Chronicles of The Dovahkiin: Part 1

A/N: Look, if your reading this fic for the sole reason of finding spoilers for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Your out of luck. I don't know about the plot anymore then you do aside from rumors. So just sit down and read this! AND YOU WILL ENJOY THIS! AND BE HAPPY! Enjoy the show.

I am a nameless stranger in a war torn land. Though I doubt it will do you much good, I have no name. But to those who have seen me in battle, or just walking down a road. I am called Dovahkiin, Dragon Born. Though to me, that name has meant little to me. At the most, its been a burden that I've been forced to shoulder since my youth.

For as you may well enough know. About two-hundred years ago, Uriel Septim VII. Was assassinated by The Daedric cult, The Mythic Dawn. The intention of their mad leader, Mankar Camoren, was to bring about the coming of The Daedric Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon. It was said that the region of Cyrodiil was nearly consumed by the chaos of Oblivion. But, in the darkest hour of The Empire. Two hero's arose to avenge the death of The Last Emperor.

The first was The Last Emperor's illegitimate son, Martin Septim. One time priest to The Divine Akatosh, one time Emperor of Tamrial, and the one time hero of the entire world.

The other hero, the one that actually went out into the lands of Cyrodiil to undo The Mythic Dawn. Was, and probably still is, The Dragon Champion. But all that can be truly said of that legend is that he, or she was once a prisoner, but, either by fate. Or by simply blind luck, he, or she became the savior of the entire world.

Aside from The Champions triumph at The Temple of The One nothing is known about The Champion. Only rumors, some include that The Champion was the Leaders of Cyrodiils Fighters Guild, and Dark Brother Hood chapter. Other titles included The Grey Fox, along with The Arena Champion, and The Arch Mage of The Mages Guild. Some even said that The Champion, by unknown means became the new Daedric Princess of Madness, succeeding Sheogoroth. But what is true is the only thing known to The Champion and The Divines.

But in any case, this is no time to look back on ancient legends. What they did then means nothing now anyway! The whole of Nirn is becoming undone! Invading Deadra or no. The Empire is just a husk of it's former majesty and glory. The entire continent of Tamrial is in chaos.

But that is a distant concern of The Nords, of Skyrim. Our King is dead, the entire land is consumed in civil war, and unless the rumors have proven false. Dragons have been sighted across the land. But none of this earnestly concerns me, I was exiled from High Hrothgar. Blamed for crimes I neither did nor intended to commit.

Now I live in the lowlands of Skyrim, killing any Dragons, or looters stupid enough to come my way. Who knows? Divines willing I might come out of hiding, sooner or latter killing imbeciles might get boring, but sooner or latter, this world will have to get a hero. Assuming this madhouse is worth saving that is.