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Chapter 7 Cognitive



It's all in the mind they say. As long as we don't acknowledge them, they don't exist and when they don't, it is said that we can surpass the existence of human, become something stronger than human.

It all happened too soon, Laura pulled her hand as she screamed in agony, her blood bathed hand was warm with the heat of the bullet which punchered a hole in her palm. She couldn't stop screaming, the sight of her own palm, skin burned, flesh grazed and bleeding.

"Go Laura, run!" Dwight ordered. Then another gun shot was heard and she saw crimson on Dwight, and he fell down, his eyes open wide in shock and there seem to be emptiness in them. "You're next!" Adam shouted.

With trembling hands she quickly crawled through the top of the ceiling her punchered palm harshly scratching the dusty ground, the pain beyond words. Desperate to run from this place. "Justin,…big brother..help me" She begged, though she didn't know to whom.

Adam rushed to the ceiling opening and gritted his teeth, he couldn't climb up there without help. He needed to get Laura and silence her, or his plan, would be forever ruined.


Adam feared, he had always feared so many things. He feared that darkness, empty room. That room, somewhere in his mind, somewhere he was. Trapped in his own mind, no motivation to get out, no reason to turn on the lights.

Then Julian came, he was that light. He was the reason Adam no longer felt that long gruesome, empty boredom. Julian was the only thing that could keep him away from that dark abyss.

He never want be back there, all alone. Trapped, with no way out. In his own mind.


The scratches on his hands, the sleepless nights, the pain when Julian looked, not at him. All the pain turn to anger, and anger turn to resentment, then they turn to desire. Strong desire.


When that oak brown haired boy look his way. When Julian talked to him, his gentle voice, a symphony of perfection.

Julian had a gaze, more intense that anyone else's. But not just anyone can see it, It's the gaze that Julian use to stare at Logan when no one is looking. It's an oh so lonely yet so lovely look. Adam craved that look, day after day the desire within him burns.

"We've got to call the police, this is kidnapping!" Justin wailed in the common room, with his hands up in the air.

"Or murder…" Han whispered depressingly. Logan glared at Han with death ridden eyes. "Don't you dare say that" He said. "We're all thinking it" Han said a little louder.

Everyone in the room went quiet and pale. To imagine that a while ago they were all still bickering with each other, and that their biggest problem was how loud Logan and Julian were in the bedroom. Now it just got real and they have no idea what to do.

The silence was broken when Derek opened the door and following him was a smartly dressed older gentlemen and a younger man with platinum blond hair accompanied by a few policemen.

"Good day children, I'm detective Langley" He said calmly and with a rather cold exterior. "And this is my assistant Henry" He gestured to the silent blond.

"Derek, you…" Logan muttered. "Couldn't wait forever Lo, you guys were so busy panicking, I had to call the police. Guys this Is serious"

"Indeed it is" Detective Langley said as he invited himself into the hall. "Now who is going to tell me every detail of what's going on here, so maybe we could save your friends, or you know find their bodies" He chuckled, but nobody laughed.

Merril held back tears at the sound of the old man's laughter.

Dwight saw a whole lot of red, as he felt his body lightly falling, he was sure of whom did that blood belong to. It was warm, was it his? Was it Laura's? Soon what he saw was nothing but red until it became pitch black.

"Alan…?" He muttered as he vaguely saw a figure.

"Dwight!" Julian shot as he appeared at the room, barely walking. His sight was blurry but he knew what he saw, he saw Dwight on the ground, covered in blood. He dragged himself over to Dwight and squirm at the blood, a huge amount of blood covered Dwight's face and some ran down his already closed eyes. That would be Laura's blood.

"Oh God…" Julian whimpered at the sight.


Julian had hope, he could be saved. Adam would be too emphasizing to do anything to him that he would let him go, Julian promises to not tell the press but he'll order a restraining order. And everything will go back to normal. Yes, normal, and there would be Logan, hugging him at the end of the day telling him that he would protect him.

Julian had hope, but after seeing Dwight's state. It all burned away.

As Detective Langley was busy listening to the details of the alleged kidnapping, Mr Henry took it within himself to stroll across Dalton accompanied by Bailey. Bailey brought him to Adam's room where he walked forward calmly within the room covered with puzzles of insanity.

"Strange kid, would you say?" Henry asked, referring to Adam.

"Uh, well I didn't really knew him, but I would say he was pretty strange"

"Strange yet nothing stood out, always how they are" Henry said.

"They?" Bailey asked curiously. "Stalkers, Mr Bailey" Henry answered.

"Surely Miss Laura and Mr Dwight found something in this room that Adam didn't want them to, or not he wouldn't have bothered to remove them" Henry observed as the brushed through the room swiftly. Not many things were touched or disturbed, except perhaps a little tear in the wallpaper.

"Stalkers…do they usually kill people?" Bailey asked, even though he knew all he wanted to hear was some kind of comfort.

Henry batted his eyes and averted his attention back to the wall paper. "They usually want something from the person they stalk, so no, they don't usually kill"

Just before Bailey could let out a relieved sigh, he continued. "But when don't get what they want, killing would be the next best thing"

Henry knocked on the wall. "I think there's something behind this wall" He said thoughtfully. Bailey moved forwards curiously. "Something in this wall?"

Julian frantically looked for Dwight's pulse. When he found it, he finally allowed himself to breath. Another reason to be relieved was that Adam was nowhere in sight. For some reason he wasn't around.

"Alan" Dwight said as he grabbed Julian's hand. Julian flinched, but answered. "Yes..?" Who's Alan?

"Help..Laura escape, so she..can save us" He said. Julian gulped as he scanned his surroundings. Maybe there is hope. Maybe.

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