Sequel to The Third Hunter.

New! Ok, this story DEFINITELY has some romance in it and some M scenes so you better watch out before reading... :)


Summer was lying in her bed thinking about what has just happened. This last hunt was one of the most hardest in her entire life, she had to go and kill a shapeshifter who took Adam's appearance. She knew that he was dead, but it was like living everything again. She should have known better, it was obviously that they were going to use him against her. She sighed and sat on her bed, she was waiting for news of Gabriel but he seemed to have dissapeared from earth, he was probably in heaven looking for another hunt for her. Since Summer had left Sam she has been hunting for Gabriel and all his "brothers", who were all douche-bags, like Uriel, Castiel, Raphael, and some others. She didn't even know some of them face to face.

Heaven and God and all his angels were not good as everyone claims. If they have to kill someone they will do it without a blink. They were creatures without a soul, a mind on their own, they just received orders from God, and they do anything without asking. They didn't care about humans, they were not better than demons but at least they wanted humans to have a planet for them and not bring Lucifer. Yeah, that was the last, demons wanted to bring the Apocalypsis on earth, they wanted to bring freaking Lucifer, and apparently he was real. Summer should have known this, if angels were real so was Lucifer and all that biblical crap. She was seriously scared about all of this, she has been trying to stop seals from being opened since Dean's death.

Dean. Dean Winchester was another different thing in Summer's life, he was dead and there was nothing that she could do to stop that. Hell and Heaven wanted him dead and angels were going to bring him back for reasons that Gabriel couldn't tell her, it didn't matter though, because all she wanted was to Dean to be alive and Sam to have his brother.

She has missed the Winchesters more than anything, she really got used to hunt with them. As soon as she left Sam she called Bobby and told him that she was ok but that she needed time on her own. She knew that Sam was probably mad with her, and she knew that he had tried to bring Dean back a few times, but angels were watching him, that was part of the deal with Summer, she was going to do anything they ask her, but they had to keep an eye on Sam and Bobby, they were the only ones that matter.

In all this crazyness of demons versus angels, and apocalypsis on earth, there were seals. These seals were as locks of a door, if the last one gets open Lucifer walks free, and to say that this was not good is just something. She was getting scared about all this, because this wasn't demons or spirits anymore, they were talking about Lucifer, the devil himself. But like if this wasn't enough, Summer knew that angels were hiding something from her, it was about her important future and her being special. She always knew that there was something else behind those angels, why would they send someone to look after her in the first place?. That didn't mind now, she had to do her work and keep working for heaven. As long as they free Dean from hell, she was happy. She might not agree in a lot of things with the angels but they wanted the same thing as her, stop the apocalypsis and Lucifer

In the middle of her thoughts she felt a strong wind on her back, she turned around and there he was, the Archangel Gabriel.

-"Hello beautiful, how was that last hunt?"- He asked her as he sat on the bed next to her.

-"Let's just say that no so good. That son of a bitch looked like Adam. I wanted to rip him apart but at the same time...I just couldn't"- She told him..

-"But everything went fine?"- He asked her without even asking her if she was ok. He was told that he was getting to close to his work, he was getting to close to Summer Sullivan.

-"Umm, yeah I'm fine Gab."- She said and rolled her eyes. -"Whatever. What do you have?"- She asked him.

-"Actually, good news. I've heard that Dean Winchester has been released from hell."- He said and saw as Summer's face lighted up. -"Yeap, as you heard, he's free as a bird. He's good as new."- He said and winked at her. -"Your friend is just fine, I told you that heaven wanted him alive."-

-"Yeah, I know. Thanks Gab."- She said and went to call him but she stopped in her tracks, maybe she should wait for him to call her and tell her that he's ok, he doesn't know about angels and if she call it might be a little weird. -"So, can you tell me now why Dean Winchester is so important for Heaven? I mean he is not exactly a saint."-

-"I know that smartass, but they still want him and I still can't tell you why."- He said and smirked at her. -"Now, let's get to work, I have a new hunt."-

-"Awesome."- She said sarcastically. -"Who do I have to kill now?"- She asked him.

-"Easy tiger, you don't have to kill anyone, I need you to go and meet a demon, he might have some information about the Colt."- He said to her.

-"Really? But I thought that Bella had sold it?"-

-"Yeah, but...this demon just knows something ok? Can you go or do you have plans?"-

-"Hey calm down, don't get your panties in a twist, I'll go."- She said and got up. -"I'm just going to take a shower now."- She told the angel as she got into the bathroom.

Gabriel was standing in the middle of a road waiting for one of his brothers. He hasn't seen Castiel in a long time and he wasn't really happy about it, but Castiel was sent to free Dean and they had to meet if they wanted everything to work as planned. Angels wanted Dean free and to do his part of the job, but he was too close to where Summer was now and they knew that Summer and Dean couldn't find each other just yet.

Summer was working on the seals, she was receiving orders from Heaven and she just did what they told her, never disobey them. Dean on the other hand didn't know about angels yet, so It was going to be a little bit difficult for him. He was known for his stubbornness and he didn't believe in God and much less in angels.

When Gabriel looked in front of him he saw Castiel standing there. -"Hello brother."- He greeted the other angel.

Castiel just remained quite, he looked at Gabriel from head to feet. -"Gabriel, is good to see you."-

-"Ok, Dean out of Hell?"- Gabriel asked as he crosses his arms on his chest.

