~Massachusetts. January, 1663.~

I ran quickly, stumbling over my long dress. The black sky was starless as thick smoke covered the beautiful twinkling lights. It was horrifying. I could smell the burning flesh from here, and almost stopped to bend over and vomit. Cries of witch traveled across the couple miles.

My sister, my beautiful little sister was dead. She was gorgeous and perfect in every way. She always had an upbeat attitude and could make anyone happy when they were in the worst mood. That was just the way my child sister was.

Her black hair was long, a length that ended at her waist. They had to cut it off though, claiming how it would be easier to kill her. But that was not true. They did it because it was her favorite physical attribute.

Her eyes were big, and the same color as mine. Brown. Although her eyes sparkled, unlike mine. Her skin was a pretty shade of gold, she spent much time in the midday Sun. She was much like our mother, or the way my mother wished to act. Where as I was much like my father.

Her eyes would no longer sparkle. Her hair shall be short, shorter than a man's. Her skin will be a charcoal black. Her upbeat attitude will no longer affect the people around her. No. Because she was suspected as a witch. And it was all my fault.

A man, much older than her, fancied her. He was horrible. I must admit, he was handsome. Anyone to turn him down was a fool. He had money, and much of it. He received anything he desired. His long hair fell an inch past his shoulders, it was a dark blonde, having mixtures of brown. He had awfully pale skin, and it was as cold as ice. He had the strangest colored eyes. Red. A frightful shade of blood. They twinkled with a dark power.

He sent an odd feeling down my spine, it made me shiver. I could not let him court my innocent seventeen-year-old sister. She did not desire to be his wife. If mother and father were still alive, they would have agreed in a heartbeat. We were poor, and they would do anything for more wealth. But they were not with us anymore, and that was a fortunate thing. If they were, my sister would be with the retched man that went by James, and she would much rather be dead.

I knew that there was something off about this man. He spent much time with a beautiful redhead. I had a suspicion that the two were married, and they wanted something cruel from my younger sister. Something I did not know.

She had a gift. We both did. We...could not age. It was frightening. I was frozen at the year of twenty and she, seventeen. We had not gained a day – physically – since the birth of William Shakespeare. Mary – that was her name – could see events happening in the future. James knew that, and when she denied his proposal, he used it against her.

I could not watch her die, and she knew that, so I ran. James did not like me and he convinced people that I was also a witch.

I looked behind me, seeing the dots of torches a couple miles behind me, hearing the roars of 'witch'! I did not know where James and this Victoria were. I could smell burnt flesh though, the flesh of my younger sister and the flesh of many other innocent women. I knew they were innocent. Mary could see the future, and I could read the minds of people.

I tripped over a clump of grass, my heels not helping. I was clumsy, and I cursed it every day of my life, especially now. My speed was fast, thankfully, and I got up quickly and ran faster. It did not take long before I met the water with my fast speed. I looked behind me and held the bottom of the thick material of my royal blue dress. I walked into the water, happy to hear the silence of the night.

~Arizona, Phoenix. April, 2004.~

I shook my head and looked away. I could never quite escape that horrid memory. I had lived in England for many years before returning back to America. I had dropped my English accent only ears after settling down. I did not want to be acquainted as anything but a Patriot.

The sun outside started to rise. I smiled. I loved the sun. I was sad that I had to leave it. I had lived far too long in Phoenix. The school I went to was starting to become suspicious. I may be physically twenty, but I could pass for a teenager. Which was a huge relief, when you live so many years as I, life can get rather boring. High school fascinated me. You might think it to be horrible, but it was anything but. The students were amusing, how petty their thoughts were. The teachers always had something new to teach.

I kept to myself in school, no need to get attached to mortals. I was content just to watch how they interacted with one another. But now, it was time to leave. I had graduated, spent the summer outside in the blistering heat. Time to start over. I had contemplated obtaining a job this time, but decided it against it.

