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Summary: After The 23 episode of Dalton. Julian's stalker gets serious, although Julian knows that he is in danger he acts stubbornly and refuses help, what will happen when the situation gets worse. Will Logan be able to fend of the crazy stalker . Pairing: Logan/Julian mentions of Derek/Julian and Derek Logan friendship

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The Hunted Actor

The air was cold, and bitter. Dalton was quiet as ever at night.

From Stuart House, Julian fell back onto Derek with a startled gasp, clutching onto his friend who looked on in horror: splattered all over the Stuart House front steps was what looked like crushed red roses, petals torn and folded everywhere, and scarlet liquid painted the ground, black in the moonlight.

A mutilated photograph of Julian—taken from the school paper—lay on the steps.

Derek hissed a curse and pulled Julian back inside quickly, looking around the grounds for any sign of who did it. He pushed Julian inside, and immediately closed the door as he went to go get a bucket of water to get rid of the "gift".

Julian sank against the wall, heart in his throat. It was worse now. He knew it was worse now that the message was loud and clear.

He couldn't leave.

From behind the door Julian could hear the sound of water hitting the ground as Derek poured the bucket of water on the steps. He gasped, hand over his mouth as he began to comprehend what he just saw. He knew his stalkers were crazy but he always thought it was empty threats. He also knew what that message meant, it means he is not safe, not safe at all.

The door of Stuart opened with a creak. "Hey, Jules.." Derek said. "Are you okay? Come on, I'll get you back to.."

"I'm fine" Julian said. "Just a bit shocked, and.."

"Afraid?" Derek hissed.

"Disgusted…actually" Julian said and he turned and grab his bags. "I guess I'm not leaving tonight"

Derek sighed, Julian is not going to like this he thought. He grabbed Julian by his waist and lifted him over his shoulder. Julian was shocked "Derek? Derek? What the hell are you DOING?"

"You're not going to be in your room alone tonight, especially after that!" Derek said sternly. He was determined to keep his friend safe.


"What are you doing?" A sharp voice echoed.

Derek and Julian looked up to see Logan eyeing them suspiciously. He leaned on the wall by the hallway. The Adonis blond seemed calm but by the looks of his eyes, Derek and Julian knew that he was off his meds. But Derek decided to let it slide as he had more important matters to deal with now.

"Derek is being stupid, help me down, Logan" Julian said coolly while running a hand through his hair.

"Derek? What the hell?" Logan said.

Derek shot Julian a death glare, "DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND HOW SERIOUS THIS IS JULES?"

Logan looked up, he knew what Derek meant, Julian's stalker must be getting out of hand.

"Derek! Just shut up" Julian said. He kicked Derek's stomach and managed to slide off while Derek groaned.

Julian grabbed his bag and stride off, but before he got far Logan grabbed his left arm and twisted it slightly. Julian grasped in pain. "Logan! You bastard, it hurts!"

"Stop being a bitch and come with us!" Logan said, his eyes were bloodshot as he eyed Julian intensely. "Like you care…"Julian said under his breath, but Logan heard it.

"What did you say?" His Voice rose dangerously. Logan grabbed both of Julian's wrist and raised it above his head. Julian knew he hit a nerve but he had no intention of backing down. Logan pushed Julian against the wall successfully pinning him towards it. "You think I don't care Julian?" He said threateningly almost daring Julian to challenge him.

"I don't think, I know" Julian said mockingly. He could see the anger building up in Logan's eye but he wasn't budging.

Derek saw the situation taking a turn for the worst. "Calm Down Logan" He said as he tried to pull Logan off Julian. "Stay out of this Derek!" Logan warned. "This is between me and this bitch"

"Bitch!" Julian gasped bewildered. "Can you STOP calling me that?"

Derek slapped own his forehead in exasperation and sighed. "This cannot get any worse" He muttered.

"But you are being a bitch! Acting all bitchy like no one cares, and getting your self in all kinds of trouble"

"Damn it! I'm not doing this anymore!" Julian screamed.

"Doing what?" Logan said, confused.

"THIS!" Julian said fiercely. "All of this, Dalton, school, YOU!"

"again, what?" Logan said.

"Jules…." Derek said, he understood what Julian meant.

"Just let go of my wrists, Logan" Julian said weakly.

