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Tears quickly filling her eyes.

Bobby was dead. Could it be possible?

With trembling legs she walked to him and bent down next to the body. His neck had been broken, and he had died with his eyes closed which made him look like he was sleeping. She did not even dare to touch him, afraid that she would break down if she did.

-"Bobby..."- She stopped as a sob escaped from her mouth. Trying to control herself, she continued. -"Bobby, I'm so sorry."- She managed to say as a tear fell freely.

As expected, she got no reply. Closing her eyes she let a few more tears fall before sniffling and standing up. She could grieve him later, but right then she had to be with Dean.

Pushing her emotions aside, and wiping any teardrop she had on her face, she stood up again and forced herself to turn around, to tear her eyes away from him. She had to go with Dean, to help him through this moment and to also feel his own comfort since she had not only lost Sam but also Bobby.

She stopped to his side and let herself fall to her knees. With just one quick glance to his face she could admire Lucifer's work. He had been beaten up to death. He had a really swollen eye, and bruises and cuts all over his face. Probably a few missing teeth too.

-"Dean."- She softly said.

He did not raise his eyes to meet hers, he remained still with his head hanging forward. She wondered if he could actually see with his eye so hurt, but did not ask it out loud. He obviously had bigger concerns than his eyes.

With a shaking arm, she put a hand on his shoulder as she sighed. Her eyes locked with his face, waiting for any change. She needed to show him that she was there for him, that he was not alone.

At one moment, he tore his eyes away from the spot where his brother had just fallen into, raised his head and turned it to a side.

Their eyes meeting.

Dean did not need to say anything to express his pain or anger. Neither she. They both had lost important people in their lifes, considering Dean was quite aware of Bobby's decease since he had witnessed it, and he clearly cared for the man. And then it was Sam who was not only his brother, but also her friend.

His jaw clenched and he gulped, as if swallowing his own tears, not wanting to break down right there. However, as soon as he saw her bloodshot eyes he could not bear it. He tilted his head to a side and frowned, not wanting to see her cry. A lot of things have already happened, and the times when Summer actually cried were very rare. After everything he had gone through that day, he was not ready to see her cry.

She forced herself not to give in into the pain and sadness, to be strong enough to comfort him, instead the other way around. But before she could do or say anything, he used one arm to bring her smaller frame against his hard chest and tucked her head under his chin. His eyes instantly closed at the feeling of her warm body so close to his and his arms wrapped tightly around her middle. The burning tears from his eyes, falling freely over his face.

Her face buried in the security of his chest, as her hands grasped the fabric of his shirt at his back. Her eyesm were also closed, which brought the horrible images of Bobby's body just a few feet away back to her mind. And she could picture how Sam's hell would be too. Guess it was not so good to have such a creative imagination right then.

Quickly, sobs took over her body as she let her wall fall and let the pain take over her. Her tears soaking Dean's shirt.

He cried in silence as he remembered the moment when his brother jumped, over and over again. Sam's last words were stuck into his head.

"It's okay Dean. It's gonna be okay. I've got him."-

They both stayed like that what it seemed like ages. None of them moving or talking, just crying in silence and comforting each other. All of a sudden a shadow covered them, which caused both hunters to look up.

Castiel was standing over them, looking down at them both with what seemed as pity in his eyes. Dean slowly untangled his body from hers and turned to see better at the angel.

-"Cas, you're alive?"- He asked clearly surprised, since not half an hour ago he had seen how Lucifer blew him to pieces.

-"I'm better than that."- Castiel replied as he pressed two finger to his forehead.

As magic, Dean was fully recovered from Lucifer's beating without not even a scratch on his face. He was taken aback by the angel's abilities and stood up, since Castiel had said that he had no more powers. He narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment before speaking.

-"Cas, are you God?"-

Summer, who was still kneeling on the grass, looked up and waited anxiously for the answer. By then, nothing else could surprise her.

-"That's a nice compliment. But no."- Castiel said with a smile. -"Although, I do believe he brought me back. New and improved."-

As he spoke, he walked to where Bobby's body was lying on the grass. Bending down next to him, he pressed two fingers on his forehead like he has done with Dean, and the eldest hunter opened up his eyes. Summer's eyes snapped open when she saw that and quickly stood up and ran to his side. Before Bobby could finish sitting up, she was already by his side asking if he was alright and checking for wounds, even though she knew Castiel had healed them all.

-"I'm fine."- Bobby mumbled as her hands were all over his face.

