Note: Rachel is slightly older. Say...about 3 and a half.

Chapter 2

At 8:15 that Saturday morning, someone came knocking at Cuddy's door. As she stood patiently waiting on the front porch, Cameron heard some rustling and people scurrying about on the inside. Eventually though, it was House who opened the door and greeted her.

"Nanny's here!" he announced over his shoulder. Cameron rolled her eyes and stepped over the threshold. "Good morning to you too, House."

She saw Cuddy rush out of a room at the end of the hallway, busy with putting on an earring. "Allison! Hi!"

"Good morning Doctor Cuddy."

"Please, we're off duty. Lisa is fine," she responded. "Thanks for coming in early. Here, I'll show you where everything is." Cameron followed her boss to the living room, and then to the kitchen, taking mental notes on where the important things were located. "Make sure she stays away from this... Don't give her any candy if she doesn't ask for it. And don't let her watch TV for too long..."

However, it wasn't long before another knock on the door was heard. House furrowed his brows in confusion, before widening his eyes in realization. He quickly opened the door to find Thirteen standing there, yawning, with a cup of coffee in her hand. "You're here," he said, astonished.

"No shit."

House grinned and let her in. By this time, Cuddy and Cameron had finished their quick tour around the house, and came walking back to the front door. "Thirteen? What are you doing here?"

Upon seeing Cameron, Remy looked at House with a puzzled expression on her face. That caused the other two women to look at him as well. The man threw his hands up in defense. "What?"

After a while, it was Cuddy who realized his mistake. "I told you to tell her that she didn't need to come because Cameron was available. You didn't tell her, didn't you."

House shrugged and rapidly searched his mind for a good reply. "Well...I don't see the problem with two babysitters..." he retorted. "You want your kid safe, don't you?"

Cuddy actually looked thoughtful as she considered his words. While she was thinking, Remy took the chance and slowly inched towards the door. "Okay, well. If I'm not needed anymore, I can go..."


Remy sighed, a tad bit disappointed that her escape plan didn't quite work out.

"It would be great if both of you could watch Rachel for me..." Cuddy began. With one adult, she was still feeling a little shaky about leaving her daughter with someone she wasn't familiar with for an entire day. But with two, she felt completely ensured that her baby would be well taken care of. And in all honesty, she knew that Rachel could get a little difficult at times. It was usually a challenge for someone inexperienced to deal with a child alone.

"Well..." Remy began, looking up at Cameron. They exchanged glances and saw that they both didn't really want to be there. It was Saturday morning for god's sake. They were supposed to be in bed still.

"I'm just really tired... I worked the late shift yesterday... I don't think I'll have the energy to – "

"Actually, Thirteen, I worked the late shift too, and I am just as tired as you are," the ER head interrupted. Oh, the nerve of Thirteen! Trying to make excuses and leave all this responsibility on her!

"Well, I just don't really see the logic of having two people watch one kid."

"Oh come on Thirty-One, it's not like you have anything else better to do on a Saturday..." remarked House with a smirk.

"Please Remy. It would mean a lot to me, and I'd feel more reassured to have two adults watch my child. I know Rachel can be a handful at times when I'm not around," Cuddy pleaded.

"Well, I'm sure Cameron would be able to handle Rachel herself..." Remy attempted to persuade them to let her off the hook.

"Hey, that's not very fair, Thirteen,"Cameron interjected again. She was getting slightly annoyed by her colleague. "Maybe you could stay and watch Rachel."

"Please. I'm giving you two a day off as compensation," Cuddy reminded them. She checked the time and silently hoped that her two employees would relent.

"And I'm giving you two a free night at a hotel room," House added. "With a queen-sized bed." He winked at both of them exaggeratedly. All three women rolled their eyes. Cuddy then looked at the two younger women, silently asking. Thirteen let her gaze settle on Cameron, and neither of them said a thing.

Cuddy checked her watch again and sighed. "We have to go. Cameron, you know where most of everything is. If you need anything, or if something happens, call. Make sure to have her in bed by nine the latest. We'll be back probably by ten." She put on her coat and grabbed her purse. "Rachel! Mommy has to leave now!"

A moment later, the distinct sound of footsteps padding on a wooden floor gradually got louder, and all four adults watched as a little girl with brown hair sprinted out from her room and straight to Cuddy, giving her a hug. Her mother gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Okay baby, this is Auntie Allison and Auntie Remy." Upon hearing that, Thirteen cringed with distaste. Cameron noticed the reaction and snickered to herself.

Following her mother's finger pointing at the two women, the little girl looked up at them shyly. "They're gonna be taking care of you today, okay? Mommy and House will be back tonight. So you be a good girl for mommy, okay?" Cuddy waited until Rachel responded with a nod. "Listen to whatever Auntie Allison and Remy says." At this, Rachel took another glance at them, still very reluctant to let go of Cuddy. "You have fun with them, okay? Show them your room and your toys and teach them how to play games, okay? Mommy has to go now. I'll see you later." She gave her daughter one last kiss before stepping out the door.

