'Human Talking'

(Mind to mind talking)


'Emotinal speak' (Or, say they say the wors REALLY angrily)




Warning, the anti-christ is once again in this story as is in the first one i started, lost souls. He is under the same name, Nicolae Carpathia, which happens to be the name of the anti-christ in 'Left Behind'. Their anti-christ just works so well for the part that i cant imagine good old nikkie with another name.

This takes place between 'The boy with the book' and 'Legends'.

So without any further awaiting, let the insanity begin...


Naruto stood with Hinata, Lelouch, and C.C..

Certain issues with rioting due to the unexpected re-appearance of the 'Demon Emperor Lelouch' had forced Lelouch to live in Naruto's world and C.C. had followed him.

Jeremiah was nearby too. After Lelouch's 'Death' at the hands of Vlad Dracul, the 1st Blood Prince, Jeremiah had been over-protective towards his majesty's well-being.

Lelouch had been killed by Vlad but Nunnally, without realizing it, had been given Geass by C.C.. Nunnally's Geass power allowed her to bring people back to life.

The drawbacks of Nunnally's Geass were that it could only work within 5 seconds of their death, and she had to be within 3 yards of the person. However, even with that handi-cap Nunnally had saved Lelouch's life.

Now, Lelouch and C.C. lived in Konoha. They were learning a little about being a shinobi, and seeing as they had eaten from the tree of life, they had a hell of a long time to develop their Chakra coils. In fact, with the little time that they had they were already well versed in Jutsu. Naruto suspected that being Geass users had prepared them already for controlling energies from within their body, Chakra was only a step further.

Lelouch was most definitely a Genjutsu type. He couldn't do much of anything physical, but was a genius that more than rivaled Shikamaru. His Geass proved useful on undercover missions and he was well on the way to mastering Genjutsu as he was already able to create visions of C's World, the collective unconscious of every person to exist. Visions that he himself had seen often before learning what it was.

Driving people into his own mind was a particularly cruel trick Lelouch rarely used, as he had such a horrible life before going into hiding that he himself had often suffered mental breakdowns. Such is the fate of a military leader.

C.C. was also more of a Genjutsu type, though she was much better at Taijutsu than Lelouch. Sometimes Naruto wondered if teaching her to use her Chakra coils had re-activated her ability to use Geass, for her enemies often froze upon seeing her and she had told them that when she had Geass it manifested itself in her as the ability to make others fall in love with her.

Nothing any of them had seen would prepare them for what was fated to happen that day…

"Lelouch…" Came Jeremiah's voice over the radio receiver, "I think we have a problem at the front gates. The guards are holding two people down here…"

"And why does that concern me?" Lelouch asked, arrogantly.

"Well…Because of who those two people are…" Jeremiah said, "And I think you'd better get down here before they decide to interrogate them. Apparently I don't have the social status needed to let them into the village." Jeremiah growled, obviously offended.

Lelouch sighed. "Fine then." He said, "But who are they?"

"It's Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya." Jeremiah said.

Lelouch nearly choked on nothing but air as his eyes opened wide. -WHAT!- He thought. -How is it even possible that they got to this world by themselves? Why would they be here? Were they attacked?-

"I'll be right down." He said, disturbed by the news that the two high-schooler's had broken through the Time-Space barrier to reach them. He sighed, turning to C.C., Naruto, and Hinata as he picked up the briefcase holding his 'ZERO' attire.

"I'll need you to follow me. This may get out of hand." He said solemnly.

"What is it?" C.C. asked, as Naruto and Hinata looked at him worriedly.

"I'm not sure…" Lelouch said, taking his costume out of the briefcase,"But it seems that Darke may have returned. Moka and Tsukune are being held at the front gates."

"What!" Naruto growled, "How did they get here! Why did they come!"

"That's what I want to know." Lelouch said, pulling on his ZERO attire over his clothes, and putting on the mask. As he continued to speak, his voice changer kicked in so that the loud, echoing voice of ZERO could be heard. "And I wouldn't take any chances. You know some of those bastards from Darke's world can completely change their appearance."

C.C. stared at him. "What if it really is Moka and Tsukune? What will that mean?"

"It means…" Lelouch said, " if it really is them, there is close to a 95% chance that this world is in grave danger…"

Naruto and Hinata went off to fetch Lady Tsunade, who was Konoha's current Hokage or leader. Lelouch and C.C. went on to the front gates.

When they arrived, Tsukune and Moka were being held by the Guards, or rather, that's what they'd like to say. There were huge craters surrounding the village gates, and even Kakashi had somehow gotten roped into it. As they got closer, they saw why.

Tsukune was unconscious, lying on the ground a few feet behind Moka, who was in her true, Vampire form. She had beaten the crap out of a group of ninja who had probably tried to subdue her, and was now in the middle of a face off between Kakashi, and a few other Anbu.

Lelouch noted that she was actually winning the fight, which meant either this really was Moka, or he needed to put the guards on a very strict training schedule.

There was one more thing. Something that disturbed Lelouch even more than the fact that the world could once again be in danger.

Moka, the Vampiric Moka, looked completely terrified. She had dried tear stains on her face.

-That's insane!- Lelouch thought. -Vampires are among the proudest species of monsters! There's no way a Vampire would ever show fear like this! I've never seen Moka so frightened in this form, except for when Tsukune was preparing to battle her father!-

Then he saw it. There was a huge wound on Tsukune's arm. It was red and irritated, but not bleeding.

"Jeremiah!" Lelouch snapped.

"Yes, Your majesty." Jeremiah called, racing to his side.

"I want you to find Sakura." Lelouch said quickly, "And bring her here now!"

"Yes sir!" Jeremiah called, disappearing with the speed of a ninja, obviously something he had picked up since coming to Konoha.

Lelouch raced past Kakashi, ignoring the guards cries of warning, and shouted, "Moka! What happened to Tsukune!"

"You know them?" Kakashi asked C.C. as she ran past.

"Now is not the time." C.C. snapped, pushing past him and examining Tsukune's arm.

"Lord help us…" C.C. said, "I've never seen one this big, and never expected to either!"

"Why, what is it C.C.?" Lelouch asked, "What is his wound?"

"It…It's a bite..." She replied. "a...spider bite…"

"S-spider!" Lelouch said, looking at the wound. There were two spots where something had pierced the skin. The incision had barely missed the bone and went right through his arm and out the other side. The skin around his wound was puffy and red…but there was barely any blood…

"That can't possibly be a spider bite!" Lelouch growled. "Stop talking nonsense C.C.! The spider would have to be huge! About the size of a mini-van!"

"It…It was…" Moka said. "They were…"

"They!" Lelouch shouted, "You mean there was more than one!"

"They worked together…like a hive…" She said. "They were being controlled…"

"By whom?" C.C. asked.

"Diablo…" Moka said.

Sakura and Jeremiah suddenly appeared, followed by Sasuke.

"My god…" Sakura whispered, as the light blue glow emitted from her hand and she began to try and heal Tsukune's arm.

Then Tsunade, Naruto, and Hinata arrived, racing forward to see what had happened.

"This is insane!" Lelouch said, "There is no known spider big enough to do that! How could a species that big just appear like that!"

"Diablo…" Moka hissed, "He's a Technoid. He's a SIN."