A wide smile appeared on her face, as she enveloped him in her arms. Relief flowing through her body. Even though she still felt as miserable as before because of Sam's death, she had to admit she did feel a little bit better now that Bobby was back. However, the smile quickly faded off her face.

Dean did not say anything else. After convincing himself that his friend was no God, he turned around and headed for his car. Turning it on, he waited for her to get inside so they could leave from there. He was still not sure of where they were going, but it did not matter, he wanted her by his side.

Summer understood that he was actually waiting for her so getting to her feet she turned to Bobby.

-"We should go."-

The hunter nodded and stood up while he stretched his body. It seemed as he had no sequels or anything, which was expected as Castiel was the one who had healed him. Heading in the opposite direction he went to his van, as Summer and Castiel both went to the Impala.

Do not ask how it happened, but as soon as she rested her head on the seat, she fell asleep. Maybe it was fatigue, or tiredness, or maybe even some weird consequence of Ariel being on control, but she surrendered to the unconscious' world.

Not that she saved herself from the horrible nightmares that invaded her head as soon as she fell asleep. Thing was, they were not only about her like usually, she could also see him. Sam.

Screams. Blood. Flesh. Meat. It was all very confusing but also very terrifying. It was like she had an access to a huge hole in which Sam was locked and was being used as a demon's toy.

In vain she tried to left that place and to go back to reality, but it was impossible. It was as if she was being dragged too. She could almost feel hands wrapped around her ankles and bringing her further inside. Desperately she tried to gain strenght to wake up, but as time passed, she became more and more lost into that place. So much that she was starting to believe that it was all real.

Suddenly, she shook violently as a scream echoed through the place where she was being held. Her legs and arms were strapped to a table where she was being a hostage.

The same scream once again. It seemed as if someone was talking. And then, she was shaken one more time. Her eyes snapped open in time to see a man with pitch black eyes approaching her with a knife on his hand. An evil smirk firmly on his face.

Summer. She heard this time. It seemed as the same voice from before. Someone was definitely calling her. Summer.

And then she was shaken again.


While gasping for air and sitting up, she opened her eyes and returned to reality. Her eyes meeting the front windshield of the Impala, as Dean was by her side.

-"Hey!"- He called softly from her side.

Summer did not dare to turn his eyes in his direction, too afraid of what she had just seen. He put a hand on her shoulder and she jumped a little, startled by the feeling of someone touching her.

-"I need a room to sleep for a while."- She blurted out before he could ask something else.

Dean sighed and nodded without saying anything more. He got out from the backseat, where she was sitting, and returned to the driver seat before taking off down the road in search of a motel.

She had not realized at first, but she was still shaking. Probably because of the sensation that dream had left on her. It felt too real, too vivid. And even though she tried to shrug off the sentation, everytime she thought about it, a shiver went down her body.

That had not felt as a nightmare. It seemed more as a glance of what Sam was really going through in Hell.

At nightfall, Dean parked the Impala in front of a motel. He turned off the engine and watched her through the rearview mirror and saw she was still asleep. He frowned as he remembered the awful nightmare she has had earlier. For weeks she had been sleeping peaceful without even moving on bed, and now all of a sudden she started screaming and jerking while sleeping.

Huffing, Dean got out of the car and headed for the desk at the main office to get a room. Meanwhile, she stirred when she heard the door closing and opened up one eye to realize she was alone. Quickly, she sat up straight, looking from side to side to discover where she was.

A motel.

She let out a sigh as she saw Dean coming back to the car with a key on his hand. Apparently he had gotten a room just like she had asked him.

He went straight to the trunk to get their bags and everything they would need for the night. Slowly, she opened her door and joined him in the back, ready to get what they need and actually rest on a bed. She felt exhausted, as if she had not slept for weeks, and even though she tried to stay awake, it was impossible. She was afraid that everytime she slept, the nightmares were going to come back.

Her mind was still invaded by the horrible images from her last nightmare. She could not imagined how would it be if everything she saw was real, if Sam was really going through that. But that was not possible, because she might have visions sometimes, or have some freaky nightmares, but this was nothing like that. This was Hell, and to actually be able to glance into what was happening in there, well...it was not normal.

Apparently Dean had been talking to her because he put a hand on her shoulder while he called her once again. Her eyes going in his direction, watching his face. He was worried, or maybe confused.

-"You're ok?"- He asked.

Summer did not reply, she just nodded. He did not need to know this at the moment, he had enough with everything that was going on. Besides, to narrate what those demons have been doing to Sam was not going to be pleasant for neither of them.