House followed right behind her. "Bye kiddo. Behave." He pointed his cane at her, wearing a strict expression on his face. Rachel smiled in response, and waved to them. "Bye bye mommy. Bye bye House."

Cuddy and House got in the car and drove out of the driveway. Looking back at the three of them standing at the door, House could've sworn he saw the child with a devilish grin on her face.

'Good luck girls...' He thought.

As soon as they left and shut the door behind them, Cameron and Thirteen looked down at Rachel, who was now sporting an incredibly mischievous look on her face. The blonde cleared her throat and kneeled down so that she was eye-level with the child. "So Rachel. What do you want to do?"

The girl thought for a while, then shouted really loud, startling the two women. "Let's play with my dolls!" She took off, sprinting back to her bedroom. Cameron was about to follow when she noticed Remy standing still. She turned back around, a questioning look on her face.

"Oh no. You're not thinking of leaving are you?"

"No. I've already decided to." The brunette made a move for the door.

"Thirteen!" Cameron instantly grabbed her arm. "You – are staying."

"No... I am leaving."

"I'm going to tell Cuddy."


"..." Cameron paused for a moment, searching for things she could say that could potentially work on her colleague. No such luck though. "You can't leave."

"Why not?"

"You need to stay and help me."

"Cameron, you are a responsible adult, a highly qualified and experienced doctor, fully capable of looking after a child. I'm pretty sure you can manage..." Something behind the blonde momentarily distracted Remy, and she couldn't even finish her sentence. Cameron spun around to see Rachel running out of her room wildly with her hands covered in what seemed to be green paint.


As soon as the initial shock wore off, the two of them immediately chased after the little tyke, trying to catch her before she got paint on anything. After a couple of minutes of running around the living room and circling the dining table, Remy finally caught the kid and managed to keep her hands still.

"No. That is not how you play with paint," Thirteen scolded gently. She frowned when the only response she got was a giggle and an attempt to wriggle out of her firm grip. Remy brought Rachel to the bathroom to have her hands washed, while Cameron grabbed a wet towel and cleaned up any paint that the child had got on the furniture. She silently thanked any god or buddha out there that it was water-based. After everything was wiped down, she went into the bathroom to check on the brunette's progress.

"If you do that again, I'm going to take away paint," she heard Remy warn her. "So behave, okay? You listen to... uh... Auntie Allison now." She carried her off the counter and set her on the floor. The two women stepped out into the hall and watched warily as Rachel casually walked back to her bedroom as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

As soon as the child was out of sight, Thirteen sighed. "Well. That's that." She picked her coffee back up and started to walk to the door. What she didn't expect was for it to become blocked by a very upset-looking blonde.

"You. Stay."

"Yeah, very convincing. Problem is... I'm fucking exhausted."

"Language," Cameron warned with a finger held up at her. "And so what? I'm just as tired as you are. Look, we're doing a favor for our boss. Don't you have any moral obligation at all? Or at least stay as a favor to me," she tried to convince her.

"Hmm... laying in bed all day, versus babysitting all day... Lemme think..." Thirteen acted as if she was seriously giving it a consideration. "You know what, I think I'll have to pass on the babysitting."

"Fine, if you leave, I'm leaving too," Cameron challenged. Unfortunately for her, Thirteen was completely unfazed by this lame attempt of a threat.

"Yeah right you would. The whole world knows that you care too much."

They exchanged knowing glances. Cameron decided then, as she saw a subtle smirk form on Remy's face, that she hated her reputation at the hospital. She sighed frustratedly and crossed her arms. "Why are you being so difficult...? Even charting is worse than this."

"Hmm." Thirteen took a long sip of her decaf as an idea came to mind. "How about making a deal. I'll stay and you do House's charts for a month."

"A month? No way. That's not worth it."

"Alright then, I'm going. See ya."

Seeing her reach for the doorknob panicked Cameron. "Two weeks."




They stared at each other with narrow eyes, waiting for the other to cave.


Thirteen almost broke into a grin as a surge of satisfaction filled her.

After the agreement was made, the two doctors headed for Rachel's room to see what she was up to, and to make sure she wasn't doing anything Cuddy wouldn't want her child to be doing. They took one step into the bedroom and were rendered speechless. Books were swept off of the shelf and scattered all over the floor, which was covered with what seemed like every toy that the girl owned.

"RACHEL!" Cameron and Thirteen yelled simultaneously.

The girl giggled and chucked a soccer ball at Remy, which landed right on her stomach. "Ooof!" It knocked the wind out of her for a split second. She furrowed her brows in anger. "You little..." But Rachel sprinted out of the room before another word was said.

"I'll get her!" Cameron shouted over her shoulder as she ran out the room too. This left Remy to clean up the mess in the room. She heaved a sigh. God this was going to be a long day.

- end of chapter -

Oh Remy... So manipulative.