I got up from the window seat, something I loved, and hoped they had one where I landed next. I walked down the stairs of my house and landed in the dining room. A map of the United States sat on the wood. I smiled and closed my eyes. My finger landed on a random point and I opened my eyes, my grin dropping. Forks, Washington. A small town that rained constantly. I almost had the nerve to try again, but instead turned around and ran up the stairs, only tripping once.

You would think after all these years I would gain some sort of balance, I admit it had gotten slightly better, but not by much. I looked through my drawers and shook my head. All I had for my new town was a sweatshirt. Everything else would be too cold.

I walked around my small room. I picked up a drawing of my little sister. Drawing was something I enjoyed. In the four-hundred-and-forty-years that I walked this planet as an immortal, I picked up a couple of hobbies. I continued to drawl though, because it reminded me of Mary. She loved to draw.

I grasped a necklace that belonged to my mother and pulled it over my head. It was a small cross. My parents went to the Anglican church when they were alive.

I picked up a couple of other things, all of them books. They would be my carry on item.

I ran down the stairs and grabbed the land line quickly punching in the numbers for the nearest airport.

"American Airlines. How may I help you?" A falsely cheerful voice answered.

"I need a ticket for Seattle Washington. It is a one way ticket, and for only one person."

I heard the click of the keys on her computer and waited patiently. It would be uncomfortable to arrive in the middle of the year, but I could only blame it on myself. I was reluctant to leave this beautiful city.

"And what time would you like to leave?" She asked, her voice dropping the facade and becoming extremely bored.

"The earliest flight you have would be nice, thank you." I thought of how I would obtain a house with so little time.

"We have one at five thirty am, today." She answered.

"That would be great. I will be paying with cash." I said. I bid her a goodbye and a nice day before hanging up.

I will keep this house for now, selling it later. I picked up the two items I wanted and slung on the blue zip up hoodie.

I got into my car. I wasn't one for being flashy. It was an older car, from the nineties. I'll leave the car at the airport and buy a new one. It took less than a half an hour before walking into the airline. I walked up to one of the many desks. I told her where I was going and handed her the money.

I was not early and I did not have to wait long. I walked through the metal detector quickly, without problem. I looked around at the people saying goodbye. Wishing I had someone to miss. Life of an immortal was a lonely one.

I boarded the plane and watched the morning sun, once again. I stand corrected, I did have something to say goodbye to. I shall miss the sun. I put my carry on in the compartment, grabbing my Romeo and Juliet book. I was fortunate enough to actually get William's autograph when he was alive.

sI was fortunate enough to sit next to someone who was not rude. I was happy I was not inhumanly beautiful. I was a witch, not a Goddess. Yet, this woman could not help but stare at me. It took me a minute to realize – after peeking into her mind – that she liked the same sex and thought I was exceptionally pretty.

I blushed at the compliment, even though she did not voice it out loud. Finally, after minutes of sideway looking, she finally spoke.

She smiled and held her hand out. "I'm Bree."

I grinned back, setting my book aside. "Isabella. But I prefer Bella."

She was young, only but sixteen. I was flattered. I did not get many compliments.

"So, Seattle?" she asked.

I shook my head. "No. I am going to Forks."

She commented on my book and we talked about little things. I was not a big talker, but it was nice to have some company. The flight passed quickly and I promised to give her a call after she gave me her number. I did not want to break it to her how I was not a lesbian, but I would have to. I could only hope we could still be friends.

We landed in Seattle, Forks being too small to hold an airport. I grabbed a cab, telling the driver to take me to the nearest hotel.

I would call the Forks school on Monday, which gave me three days to find a house and furnish it. First though, I would have to find clothes. I did not like shopping, and this would not be very enjoyable.

I walked into the hotel. It was quite nice and smiled at the person at the check in desk. He smiled back and I checked in quickly. I walked up the stairs, ignoring the elevator. I swiped the card and walked in. Setting my bag of books on the bed and sat down. I called a cab, and walked back down to the lobby.

