be strengthened. With that task complete she opened a portal to the underworld.

Once she was in the underworld, she pulled out a black piece of paper and wrote a message on it. She wrote:


In case you were wondering about the pendant I gave you with the red pearl. It has no power at all. I gave it to you as a gift to show you my kindness and affection. I forgot to tell you that so please, forgive me. If you want to talk, send me a note.


After that she folded the note and uses her powers to send the note to where Shuren is. She sits down on the platform and waits for the response.

A moment passed before Shuren himself appeared before Keiti. He did have the pendant with him.

"You know originally I was going to send a fire ball at you but that wouldn't get the point across to you would it?" Shuren said coldy.

"I thought you'd be busy so I wanted to tell you about that pendant I gave you." Keiti replied

"Oh that thing? Yes I know I figured that out some time ago. If you're wondering Stella she's either been reborn or still waiting to do so. Now I've a question for you. This place is meant only for the wicked, why did you come here?"

"Stella is none of my concern right now. Well the reason why I came here was just to check up on you. We are allies, right?"

Keiti knew that came out a bit wrong. Down in the Menos Forest she was attacked by a hollow that can put things into darkness and mute things.

"The actual reason on why I am here is to ask you something. When I sent a hologram of myself to you, I said that you reminded me of someone I knew in my previous life. He was sent to the underworld after he attacked his own people. But to say this, you and this person I knew look almost identically alike. How is that?"

Shuren looked away. "I'm sure I've told you before. This place is temporary. There are only two ways to leave. One: When one has the pain that they inflicted upon others equally inflicted upon them. And two: They aid others in reaching balance." He looked back at her. "I've been down here as long as I can remember. I've always figured I must have caused something far worse than anyone else. I thought this because I should have left by now. That day you appeared before me I went about 'balancing' every prince here I could find but none of them knew you. I have no memory of ever not being down here. So it is possible that I am that person you speak of. Even if don't take it that I remember or will honor any promise that I may have made."

Keiti just gave a slight nod and then turned around preparing to open a portal back to Tokyo. She is going to have to write a letter to Yasuhiro

"Well, I don't blame you. If you need to talk to me about something, just write a telegram. Bye," Keiti said and then went through the portal. She ended back up in her apartment.

Sitting at a table, she brings out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote out the letter to the Hollow King. In the letter, she wrote that she successfully strengthened the seal, but she ran into a hollow that has the same aura as him. She also wrote that she has gone back home because of her career as a singer.

After finishing the letter she gave the envelope to her phoenix and the phoenix goes delivers it. Keiti looks at the calendar for her work schedule. She grabs her guitar and heads off to the studio.

The End

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