So this takes place some time in the future, Annabeth is around 33, Nico is around 29, and Thalia is still immortal so... Oh and Percy is, unfortunately, dead. Also, while I do live in San Antonio, I am not, alas, Mr. Riordan, ergo... Either way, hope you enjoy it! It's from Annnabeth's PoV...

I studied my reflection in the mirror, tracing the laugh lines around my mouth and the crow's feet near my eyes. I then pulled out the hair tie in my long blond hair and began to comb it through with my fingers, noticing how the gray streak I had received when I was fourteen now had company. I sighed, and began to braid the offensive hair, tucking the loose strands behind my ears. As I looked back at the mirror, now noticing that a v had appeared between my brows. I took a breath to try and relax my body; I would need all my strength for today.

"Hey! Long time no see!" I jumped, all of my effort at calm wasted. I turned around to see my oldest friend Thalia.

"What? How did you…" I looked around Thalia and her expectant face to see an open window and I groaned. "You did not go through the window! This isn't exactly the first story you know!"

"Nice hello to you too," she smirked, "and I'll have you know, being a daughter of Zeus, not to mention an immortal servant to the greatest hunter of all time, as it's perks." As she said this she fluidly dropped on my bed, swinging her legs on the newly washed comforter.

"Hey what did my bed set ever do to you," I mocked, eyeing her combat boots warily. She just scoffed and patted the space next to her, holding her arms out in an unusually open gesture. I eagerly accepted and jumped onto the open spot. I hugged her fiercely, enjoying her presence immensely. That was the thing about Thalia, you never really knew how much you had missed her until she was back.

"How you doing kid?" she asked. I just looked up at her, just in time to see her smirk.

"You do know I'm pretty much older than you in every way, right?" she just chuckled.

"Not true! I was born several years before you!"

"Please! Between the tree and the whole-immortal-maiden-thing, I'm WAY older," I paused, forcing a deep breath out, "Not to mention, I look much older."

"Hey, I will have none of that! You're only in your early thirties! Plus, you are gorgeous! And anyway, since when do daughters of Athena care how they look?" she lifted the shoulder my head was leaning on, forcing me to look up at my friend.

"Since just about everyone I know stopped aging! Well except for the kids, of course. In fact, if they start growing any faster, well I don't know what I'll do! How would you feel, having three kids all over the age of eight! I mean, gods, Dylan is almost twelve! How does that happen?" By the end of my rant, my voice had reached that impossible speed that only other girls can hear.

"I don't know, Annabeth, I just don't know," she hugged me tighter, "time really does a number on us doesn't it?"

"I really miss him," I whispered, not sure if she heard me. I hurriedly brushed the newly formed tears from my eyes.

"I do too," she said at an equally low volume.

"It's not really fair is it?" I asked, expecting no answer.

"No it's not," said a new voice from the corner of the room. We both got up, startled, and watched our friend Nico step out from the shadows and sat on an unobstructed corner of the bed. He put his hand on my leg and squeezed it gently for support.

"You're lucky I'm not in a particularly angry mood, you know, or else you would find a particularly sharp blade at your neck," I threatened, however, I'm pretty sure the effect was ruined when I couldn't suppress my smile.

"Not to mention a few arrows in very inconvenient places," Thalia added.

"Touchy, touchy!" he held his hands up, "I knew you guys weren't indecent or anything!"

"Do I want to ask how you would know that?" I raised my eyebrow, but he just turned away.

"So," he said awkwardly, "are you guys about ready to leave? We have to be at the camp in like an hour. I checked the kids and they seem about ready. They seem dead excited about seeing the satyrs," he turned his head to the side and said in much softer voice, "and I'm sure they want to see their dad's old cabin."

"Plus the beach," I added, feeling a slight pain in my throat, "he loved to show them the ocean. All of Dylan's strongest memories of Percy are related to water."

"Well yeah, but in all fairness, when wasn't he near water?" Nico asked, Thalia and I just glared at him.

"Either way, the lord of the dead over there is right, we had better get going," and with that Thalia got off the bed and gave me a hand.

"He wouldn't have liked this you know," but they had stopped listening. I took one last look in the mirror and, for the first time, noticed the regular ball point pen lying on my dresser. I quickly picked it up and put in my purse, not because I thought I'd need it, but because I wanted it.

So that's it... Your thoughts are always appreciated... Though perhaps not as much as money... I'd say I'm kidding but in this capitalist society, who are we kidding? Oh, by the way, stan says the plan is to write more for this story, so if you liked it, be sure to check back!