It was that day. The day I have been practicing for for months. I was sitting outside of the club waiting to be let in. It was the day of The Maine concert. I had this plan to ask Pat to be my 'cupcake lover' so I was pretty nervous. I was there with my friend Mia. I looked at the time on my phone and realized it was seven. I stood up and the guy at the door took our tickets and we ran inside. The perks of being the first in line and waiting for 6 hours, right in front of the stage. The concert was so amazing. The Maine always have amazing shows. I was all sweaty from being in the pit so while all of these girls were running off to the bathroom I took off my shirt (tank top underneath) and went through my purse for my other shirt. I found it. It was a white shirt that had lacy ruffles all over it. I pulled it on over my head and took my hair out of its ponytail. Threw it into a side braid and was ready to go through with my plan. The Maine wasn't out for their meet & greet yet but the line was already starting to form. We were about 5th in line. I held the ring box in my hand. The letter was still in my purse. I was so nervous. We were up. Mia got her camera out and I got out a poster for them to sign. Pat was at the end of the table so when the poster got to him I started to freak out. He handed it back to me. I stood there while Mia was talking to Garrett. They were both laughing, she was telling him about the plan. There were both looking at me while I stood there. Pat was looking at me looking at them looking at me with a confused look. I started to speak. Pat, I have a question for you. I knelt down on one knee. He was so confused. Will you be my cupcake lover? I pulled out the ring. I promise to eat cupcakes with you and not watch movies with you because you can't sit still. I promise to laugh at all of your jokes and go to all of your concerts. Will you be my cupcake lover? His face was priceless. He said yes about 15 times. I stood up and put the ring on his ring finger. Garrett was practically on the floor laughing his ass off. Mia was tearing up while she was laughing and the rest of the boys were laughing. Fans in line were looking at me and Pat with wide eyes. Pat started to laugh a little bit and then pulled me into a hug. He smelled so good. He whispered into my ear "You rehearsed this didn't you?" I replied with a laugh saying "How'd you know?". He held my hand as we parted. I decided to not give him the letter. He instead leaned towards me and whispered something in my ear. "Meet me by the van in an hour." I nodded with a smug smile. I walked away with Mia while all the girls in the venue were looking at us. There seemed to be a new bounce in my step. Mia and I got some food then headed back to the van. She was around the corner looking at me. I expected for all the boys to come over but it was only Pat. He greeted me with a smile and spoke. "That was possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen." "Well, I just wanted to show you how much I appreciate you." He smiled at me. I noticed he was still wearing the ring. I smiled back. "Do you have a phone? I think it'd be cool to stay in touch. Just don't give everyone my number." I replied with handing him my phone. He handed me his and he exchanged numbers. He pulled me in for another hug and said goodbye. I kissed his shoulder. It felt right. He kissed the top of my head. We've been very close ever since.