A/N: I swore I'd never write one of those fake Mary Sue stories, but it called to me to do it for Music Man and so I did.

Chapter 1: Annabelle's First Love

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Annabelle Britney Elvira Shinn who was amazingly beautiful and perfect in every way. She was just the right height, weighed only 86 pounds (most of which was her 34D boobs), had long purple, pink, blue, green, and orange hair, and piercing red eyes.

At the age of twenty two, she was the real oldest daughter of Mayor Shinn and his wife Eulalie, but she lived in Los Angeles and was kept a secret from River City, Iowa, because she was meant for much better things.

There, she became super rich and awesome for her amazing talents, and then decided to relocate to River City because her fans were just too persistent. She moved back in with her parents and two jealous sisters, Zaneeta and Gracie.

"It's so great to have you back home, darling favorite daughter!" declared the mayor as he and his wife looked on adoringly. As soon as they left, Zaneeta began glaring. Gracie burst into tears and ran out of the room because she knew she could never be as pretty as her big sister.

"Hello, sweet younger sister," Annabelle said, not bothered by Gracie's reaction. She was used to it.

"I hate you already," Zaneeta hissed.

"Why ever would you hate me?" Annabelle asked with a bit of sadness. Lots of girls hated her because she was so pretty and perfect, but it still always hurt. She couldn't help it that she was so amazing.

"Don't think you're gonna be able to steal my Tommy from me, just because you're so perfect!" Zaneeta shrieked in anger. "I'm not allowed to date him, but he sees me secretly anyway. He wouldn't keep a secret from Papa for you, only for me! You are stupid!"

Annabelle was smart and enough of a genius to know that it was better not to respond to her sister or else the situation would only get worse. It was at that moment when the window was thrown open and a very handsome young man, who was miraculously no longer Zaneeta's age, but older, climbed in.

"Hiya, Tommy," said the stupid girl. "This is my ugly and stupid sister. I was just telling her how much more you love me."

"How could you?" Tommy Djilas declared in horror, taking Annabelle into his arms. "She is the most beautiful, gentle, amazing, perfect, smart, pretty, and perfect girl in this whole universe and you are a demon in comparison! I can no longer date you and I must be with her now! I love her!"

"Oh, Tommy, you are so romantic that I am at a loss for words," said Annabelle in her sweet voice that could charm anyone in the whole world.

"It doesn't matter; you don't have to say anything! I will always love you know matter what!" With that, he placed a passionate kiss upon her lips, but it was not her first because she was so beautiful that many men fell instantly in love with her and would kiss her at random. However, she was not a slut because she did not tell them to go after her and couldn't help her perfection. Also, she had never been in love before.

He held her tightly in his arms and jumped out the window, the two soaring to the ground as Zaneeta watched angrily and angrily decided she hated her perfect older sister even more. Gracie was still crying.

"What are you doing?" demanded the mayor as he saw the two land outside. "Tommy is a bad man! He wasn't even good enough for that slut Zaneeta; he is not good enough for my perfect Annabelle!"

"No, Papa, you are wrong!" cried Annabelle in misunderstood anguish. "Tommy is wonderful and handsome and I am deeply in love with him! You must allow him to be with me!"

"Well, if my Annabelle says he is good, then he must be."

"Thank you, Papa," she said joyfully as Tommy whisked her into her expensive sports car that is completely inappropriate to the time setting.

"I love you," he declared again and again as they drove through the town and everyone watched adoringly as the beautiful woman rode by. She was already extremely popular, but of course she was, she was the perfect sort that everyone loved as soon as they saw her. She was used to it.

She didn't know all that would be happening within the next few weeks, but she would soon have many romantic adventures in River City where love would wait for her in every man she came across. She was just perfect like that.

A/N: I am enjoying this way too much. In the next chapter, the barbershop, Marcellus, and maybe Harold will fall in love with her. I don't know if I'm going to introduce Harold yet, but all those guys, plus Winthrop, Charlie, and the constable are going to fall for her and every girl will hate her and be jealous.

I really am having too much fun, though. I'm starting to get attached to ol' Annabelle, but once she steals Charlie's heart, I might get a little jealous. Oh well, she's used to having authors hate her, she's just perfect like that.