Without saying anything else, she turned around and headed toward the rooms, more than ready to get a shower and a bed. Dean closely behind her, just as tired as she was.

The room was the usual. Nothing big or fancy, just a random dirty motel room.

Without wasting a second, and in complete silence, she headed for the bathroom more than ready to have a shower. She quickly stripped off her clothes and got under the spray, letting the water run down her body. She closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt the warm water on her sore muscles.

While she was standing under the water, her mind wandered through all the things that had happened recently. Starting from Ariel getting free all of a sudden, to the sudden change of attitude of her guardian angel, to Sam saying yes and jumping into the cage, and ending with her scary nightmares about Hell. Sure, she did not have a normal life, and she might be a little crazier than any of the person she knew, but the things she saw were not right.

What if she had actually had a glimpse of Hell? Could it be possible?

Maybe, maybe not. But considering everything that has been going on lately, it would not surprise her if it was all real.

Summer lost track of time while she was in the shower thinking, but eventually she got out. Turning off the water, she wrapped a towel around her body and opened up the door. The first thing she saw was Dean's back as he took off his phone of his ear.

As soon as he heard her, he looked up. -"Bobby called. He's gonna keep driving."- He informed.

The eldest hunter has been following them since they left Lawrence, but when Summer suggested to stop at a motel, he had not been thrilled about the idea. Bobby wanted to reach his house as quick as possible, so he decided to drive during night.

Summer nodded. -"Alright. I let you some hot water in case you wanna take a shower."-

Dean was the one to nodded this time, and grabbing the clothes he had already on the bed, went to the bathroom. Not once glancing at her.

The tension in the room was palpable. It was obvious that they were not in the sharing mood, or wanted to talk about what had happened, so they chose to ignore each other and no speak.

Even though she wanted to be there to support him, she was not sure if she actually knew what to say to comfort him. His brother has just died. Sam had jumped into the cage with Lucifer and Michael and was not coming back. Words definitely were not going to make Dean feel any better, so she decided to shut up and let him grieve his brother's death by himself. Besides that she had enough problems on her own.

After getting dressed she got under the covers and rested her head on the pillow. Her eyes instantly closed and a sigh escaped her mouth. A tight knot on her stomach reminded her that even if she actually managed to fall sleep, the nightmares were not going to dissapear. Even more, they were going to haunt her through the night.

As that thought was crossing her mind, the bathroom's door opened and she heard him walking toward the table. That was when she remembered that whenever he slept with her nightmares did not affect her. So maybe, she could get some rest.

Once he was finally dressed, he turned to the bed and found Summer already curled up under the covers. He threw the wet towel to a side, and quickly joined her, turning off the lights on the nightstand.

She felt the bed shift when he layed down, but did not move. Even though she was giving him her back, she could still smell the essence of soap in his skin. She closed her eyes and forced herself not to turn around, knowing that if she did, it would only make everything harder. Just knowing that he was there, was going to help her to be able to sleep.

That night would be the last night she would share a bed with him, the last night she would spend in his company. After that, another woman would be in her place. And despite the fact she should be enjoying their last night together, she could not do it. She had to get use to not sleep with his warm body next to hers eventually, and the sooner she started, the better.

He did not attempt to get closer to her neither, needing his own space at the moment. They both fell asleep quickly without nightmares interrupting their rest, thanks to each other's company. Their backs facing one another.

Times change. And if you have been dead for a few years you surely had missed a few things.

Adam felt exactly like that, like he had missed a lot of stuff. He kept wondering how his family was doing, if they were alright, safe. Did they continue in the hunting business?

The angel had told him that eventually he would be able to see them, but only them. Sure, he had been happy at first, but as time passed, he kept getting eager to see her.

Unfortunately, the whole demons and angels thing was making it impossible. Her guardian angel was certainly worried about what would happen with Summer now that Lucifer was dead. He was pretty sure that Hell's interest in her would not finish. And Heaven had always kept an eye on her, which showed her importance for them. And if Adam went to see her, they would find her eventually.

But the worst part was that Summer was still with that Winchester guy, and he had a few people behind him. He did not only dislike the fact that she was dating this guy, but also the danger he constantly put her in. However, the angel kept saying that she would not leave him alone in a moment like this, and that there was nothing he could do about it, at least not for now.