-"Dean Winchester has been released from Hell. I haven't meet him yet but I have been told that he is going to try and communicate with me. He will try to find out who saved him from perdition."-

-"Ok, so you have fun with the older Winchester and I will take care of Summer and taking her out of here."- Gabriel said and turned to leave.

-"Do you think that we will be capable of doing this?"- He asked his brother.

-"I don't know Castiel, all I care about is Summer. I have to keep her safe, that's my job little bro, so see ya"- He said and left, leaving the other angel confused.

Summer was in another town killing another demon. She went to talk to that demon that Gabriel told her about but he didn't know anything so she just killed him, that was a week ago. Now she was in Minessota killing a few demons who were trying to open a seal, but she stopped them in time. However, Summer's head was in another place. She knew that Dean was alive because Gabriel had told her, but she has also heard a few hunters talking about Dean Winchester being back on the party.

She has called Bobby the day after Gabriel told her about Dean and he didn't tell her anything, and she knew that he knew about Dean. Maybe he was mad at her because she left his little brother, or maybe he didn't care about her and he didn't even remember her. Summer sighed, she had to stop thinking about those Winchesters, she was glad that they were ok but she had a life too.

Summer decided that this was the best moment to take a shower, so she grabbed a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some undergarments. As she stepped into the shower she started to feel a little dizzy, so she supported herself with the wall. When she felt normal again she opened the water and started washing herself. She was rinsing her hair when she felt a strong headache, she grabbed her head and closed her eyes, trying to make the pain go away. She felt like her head was on fire, it hurt so much that she couldn't hold it anymore, so she screamed in pain and fell to the floor. She sat against the wall, still holding her head and praying for the pain to go away.

Suddenly, Gabriel showed up and got into the shower with her, he picked her up from the floor and took her to her room. Summer couldn't open her eyes, the pain was too strong. Gabriel put her in the bed and covered her with a towel, he sat next to her and tried to calm her down.

-"Summer, Summer!"- He kept calling her name but she was somewhere else. -"Hey, come on, I'm here"- He tried to help her but she didn't hear him. -"Summer, wake up!"- He screamed but he got nothing.

Summer was screaming of pain, she felt that it has been hours since she has started to feel this pain. At one moment she thought that she was going to die, that she wouldn't be able to bear this anymore, but just when she thought that this couldn't get worse, she passed out.

When Summer woke up she felt her body sore and she didn't know why, she hasn't had sex in a few weeks. She sat on the bed and saw Gabriel standing next to her.

-"What happened?"- She asked him, that's when she realised that she was wearing nothing but a towel. -"Did something?"- She asked him.

Gabriel smirked but shook his head. -"I'm afraid no."- He said and winked at her. -"You don't remember anything?"- He asked her and Summer shook her head. -"You pass out in the shower"- He lied to her, but if she didn't remember anything, there was no reason to tell her the truth.

-"Gabe, can you let me get dress? This is a little awkward."- She said and he nodded. When she was about to stand he talked again.

-"Have you talked with Dean Winchester?"-

-"No, he hasn't called me. I'm not going to call him, I mean I'm glad he's fine but if he doesn't care for me then I'm not gonna care about him or his brother. I've already done enough."-

Gabriel nodded, he knew why Dean Winchester dind't call her. -"See you around Summer."- He said and dissapeared, leaving Summer alone.

Summer sat on her bed for a while thinking about everything. Dean was alive and she couldn't be more happy, but he hasn't called her and that meant that she wasn't important for him. Summer didn't mind though, she was used to be alone. That's when she decided that she didn't need any Winchester in her life. She got up and grabbed some clothes, then she called her dear friend Tim.

-"Hey dude, got any hunt?"- She said and smiled. Yeah, she was the old Summer Sullivan again.

Dean has been back for a few days now, he was back with his brother and Bobby and he found out that an Angel had saved him, that was weird. First because angels didn't exist, or that was what Dean thought and second because why would God want to save him? That was even weirder. Dean was sitting on the hood of the Impala, outside of Bobby's house with a beer on his hand. He heard someone walking to him and he turned around to find his brother. Sam sat next to him and remained in silent for a few seconds.

-"What's wrong?"- Sam asked his older brother.

-"Do you really have to ask? I mean, ANGELS? You've got to be kidding me, why me?"- He said to his brother.

-"Yeah I know, but I also know that, that's not all Dean, so tell me, what's going on?"- He asked.

Dean looked at his brother, how did he know? He must know him too well. Of course there was something else: her. He couldn't stop thinking about her from the moment he came back, he asked where she was but she wasn't with Sam anymore, she left him as soon as he had died. Then, this angel Castiel tells him that he can't talk with her because that will put her in danger.

-"It's Summer isn't it?"- Sam asked his brother. -"I miss her too man, I don't know why she left in the first place"-

-"Do you know what happened to her that night? Why she passed out?"-

-"No, she didn't remember anything."-

-"Uh."- Dean said. -"Sam, why me talking with her will be something wrong?"-

-"I don't know why that angel told you that Dean, but I do know that we can not risk."- He said.

-"I know, but..."-

-"But what?"- Sam asked him smiling. He always knew that his brother and Summer had something, maybe he didn't know, maybe she didn't know, but there was something.

-"Nothing."- Dean said. He was known for not talk about his feelings and this wasn't going to be the exception. However, he knew that it was nothing, he knew that he cared about her, he wanted to talk with her. Bobby had told him that she was ok, that she called him from time to time. Dean wanted to see her, but he couldn't just risk her life like that, because honestly he didn't know what she was for him, but he didn't know what he would do without her either.

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