"Jul.."Logan said but he could'nt finish his words as he saw Julian's expression. He looked defeated, almost crying. He instantly let go Julian's wrist.

Julian rubbed his eyes and ran off leaving all his things behind. He ran to his room and locked his door. This time Derek and Logan didn't stop him. "What did he mean?" Logan demanded an answer as he stared at Derek. Derek shook his head. At this point Logan didn't know whether Derek meant that he don't know or that he can't tell.

Derek and Logan took Julian's bags as they went back to their room. They placed it at the side of their room, Logan wanted to send them to Julian's room but Derek insisted that Julian needs to cool off. Once they were in their room, Logan retreated to his bed. From his bed he glared at Derek. His face reads tell me what's going on now!

Derek just smirked at him. Logan continue to glare at him"Seriously Derek, What did Jules's Fan girls do this time?"

Derek expressions darkens. "It's not his fan girls, it's his stalker. I think it's the same person who's been sending him death threats"

"stalker? What death threats?" Logan said impatiently. "WHY didn't I know about this? He demanded.

"I think if you weren't so obsessed with Hummel you would have realized something was up with Jules" Derek said softly but sternly. "Also, he didn't want you to know"

"Derek,.." Logan said. His eyes and expression was serious. "Tell me everything, Jules is my friend and if he is in trouble, I need to know."

Derek then told him the whole story of the stalker who threatened Julian not to get married on the movie, the bloody messages and gift the stalker left on the steps of Stuarts steps. Logan was attentive, but the look on his face suggest that he was shocked and all together angry. He was angry that Julian had not told him about it, he was angry at Derek for keeping it from him and he was angry at the stalker for making Julian's life hell. He wanted to storm to Julian's room and give him a piece of his mind but he summoned all the self control he had to stay put.

"So what do we do now? I mean we can't leave it be, his stalker is ..serious" Logan said.

"For now, we'll keep an eye on Julian, makes sure he goes no where by himself" Derek exclaimed calmly. Logan knew he could always count on Derek to take care of the group. "Since the stalker managed to find him here, I'm sure he won't stop just yet"

Logan nodded. For that moment he forgotten about Kurt or Blaine and he had his mind only on his best friend.


Julian had his own private room. Since he cleaned it up earlier he had nothing much in his room now and he left his bag downstairs. He didn't think much when he ran off just now, all he knew was that he had to go, away from Logan at least. He couldn't stand the thought that he loved a person who is infatuated with someone else. At first it was Blaine, then now Kurt. Logan didn't care about him, Julian was tired of caring for someone who doesn't care about him. At least his stalker cared, Julian thought, then he felt sick at that thought. He let his thought trail to his stalker. Whoever he is, he never showed himself, so he must be some sort of coward, or maybe I've met him but I just didn't know it's him. He felt sick again and slightly..afraid. Julian suddenly wished he had stayed with Derek and Logan at least for the night.

He lied on his empty bed staring at his ceiling. Unable to sleep he stared at his phone, which was automatically logged on to twitter. He scroll down looking at the tweets that his fan send him, some were sweet like 'We love you and think you're awesome' and others are weird 'I wish someday you'll be my prince! .'

Regardless, they all made him smile. He felt calmer, then suddenly he started receiving many tweets rapidly. He looked at it curiously. He immediately recognized the username. His stalker used the same alias in the letters he received. This was the guy who threatened his life and quite possibly the person who mutilated his photo and left the gory message.


Julian scrolled down nervously and looked through the tweets his stalker just sent him

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson You have been warned

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson I said I will kill you if you went through with the movie

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson You are mine

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson Why didn't you just listen?

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson Why didn't you understand?

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson I resent what I have to do to stop you

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson But You've left me no choice

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson No one can have you,..but me

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson I loved you

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson Till the death

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson Not even death can do us apart

Julian was terrified, He's hands was shaking as he stared at the tweets. He screamed silently as he saw the last tweet.

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson BTW did you enjoy my gift?

IOWNJULIAN: JulianLarson That's how you're going to look




'Soon' Julian thought. The stalker said soon, what if he meant tonight. Julian thought for a while, maybe it is better that he stayed at Derek and Logan's room for the night.

Julian nearly jumped off the bed when he heard someone knocking on his door. The person was knocking hard, loud and repeatedly. Julian's heart raced but he still remained controlled.

"Julian, open up it's me"


To be continued

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