December 15, 1892

Missus Watson,

Me and Alfie was at your funeral today. Ye looked real pretty with yer hair all done fancy like. Ye looked like ye were sleeping.

Alfie cried. He tried to hide it, but I thought ye would like to know. I cried too. But I had to be strong for Alfie cuz he's only eight.

Doctor Watson looks very sad. Me and the lads will have to cheer him up some. He's never been the same since Mr. Holmes died, has he? I know ye made him happy. Now that yer gone, it looks like he has nothing else.

He has the baby I guess. And me. Ye was like the only mum I really had and I'm going to miss ye. I'll keep an eye on the doctor for ye and make sure he eats real good.

He was surprised to see me and Alfie today. I fancy I might have seen him smile a bit when he saw us. Mrs. Hudson was there. She made us behave like we don't know how to respect the dead. But we was good. I took me cap off and reminded Alfie to do it too.

I told Alfie to go on back to the other boys and hid behind a tombstone to watch after the people started leaving. Doctor Watson stayed for a long time. I think he thought he was all alone cuz he cried real loud like and knelt by yer casket. I felt bad for spying, and want to say I'm sorry. But I wanted to write ye a note and put it with ye before the ground closes up.

It's snowing again and almost dark so I have to write quick. The boys will be wondering where I am and come looking. I'm sorry I have to write with charcoal and that me spelling isn't very good. I'm learning the best I can and hope I can learn enough to be real smart one day. Thank ye for teaching me my letters. I practice whenever I can.

Thank ye for giving me scones from yer kitchen and mending my jacket when I tore it on the fence. I'm sorry that I threw rocks at yer cat and got mud on your sofa. Ye was real kind and I know yer going to be one of God's angels in heaven. Maybe ye can find me real parents for me if they're up there.

Lots of love,



Ye don't really have to find me mum and dad. But if ye did, I would really appreciate it. I think me mum would like a friend like you.