Sure, they'd fought before. Almost all the time, as it so happens. There were times when everyone had been sure that they'd kill each other. But they were still best friends, so no mauling actually occurred. When they weren't fighting, they were actually quite close. The times that they weren't arguing were the happiest times of their lives.

Everyone – except them – knew that they loved each other. It was plain on their faces when they screamed at each other. There was passion in their eyes, and some disguised lust. But they all saw it, and were just waiting for the day when the two would realize it, too.

She – as the smartest person in their class – was the first of the duo to realize it. It had scared the hell out of her, in all honesty. But, rational as always, she accepted it, and waited for the day when he'd see it.

She waited for five years. He still hadn't noticed it. The world was calm, and she had nothing to do, other than 'woo' him. And since he wouldn't make the first move, she would. Except, she'd never been that could at flirting.

One day she asked him to go for a walk with her. He readily agreed, expecting nothing suspicious. They walked down to the lake and leaned back against their favorite tree. The two sat in silence, peace. Until she opened her mouth, and the whole thing came tumbling out.

"Have you ever thought…we could've been born to be best friends?"

He looked at her with quizzical eyes. She sighed. Of course he wouldn't get it. He'd always been a bit slow on the uptake. So she tried again.

"You and I…we could've been born to be each other's best friend, you know?"

"And…" he prompted her. He wasn't clear on what was going on, but he knew she was trying to tell him something.

"And…maybe more?" she squeaked.

"Whadya mean?"

"It's just…"


"I really like you and I know you like me too, and…!"

She never got to finish her declaration. He had chuckled, smirked. Then he had positioned his lips on hers – to stop her from rambling, of course – and no words were needed. This was how it was supposed to be.