Fandom: Pokemon Game-Verse

Character(s): Elesa, Emmet (aka Kudari or something. He's the subway master dressed in white.)

Rating: K

Notes: Let's add Emmet to the growing list of Elesa's suitors! Except that this is for Shades of Rain on deviantART. This awesome person created this ship (or at least in the main endorser) and I thought it was cute.


(WINNING! *shot* I dislike Charlie Sheen.)



She usually took the subway home, she loved the metal contraption, pulsing with cyan lights before taking off into the darkness. She loved resting her forehead against the windowpane, she loved feeling the vibrations below shake throughout her body, through her head, the rhythm matching that of her favorite playlist.

She really never took notice of who was driving the train - she didn't think too much about that. Elesa was a busy girl after all, a model, a gym leader - oh, her life was awfully booked, too booked, to waste time thinking on the man driving the train she loved so much.

The man who drove the train was named Emmet - she learned his name on accident. She walked out the train, with the intentions of stopping by at the Striaton City cafe, but she stopped dead in her tracks when she heard the most beautiful voice in the world. It was melodious, light-hearted - perfectly pitched and absolutely gorgeous.

She whipped around and saw a man in a white trench coat, with the most stunning eyes and smile. His lips were stretched into the widest grin, as he waved his passengers off, making sure they got to their destinations safely. Elesa of Nimbasa made her way through the crowd, pushing her way towards the man with a blue tie and white slacks, hoping, wishing, wanting to get a word with him.

She arrived just in time, just before he was about leave and return to Nimbasa, leaving Striaton behind.

"Hey, wait!" Elesa didn't realize she spoke. Her fingertips brushed against her lips, and the man turned around, their eyes locking for a millisecond. His grin seemed to grow bigger, as he motioned for the subway to stop. He jumped off the platform and gave the blonde model a gracious bow.

"Yes, milady?" His tone was jovial, and Elesa couldn't help but feel the electricity course through her veins, into her head, and bleed out through her headphones. The music drained away as he took her head and brushed his lips against it.

"Ah - your name?" Elesa couldn't put her words together, she was an incoherent mess. Emmet chuckled and bowed once more.

"Emmet, and you are the lovely Elesa of Nimbasa. A pleasure to meet you in person." He let go of her hand and stepped back onto the train, and the driver understood the motion. "I must go now, but it was wonderful meeting you, at least once. Enjoy your stay in Striaton, Miss Elesa!"

Emmet waved, and Elesa stared in awe as he disappeared into the inky dark of the Unovian underground.

Elesa felt the color drain away, as she stood, speechless. She was never speechless - it was her causing others to lose their train of thoughts.

But this man was an obvious exception.




(he was a conductor, and she was electricity personified - what a fitting match.)