As Adam thought about it, he realized that his anger toward Dean Winchester was not only because he might put Summer in danger, but also because of the relationship they both had. Dean had accomplished the goal Adam had always had. Be with her, but as in a stable relationship, as a couple. The few times he had even suggested it to her, she had totally freaked out, and now all of a sudden, she was more than willing to be with this Winchester guy.

If he was jelaous? Probably. But it was more than that. He could not handle the fact she had a boyfriend that it was not him.

He did not know the guy but he already hated him.

A door getting opened interrupted his line of thoughts. He looked up and saw the angel. Sighing he threw his head back on the chair and waited for what he came to say to him.

-"We must talk."- The angel said, stopping when he noticed the hunter's face. -"What's wrong with you?"-

Adam snorted at the angel's comment. Why did he ask him if he did not care about it? Rolling his eyes, he sat up straight before replying. -"Nothing. What do you want?"-

The angel narrowed his eyes at the hunter but let it go. -"You got work to do. We have a hunt for you, pretty easy considering you have just been back from the underworld."-

As soon as those words left the angel's mouth, Adam's eyes lighted up at the idea of getting back on the job again. -"Don't get too excited though, there are a few rules you must follow."-

-"Sure, what?"-

-"First, you gotta stay away from Summer. Doesn't matter if by any chance she's close by. As soon as you realize of it, you get the hell away from that town. She can't see you, not yet."- The angel said, causing Adam to sigh.

-"Second, you gotta know that even though this hunt is pretty easy, something changed. I can't really explain it, but from the moment Lucifer has been on the cage, monsters are just...I don't know, they are different. You must be careful."-

Adam nodded and was about to walk past him when the angel continued. -"And third but most important. No matter what you do, do not go to see him. Dean Winchester can't know that you're alive neither. And I don't care that he doesn't know you, we can't risk ourselves."-

Adam stopped as soon as he heard that and turned around to face the angel. -"Why would you think that?"-

-"Because I know what's going on on that head of yours. I know that you're getting anxious here and that's why I'm sending you to do something. But you gotta get this fact really clear on your head, you're not longer part of Summer's life. She doesn't even know that you're alive, and she won't, at least for now. You have no right to interfere. If she needs help, she has me, that's why I'm her guardian angel. And I know that going to see Dean Winchester has ocurred to you at some point. So, forget it, I mean it."-

Adam glared at the angel and clenched his jaw shut. How he knew all that stuff? Maybe it had crossed his mind going to see that Winchester guy and threatened to castrate him if he hurt Summer in any way. After all, if she was actually going to stick with him, Adam at least could keep an eye on her, make sure that this guy was not a dick.

But apparently that was forbidden too.

-"Fine, I won't go to see him. Happy now?"- Adam said, a little pissed about the constants conditions the angel had for him.

-"Adam..."- The angel said, not believing a word at first.

-"I said fine!"- Adam exclaimed.

The angel rolled his eyes and sighed. -"Alright. Anyway, I also came to tell you that after this hunt, you are free to go. We will contact you whenever we need you, but you can go. Your family will be please to have you again, I'm sure."- The angel teased.

-"So that means I can see them?"-

-"Yes. Though is up to you the consequences that will bring. When demons find out that you're alive, they surely coming to them for revenge. Remember you're well known in Hell."- The angel said as he smirked. -"You should think about it first."-

The hunter looked down as he processed the angel's words. He was right, even though he just said it to bother him, he was right. Once demons found out that he was alive, they were coming after him and his family. When he was alive, he had faced a few dangerous ones, and some of them were still alive, or had escaped from hell somehow.

-"I will leave now because I have things to care off. We'll be seeing around, don't worry."- And with that, the angel vanished from the room leaving him alone.

Adam took a deep breath before turning around and heading for the door. He was a free man again. The fight was over and there was no reason for him to stayed locked up.

Even though he could not see her, at least he could go see his family. A wide smirk appeared on his face as he realized that his life was returning to normal. It was a matter of time before he got everything he wanted. And no one was going to stop him.

No angel. And definitely, no Winchester.

The next morning when Dean and Summer woke up, they got into the car without a word and started driving toward Bobby's house. That was their last stop before going somewhere, since they still had no destination. And Dean still thought that she was coming with him.

But she was not.

When Summer got into the Impala a shiver went down her back as she realized that the moment when she had to leave him was getting closer. She was still not sure when or how to tell him, but there was not turning back. She was not going with him, and he was going to meet with that Lisa chick.

Just thinking about the idea of him with some other girl made her hands go into fists, but she had to keep her cool. As much as she wanted to be the perfect girl for him, she knew she was not. And Sam also knew, that was why he had said to Dean that he should go with Lisa and not her.