A yellow car pulled up and I walked outside. I sat in the back and the driver looked back and smiled. He had black hair that was greasy, not from being not being washed. It was natural. He had the face of an adolescent, covered in acne.

"I'm Eric." He announced. I could tell from his mind that he was definitely hoping for more.

"Bella." I said. He was nice, I could also tell from his thoughts. But, I was not looking for a relationship, especially one with a mortal.

"Where to?" He asked.

"The mall." I said distastefully.

"Is she new?" he thought. "She looks young. Maybe she'll go to Forks." he mentally sighed. "Doubtful."

"Are you from Forks?" I asked. Maybe he knew of any available houses.

He brightened up. "Yes!"

"My parents and I are looking for a house. Do you know any that are up for sale?"

"Yeah!" He said happily. "Chief Swan just moved out of his house and back with his wife in Phoenix. They divorced a little over ten years ago. They're back together though. Charlie's so selfless. He loved Forks, but moved to Arizona with his wife because she didn't like the rain. His house is still for sale. You could move in with there."

I bit my lip to keep back a laugh. It was obvious that these small people of Forks knew everything about everyone. The laugh died. I would have to be extra cautious.

"Hey, Eric?" I asked. "Do you think you could take me to a car dealership, instead?"

"No problem." He switched his blinker from the right to the left.

In only a couple of minutes we arrived at the shop and I smiled. I paid him, tipping him, knowing he needed it.

I walked inside. Looking at the shiny cars. I found one I particularly liked. It was a deep blue color, a sports car I did not know the name of.

A man came over and explained to me things I did not quite understand. I don't speak car and driver. I finally gave up and asked if it was a good car and would get me from point A to point B. I would know if he was lying, the mind reading was a gift.

"You'll have no problems. Guaranteed." He was being truthful.

I pursed my lips. "I'll take it. Cash."

He grinned, looking like a Cheshire cat. I handed over the money he requested and he handed over the keys.

I drove the car to the mall. A place I truly detested. I put it in park and wrapped my hoodie tightly over my body. I ran to the entrance and into a random store. I picked up jeans and t-shirts. I really didn't like shopping and I was in a hurry to get out. I accidentally bumped into a girl with black hair and mumbled a sorry, before leaving.

I drove quickly back to the hotel and parked the car in the lot. I smiled at the man, and took the elevator this time. I waited patiently to land on the third floor, once I did I dragged the two bags to the room, swiping the key card and dropping the bags on my bed.

I pushed aside the curtains and looked outside. It was cloudy, nothing unusual in the state of Washington. A light drizzle fell from the sky, but I could see the sun. It peeked behind two gray clouds and I couldn't help but smile. I had spent most of my time in America in sunny areas, the sun reminded me of Mary.

I checked my watch to see it was only nine thirty. I looked away from the dreary sight and grabbed my key card again, locking the door behind me as I walked out. I ran down the stairs, once again avoiding the elevator and waving hello to the man I figured out was named Robert.

I walked outside, lifting my face to the rain. It felt nice. I walked to my car and hoped in, starting it without a hassle. I drove to Forks quickly in the fast car and got the directions of Charlie's house from Eric's head. It was a small house. Two bedrooms, one bath. I could use the spare bedroom for an art room. I called the number of the realtor on the sign.

"USA Realtor. Diane speaking. How may I help you?" A woman's voice asked.

"Yes. This is Isabella Brandon and I am at," I looked at the street sign and the number of the house. "775 K Street, Forks, Washington. I would am interested in buying the house."

"That's great! I'll connect you to realtor."

I waited, happy there was no generic music playing while she did that.

"Hello. David Grey. How can I help you?" The man greeted.

I smiled and fiddled with my fingers. "Yes, this is Isabella Brandon I am looking to buy the house at 775 K street. I would like to make an appointment."

"The closest one I have is tomorrow at five."

"That'll work. I'll meet you here." I bid him a goodbye and hung up. I looked at the house and started the car and drove back to the hotel.

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