-"So, how you're holding up?"- She finally dared to ask him.

Dean turned his head in her direction, surprised at her question since she has not really talked to him in the past few hours. Shrugging he turned his head back to the road.

-"Fine, I guess."-

Summmer nodded.

They were heading toward Bobby's house, and at first she had thought about waiting until making sure Dean was going to be alright, but as time passed she realized it will get harder. She took a deep breath and composed herself for what she was about to do. What she was going to tell him were going to be the hardest words in the world, no doubt.

-"Dean, stop the car."- Summer mumbled, not really having the strenght to say it louder.

-"What?"- He asked, not hearing her properly.

-"Stop the car."- She repeated.

Dean frowned, not understanding what was going on. They were in the middle of nowhere, there was not even a gas station close, why would she want him to stop?

-"What, why? We're in the middle of nowhere!."- He exclaimed as he continued driving.

She closed her eyes as she once again repeated her words. It seemed harder every time. -"Please, stop the car."-

Huffing, he finally obeyed and parked the car at the side of the road. The Impala was the only car in sight, which meant they were alone.

Dean remained in silence and waited for her to speak first, but when she stayed quiet, he asked. -"What are we doing here?"-

-"This is where I stay."- Summer replied, not meeting his eyes.

-"Here? There's nothing around Summer, what the hell are you talking about?"- He asked, not understanding what she was saying.

-"I said this is where I...stay."- She explained pausing after the "I", emphasizing that she was only staying there.

Dean looked up and stared at her eyes when he understood what she was really saying. Summer quickly looked down to avoid his gaze and turned around to open the car's door. He copying her moves.

-"What?"- He asked surprised, once the two of them were already out of the car.

Summer stopped at the trunk and hesitantly raised her head to meet his eyes. She knew that he would want an explanation, especially since she has blurted it out all of a sudden. When she stared into those beautiful green eyes of him, she could not avoid remembering the first time they met.

-"My name is Dean and this is my brother Sam"-

Summer could not believe it, they were the Winchester. -"Winchester right? Oh my God, I can't believe that I finally meet you."-

-"Yeah, we are like celebrities"- Dean said, Sam just looked at him.

-"Ha, funny. I meant that I knew your father, great man. I'm Summer Sullivan by the way"-

Sighing, she shook that memory out of her head and straightened up before speaking. -"I'm leaving, I'm not coming with you."- She felt a lump in her throat as she said those words. -"I think that the sooner and the faster we split, the better."-

-"You're leaving? No, you can't...you promised."-

-"...I promised you that we'll talk and we didn't. So I've been thinking about it and I don't think it's a good idea for me to go with you."- She said.

Summer expected this to be hard, but not like this. Just saying this to him, knowing that it was not true, that she actually wanted to go with him, was impossible. Not to mention the look on Dean's eyes, which was full of anger and pain. He looked betrayed, hurt. Summer's head got lost in thoughts once again as she remembered her promise.

-"Look, at least promise me something. After all of this is over, we'll talk ok?"-

He looked her deep in the eyes and forced her to hold the eye contact the whole time. The smirk still firmly on his face, knowing before hand what she was going to say. Sighing she gave up.

-"We'll talk."- She ended.

-"Dean, let's be honest here for a moment. You, me, what future do we have? It's a matter of time before we get sick of each other."- She continued, wanting to get over with everything fast.

-"I won't get sick for you, or I wouldn't have asked you to come with me."- Dean countered through clenched teeth.

She sighed. -"Yeah but you know me, and my change of moods, and how grumpy I am. This wasn't meant for a girl like me Dean, that's why I can't go with you. You deserve better, especially now."-

Dean felt a knot in his stomach while he listened to her words. He stayed silent, not knowing what to say. After their talk, he was almost completely sure that she was going with him, that she was not going to leave him alone, especially after Sam's death. Apparently, he was wrong, she did not care that much for him after all.

As soon as he finally understood what she was telling him, his face went blank, expressionless. He put up his wall once again and locked all his feelings inside, not really in the mood to get hurt again.

-"Dean, I just mean problems and you know it. You were the one who told me that wanted to get out and...I will never be fully out. There will always be something coming for me, that's how it is. Right now you don't need that, you just...you need some peace. Safety."- Summer explained.

Dean continued without replying, just looking at her in the eyes. She knew that he was pissed at her, but maybe it was for the best and it would make everything easier. Eventually he would understand why she did it, and would forgive her, or so she hoped.

-"You said it yourself, you want a home and that's way out of my league..."- She trailed off as she took a deep breath. -"...but not of hers."-

He frowned when she said that, not understanding who she was talking about. Her? Then it hit him and he opened his eyes wide, knowing before hand who she was talking about.

-"Lisa, right? That's her name. She's the one who you should go."- Summer said. Her throat went dry after she said that. -"I'm sure she can gives you what I can't. She is what you need now, not me."-

Dean nodded and shook his head as he looked down at his feet. She had heard what Sam had told him on the Impala that night. He sighed, not really sure of what he was supposed to do. Maybe she was right, maybe he should not be with her.

It did not matter though, Dean was done. He was determinated to let her go and move on. As much as he loved her, because he was in love with Summer, he could not go back. She was giving up, leaving him even after everything they went through and the promise she had made.

Dean had lost Sam, and apparently he was losing her too.

Summer stayed quiet waiting for him to say something, but Dean remained in silence, just staring at her. She did not know if he was angry or happy, or if he agree with her or not, but she had done what she had to. She swallowed the huge knot in her throat before continuing.

-"You can always call me if you ever need anything."- She offered.

He nodded but didn't meet her eyes. -"Alright. Goodbye Summer."- He said as he looked down, not really having the strenght to hold eye contact anymore.

She felt as if he had hit her in the stomach. The air went out of her lungs at the coldness in his voice. He was completely angry at her, he surely hated her.

She nodded and turned around once again to open the trunk and take out her bag. Dean followed her with his eyes, wanting to say something but do not knowing what. After all, he did not want her to leave, but she was not leaving him another choice.

Once she had everything she needed, she stopped in front of him and looked him in the eyes. He had nothing to say to her. There was only silence between them.

Just as she was about to turn around and leave, she stopped. Without really thinking what she was doing, she reached for his jacket's collar and put his head down for a kiss. Their lips pressing together without moving, just feeling their warmth. He did not fight her, or resist. She let out a happy sigh when one of his hands went to her waist and pressed her body slightly against his. The heat of his body, enveloping her.

Reluctantly they broke apart and pressed their foreheads together, taking a deep breath. Summer felt a little bit better, considering he had returned the kiss. Slowly, they both opened their eyes and stared at each other.

Dean looked her deep in the eyes and fought the urge to tell her those three words at the tip of his tongue. It was just not right, not after their latest talk. However, despite himself he gave her a small smile.

-"See you around Winchester"- She smiled back and winked.

She forced herself to let completely go of him and turned around, heading down the road on the direction they had just come, opposite from him.

She started walking and took all of her will to not turn around and go back running to him. She could feel his eyes on her back, but after a few seconds she felt the engine of the Impala coming to life and taking off in the other direction.

She stopped abruptly and turned to look behind her. He had actually left. Dean was no where in sight.

Quickly, her eyes watered as she realized what she had done. The only good thing she had in her life was gone, and it was because of her, she had let it go. But deep down she knew that it was the right thing. He deserved way more than what she could give to him. However that did not make her feel better.

From the moment everything started between them, she knew that it was more than just sex. The connection with him was way deeper than with anybody else. She felt complete when she was with Dean.

-"What the hell do you care what I do?"- Summer shouted at him, angry that he did not understand her. He should after everything he had lived.

-"I do, and more than you know."- Dean yelled back at her. -"I don't know why, but I don't know what I would do if something happens to you."- Dean finished yelling.

When he was done, he looked at her in the eyes. She was shocked that he had said...yelled something like that. Before Dean could think what he was doing, he got closer to her and pressed his lips to hers.

She smiled at the memory. After that night everything changed. She had changed. She had lost her mind completely for Dean. Without he knowing, he always had her at his feet, she would do anything he wanted , he just had to ask it. If he had asked her one more time to go with him just now, she might have done it. Not matter what Sam had said.

But now it was too late. Everything was over. He was gone and she was alone again. She had to start a new life without any Winchester.

She wiped her tears and took a deep breath before turning around and started walking again. Her life with the brothers had been fun and she definitely will never forget it, but that was then and now she had to continue.

However, deep down Summer knew that it did not matter that she was not with them anymore, and that she tried to put them in the past, the Winchesters were going to be in her mind forever, not matter what she did. Especially him. She will not forget him, not now or ever.

As much as she tried to deny herself over and over, there was a fact that it was quite obvious by now, there was not turning back.

Summer Sullivan had fallen in love with Dean Winchester.

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